Kellynch Hall

Chapter One


Sir Walter Elliot sighed. He was not sure weather he should laugh or cry at what was facing him. Captain Wentworth was now rich to be sure, and until now he was the only man Anne would agree to marry. She was now 28 years old and he wanted her to marry. But he was a sailor, and all saliors showed far too much independence. However, Sir Walter did not despise sailors, as he would have not seen fit to let Kellynch Hall to the Admiral and Mrs Croft. At the time when he had to quit Kellynch, he had stated that the Admiral was a very fine man and he would be willing to appear with him at any occasion and would be happy to see him as heir to the estate. This was praise indeed from Sir Walter. How could he now refuse Captain Wentworth his daughters hand when he had praised Wentworths brother in law so? The Captains situation in life was very different from how it had been 8 years ago. He was now rich and had good prospects. After all, Sir Walter approved of men who looked handsome, Captain Wentworth was by no means an exception to this rule.

Sir Elliot felt bound to give in as the marriage could be for the best, as dear Mary had married Charles Musgrove who would be to inherit Uppercross House. One thing that Sir Walter desired more than anything else was to have money and power. In the time before Lady Elliot had died, he squandered money and took the title of Baronet for money.

Sir Walter kept his eyes on his desk as he rose to speak to the Captain.

'Captain Wentworth. I give my consent and I hope you find my daughter happy.' Sir Walter was surprised at the Captains' reaction. Wentworth's face broke into a contented smile and he reached forward to shake Sir Walters's hand.

'Thank you Sir Elliot. Thank you very much indeed.' Sir Walter felt very uncomfortable with the obvious pleasure that his son in law to be, felt. He shifted from his left to right foot.

'Yes, well. You may go to my daughter now. I believe you will find her in the pump rooms with Lady Russell. You may send Lady Russell here directly if you will.' He nodded to the Captain allowing him to go.

'Thank you Sir, good day.'

After the Captain had left Sir Walter spoke to one of the servants.

'Is Mrs Clay in the drawing room? I doubt she has gone out yet as I know how much she prefers to be inside, rather than on the dusty streets of Bath at such an hour.'

The servant kept a nutral expression, despite the rumors that had been spreading through out the servents quarters. 'Yes Sir Walter, Mrs Clay is in the drawing room.'

Sir Walter smiled. 'Have her sent here directly, and when Lady Russell arrives, kindly ask her to wait in the drawing room for me with Miss Elizabeth.'

The pump rooms in Bath were the centre of everything. If one had not been to the pump rooms that day, one was supposed completely gone from Bath. The rooms were large with very high ceilings which were elaborately painted.

Captain Wentworth made his way, somewhat hesitantly to the table that Anne and Lady Russell were seated at. Lady Russell was a sensible woman, as it was assumed she must have been to have married a Baronet. As most people had not married for love, some people thought her very strange because she really had loved Sir Russell.

As much as she had decided to like Captain Wentworth she was still a little unsure of him. But when the Captain appeared at the table, she saw at once that her god daughter had found what she was looking for in Captain Wentworth. She smiled and addressed the Captain.

'Captain Wentworth. What is your news?'

He blushed. 'Madam, would you permit me to have a private audience with Miss Elliot to tell her of my meeting with Sir Walter?' Lady Russell nodded.

'Of course. I have to meet an old friend here anyway. Sir Walter shall wait for me.' She nodded and hurried off to a nearby table. Captain Wentworth took a seat opposite Anne and reached for her hand.

'Miss Elliot, Anne. I have spoken to Sir Walter and he has consented. We shall, at last be married. One thing does worry me. Sir Walter seems to be very attached to Mrs Clay. She does not seem a likely person to be easily touched by his feelings.'

Anne chuckled. 'My father sets his heart on things. We will just have to watch and wait to see what comes of this.'

Lady Russell, observing that the conversation had mostly been said, rushed over.

'Captain Wentworth, Anne. I must confess quite surprised at my friend, Lady Dalrymple that she turns out to be cousin to Sir Walter! I know that she is a viscountess, but she has told me that she was almost crushed last month by Sir Walter and your sister Anne, Elizabeth, being so keen to appear with her in society! She told me that she was quite shocked!'

Anne and the Captain laughed along with Lady Russell, both Anne and Captain Wentworth pleased that the situation was at ease.

'Madam, whilst I remember, Sir Walter wished to see you directly. Myself and Miss Elliot will travel in your carriage back to the Elliot house if that is agreeable?'

Lady Russell smiled. 'Yes Captain, your proposal is very agreeable.'