"The Arsonist will be coming with us."

The original Justice League were rendered silent by that statement. They were in the meeting room at the moment, planning for a raid in a warehouse in Gotham. They just received a tape from a amateur gang holding someone hostage for a ransom of ten million dollars. Usually, they would leave this to the police, except that the hostage was Meta-human. They decided to send three members. Batman would go, because Gotham was his turf, and so would Flash, because speed was important in these situations. The third member shocked everyone.

"The Arsonist? You mean the boy in blue?" Superman asked, just to make sure. The Martian Manhunter just shrugged.

"He volunteered." He responded.

"We're talking about the same Arsonist, right? The guy who never talks? The guy who didn't have a name until the media gave him one? The second Batman?"

Batman ignored the implied insult and spoke. "He is stealthy and threatening, and he is able to keep calm in dangerous situations. He will be useful in our mission."

"I don't know about this, Bruce," Wonder Woman said, looking concerned. "He has never taken the initiative to be a hero, what if he doesn't now?"

The detective's face didn't move an inch, but the lack of doubt was obvious through his voice. "This will be different. He will take the initiative this time."

Flash always thought that missions with Batman were bad, but missions with Arsonist were worse. It's not like he was arrogant or boastful of what he could do. No, he was quiet. So quiet, in fact, that he doesn't even talk and seems to pretend that no one was there. It was like having a conversation with a wall.

"So, uh, do you" Flash tried to say, but the boy in blue didn't even bother to look at him. He huffed in frustration. Forget what he said, a conversation would be better with a wall!

Just then, Batman appeared on top of the building they were on.

"The Gang's name is "Jade Dragon". Their base is by the docks."

Flash grimaced at the name. " "Jade Dragon"? How lame is that?" No one answered him.

"We'll have to get in, get the hostage, and get out. We have no time for unnecessary violence, so, as much as possible, shut your mouth." He pointedly stared at Flash, who raised his hands in surrender. "We'll meet there. I'll tell you when to strike."

And with those words, he shot his grappling hook and swung away. Flash stared awkwardly at Arsonist.

"So...need a ride?" He asked him, thinking he had no way of getting there as fast a they could. Suddenly, a burst of flame appeared beneath his feet, and he was propelled away into the air. Flash stared at him.

"Oh-Kay, I guess you don't need it." He zoomed after them, passing both heroes quickly. He reached the place three minutes before them, and he grinned smugly at the two.

Batman quietly walked to the glass part of the roof, staring down at the inhabitants of the building. He could see the hostage, chained to the wall and beat up, thugs armed with threatening guns surrounding him. He waited for a few moments, and then the largest of them all walked straight under him.

Seeing his chance, he crashed through the window and landed on the huge man, knocking him out effectively. The others were stunned for a moment, but were ready to fire the next second. Unfortunately, a second wasn't enough, and they were taken down by a red flash of light.

"Hell yeah! These guys ain't so tough!" The fastest man alive exclaimed. A few others were lucky to be missed, and started firing bullets, but a blue figure landed in their midst, and they were taken down by a tornado of fire. A few others ran away, and Flash wanted to chase after them.

"That's enough," Batman said. "The police will handle them. We're only here for the hostage." At its mention, all three turned to the form hanging from the wall. It has not moved throughout the whole event, and stayed quiet and lifeless.

"You think he's dead? I mean, those wings of his look pretty bloody-"

"Shut up."

A soft but cold voice entered their ears, but they didn't realize who spoke until he ran to the limp figure on the wall. He heated his hands, melting the cuffs and restraints. After a while, he fell in his arms, and a soft grunt was heard from the winged man.

"Logan," The pyrokinetic man sounded very worried. "Logan, are you alright?"

"... 'bvi'usly n't..." The sarcastic comment was mumbled, but he heard it.

"Logan," He shook the man gently, and then took off his hood and mask. The Flash gasped, but Batman gave no reaction. "it's me."

When Batman, The Flash and Arsonist came back, everyone's attention was taken by the bloody man that hung from Arsonist's back. After the shock of that wore off, their attention turned to the exposed face of the man who was carrying him. No one ever guessed that the mysterious hero was actually Julian Larson, the famous Hollywood star that disappeared without a trace.

"Someone get over here!" Julian growled. "He's lost a lot of blood!"

Superman floated over to them, the gently took the former hostage of his back. Then, he made sure that he was secure in his arms, then flew away. Julian only hoped he was still alright enough for his wings to recover. Then, he realized that all the attention was still on him.

"What?" he snapped. "Never seen a guy's face before?"

Then, he stormed out, anxious for a shower. All the blood over him was making him sick.