Secret wars

Day two continued

Aqua 400 Terminator

The aqua 400 terminator scanned the vast Pacific Ocean from high above a soaring cliff, if it was true that mankind came from the sea then his mission should be easy. Stepping from the cliff the terminator plunged into the pounding surf with a thunderous clap. Swimming with blazing speed the terminator quickly descended to bone crushing depths.

Pitch blackness over took the terminators vision, up loading his ocean package, the terminators eyes suddenly exploded with light illuminating the sea around him. Sea creatures bolted in fighting waves leaving only the gorgeous coral around him.

Movement two miles away and closing fast caught the terminators sensors but before he could get into defense position the seventy five foot Megaton was on him swallowing the terminator whole. Slammed into the side of the Megatons jaw the great beast crushed down on the terminators mid section exposing the exoskeleton underneath.

The terminator with frantic speed uploaded all the data it had on the Meg and quickly assessed the creature's weak spots. The terminator waited as the Megaton loosened its grip and started to push the terminator into its belly. Resting his feet on the Megs liver the terminator pushed off with such force that the Megatons liver exploded in a shower of blood.

Tearing through vast cartilage and bone the terminator blasted from the animals steel skin killing it instantly. Watching as the Meg floated lifeless to the oceans floor the terminator knew that soon more predators would come to devour the falling Meg, but he was not going to wait around and see, there was damage to his body to repair and a mission to complete he was a terminator and he absolutely positively will not stop till the humanoid was dead and that's what he was going to do kill it.

To be continued

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