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Nanite Revolution

"Flying is horrible, Flying is horrible." Raian muttered in a mad ramble over and over in a fetal position,

"Yo Raian, how are y-….oh." Lea replied on screen, however Raian seemed to notice his presence,

"GET ME OUTTA HERE!" Raian screamed.

"But your fine." Lea protested,

"I HATE THIS!" Raian yelled,

"But you've only done it once and you got scared on the takeoff."

"And that's how I know it's horrible!" Raian replied calming down and sitting up right.

"Take off has nothing on flying, well except the getting into the air part but that's not the point." Lea replied,

"Is it too late to ask Merlin to poof me back home?" Raian asked,

"Suck it up! Look just follow the map to another world then press the disembark button to land you just have to select an area beforehand, if any Heartless give you trouble just shoot em down with the buttons on the steering." Lea instructed

"These ones?" Raian asked,

"Yup, now here's a picture of Sora." Lea replied sending the picture of a man with spiky brown hair and blue eyes he looked like an older Kiro with more wild hair, he somehow gave off the aura of someone younger than him.

"And he has a Keyblade too right?" Raian asked,

"His only real problem should be being stuck somewhere, so no pressure." Lea told him,

"Right." Raian replied moving the controls the wrong way the teen yelped when it lurched,

"Relax your fine just a little bump. Down is up, up is down. Got it memorized?" Lea asked,

Raian slowly moved the steering up making the ship drop then raised it,

"And left and right are still the same right?" Raian asked a little timidly,

"There ya go say hi to Sora for me." Lea replied with a grin, the screen turned off and Raian glanced out the window to see a brand new world.


Raian was glad he brought a canteen, the sun baked down on him as he trudged through a barren desert.

"If I do find Sora here….it's gonna be as a dried up skeleton." Raian mumbled he then saw a lizard pass by.

"Hello Lunch!" Raian stated rushing after it he tried to stab it several times trying to kill it only for it to escape into a small crevice.

"Good bye lunch." Raian sighed, suddenly a massive worm like creature with the lizard tail sticking out of its mouth appeared slurping the tail down then roaring.

"HELLO TERROR AHHHHH!" Raian screamed running away from the monster as fast as he could, running away he found himself cornered at the edge of a cliff,

"Great, several hours in the future and I'm dead!" Raian moaned he shut his eyes however as he did something came down and slugged the monster out Raian opened his eyes to see a blur of orange and blue fly up towards the monster then launch a boot in it's face.

"What freak show world did I land in?!" Raian asked himself he decided to take the opportunity to run however as he did he crashed into a rock knocking him out.

When he woke up he found himself lying on something hard however he hadn't registered anything around him yet.

"Uggg Man Peritus I had the most Horrible dream Galio fell Cero was a traitor Noel got turned to stone and I got sent to the future where I landed in this-" Raian's eyes suddenly caught a large mutant flying creature fly by.

"Aww Crap." Raian deadpanned,

He walked out and searched around till he saw plant life.

"Yes made it outside!" he stated walking through however he caught sight of a wall nearby.

"What kind of place is this." Raian snapped as he felt drool on his shoulder he turned to find a giant pink mutant bunny staring at him its mouth gapped open.

"A killer bunny….yup." Raian deadpanned in an eerily calm manner he then screamed and rushed back out of the area slamming the door behind him.

"Now what?!" he moaned slinking down.

He then felt some heat coming from somewhere,

"The outside is hotter then in here so, if I follow the heat I should be able to get out of here." Raian thought as he got up and followed the heat however what he thought was the desert air was a actually a training room he could see a teen with an orange jacket with a white shirt, a pair of goggles and blue jeans with circuit lines on them facing off against some strange metal monsters.

"Excuse me." Raian called,

"Ya mind little busy here." The boy replied as he suddenly to Raian's surprise his hands transformed into Giant Fists making Raian scream and run away.

He ran down the hall until he screeched to a halt in front of another door

"Not more doors." Raian mumbled he opened the door however there was a blaring alarm and after a scuffle Raian was hauled out and thrown into a cell,

"No wait!" Raian cried but no use he was trapped.

Raian sighed they took his sword and everything; without the Phoenix Blade he was stuck here,

"Come on Raian think." He then suddenly remembered a trick however he saw that there were no locks but there was someone coming.

Raian plastered himself against the wall the guard opened the door to bring food, however Raian slipped out and slammed the door behind him,

"Okay now to find my Sword and get out of here!" Raian stated as he ran around.

He eventually found it lying on table with a light going over it,

"Hey don't do that!" he yelled but the women inside didn't hear him he desperately began to pull at the door trying to open it. However he suddenly flew in and landed on the table feeling the light shine over him he cringed then, nothing.

"Nothing happened?" Raian asked,

"It's a scanner." He heard someone deadpan he turned to see it was the kid who had grown weapons from his hand before.

"YOU!" Raian stated pointing, "You're that freak!" he stated pointing an accusatory finger,

"Yeah, the freak has a name Rex maybe you've heard of me?"

"Listen you glowing is one thing that's magic, but making giant metal hands that's not natural!" Raian stated,

"So where have you been the last five years?" Rex asked with an arched eyebrow.

"None of your business, I don't have to explain myself to anyone here, I'm just looking for a guy named Sora ya seen him brown spiky hair blue eyes carries a weird looking sword?" Raian asked.

"Nope." Rex replied.

"Okay then see ya!" Raian forcefully replied heading out the door ready to leave this freaky world when suddenly a version of him wearing white and silver coloration of his clothes with a halo and wings appeared on his shoulder.

"Now, now I know things look ummmm interesting here but you did not give this world a fair look you have to see if Sora is here for yourself and you can't rely one person's answer either!" the shoulder angel chided.

In a burst of Darkness came a version of him holding a pitch fork with a red and black version of his clothes with demon or Dragon like wings.

"Don't listen to him! I mean really do you believe this guy where in a freaky place and he wants to look around here some more you know from experience that's asking for trouble!" the Shoulder Devil stated,

"Not to mention he's a dork!" the Devil replied,

"WHAT now that is uncalled for!" the Angel snapped,

"Dork, Dorkidey, Dork, Dorky-"

"ENOUGH! Listen if guys wanna help me fine if not then go settle this somewhere else!" Raian snapped.

The shoulder angel's disappeared Raian gave things some thought.

"Look around more where? It's nothing but sand and heat, I need something that flies." Raian decided shivering at the thought.


"Biggest jerk ever!" Rex snapped as he laid back in a chair,

"Ya want me to send a Bobo Bomb on him?" Bobo asked Rex,

"No!" was the immediate reply from Holiday and Six however as Rex sighed at this (He wouldn't have minded the act as much as they did) White Knight's face appeared on screen.

"An aircraft has had an unauthorized take off find it and bring it down!" he told them simply.

"You don't think?" Holiday asked as Rex was already out the window and headed after it. he surprisingly managed to catch up to it and get the door open.

"Alright you…"

"GAAAAAHHHHH GET ME OFF THIS THING I BEG YOU!" Raian cried Clamping his arms around Rex.

"Ohhhhhhhhkaaaaaaaaay." Rex replied surprised while happy to be back on the ground after getting the plane back Raian was thrown in a cell he sighed.

"Help save the world you'll be a hero, we really need you!" Raian growled slumping against the wall he however saw a mass of Darkness pool on the wall beside him from it came a warrior in silver armor with blue highlights female by the body shape she glanced over and rushed into the hall.

"GUARD, GUARD!" Raian yelled.

"What?" the Providence Guard asked,

"Some creepy metal lady just walked in here through some black mass that way!" Raian stated pointing in the direction they went.

The Guard scoffed, "What sort of fool do you take me for? "he asked when sirens suddenly went off.

"The kind who should listen…even if their source of information is behind bars." Raian replied with a deadpan look. The Guard rushed out however Raian grabbing the keys took the opportunity to free himself and search for the intruder.

"Okay if I was a metal warrior where would I go…there's got to be something of value here that someone would want." Raian stated thinking hard. After a while he just decided to pick a direction and take it, rushing down he came to another lab however sure enough was the metal clad warrior picking up some sort of device.

"Hey!" Raian snapped rushing in,

"Hmm what do we have here?" the warrior asked in a feminine voice.

"You're a girl?" Raian asked not expecting that, "Why is a girl a warrior?" Raian asked only to be blasted out by water,

"Cough, cough, what hey!" Raian snapped only to see that she disappeared without a trace as Rex and the others arrived,

"What happened?" Rex asked as he rushed,

"You tell me some girl in armor just took something and ran off the device was about yea big." Raian replied showing the size,

"On no." Holiday stated in shock they had stolen the one thing she hoped a certain EVO would never find out about.

"What, what did he take?" Rex asked,

"An experimental device that could cure EVOs." Holiday replied,

"Cure what do you mean cure I haven't been here exactly so you mind bringing me up to speed?" Raian asked,

"Five Years ago a scientific disaster happened there was an explosion and all over this world a microscopic device called the Nanites infected the entire world those who weren't in range of the explosion picked up stray ones." Six explained,

"The Nanites were supposed to heal injuries kill diseases save lives but since what's infecting everyone in this world are unperfected Nanites there's a chance they'll turn into EVO's." Holiday finished,

"Stray ones….so those things are inside me now!" Raian asked,

"They're inactive if they were you'd be an EVO by now." Holiday replied,

Raian suddenly looked very queasy, "I think I'm gonna vomit."

"There are nicer words for that you know." Rex stated,

"So what's this device do?" Six asked,

"Supposedly it was to eventually degenerate the nanites and cure incurable EVOs." Holiday replied,

"So you think that Van Kliess hired that armored chick to steal it?" Rex asked,

"It be smarter to destroy it while she was here." Raian pointed out,

"Van Kliess probably wants the pleasure of destroying it himself." Holiday replied spitefully,

"Sounds about right." Rex replied,

"So how do we get it back?" Raian asked,

"You want to help?" Rex asked not believing it,

"Yeah, if that thing helps people then it needs to be where it belongs plus Maybe this Van Kliess guy took to like make it so it does the opposite of what it's supposed to do." Raian suggested.

"That sounds about right to and mostly like true." Rex replied scared of what the mad man would do with the device.

Later the group was on their way to a place Abysus,

"Abysus?" Raian asked,

"Van Kliess's 'Kingdom.'" Rex replied,


Van Kliess who was relaxing on his throne straightened up when a black hole appeared the rest of the pack tensed up as a blue and silver warrior approached,

"I trust all went well?" Ven Kliess asked,

"Hard for it not to when you have an easy way in and out, it was like a total cake walk." She replied,

"I got this for you." She added holding up the device,

Van Kliess gave a wicked grin "perfect!"


Raian soon found himself in a forest full of dark and twisted trees with fresh soil as creepy as it was the forest was very healthy from what he could tell.

"So this is Abysus." Raian muttered,

"Yeah pleasant isn't it?" Rex replied,

"Yeah cozy I might build a house here." Raian agreed as both teen's words were laced with sarcasm.

Raian went to move forward only to be stopped,

"Careful, there are Nanites all in the ground and Van Kliess can control them all." Rex warned,

"Ohh uh any chance we can go over the forest I'd rather not be killed by something in or on the ground." Raian stated,

Rex smirked knowing the best way wouldn't be one the teen liked,

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Raian screamed as Rex flew over to a large castle in the distance.

Back in Van Kliess's castle, the man looked over the device and began to tune it and alter the wiring when Beowulf came in.

"They're coming." the EVO stated Van Kliess without turning just straightened up,

"Was there any doubt?" he asked.

Outside the castle….

"Next time I say I want a faster way hit me." Raian muttered,

"Will do." The EVO teen replied as they walked around,

"Uh….Rex what's with all the statues?" Raian asked.

"Trust me on this, you don't wanna know." Rex replied as they walked around entering the castle.

Raian just kept his mind and face forward walking quickly suddenly a bunch of reverse trios and Mutant Soldiers and Pumellers appeared.

Rex grinned and summed his powers creating giant fists,

"Perfect I thought we'd have to spend the day without any action!"

"And how would've that been a bad thing?" Raian asked pulling out his sword.

He rushed forward cutting down a Mutant Soldier and just dodging the blow from a pumeller.

"POWER THRUST!" Raian yelled stabbing one before jumping away and landing a fist into the side of a Trio-dragons fire head before thrusting his sword into it's chest killing it,

Rex had mowed through with a saw blade of sorts before turning it back into a sword and slicing down several Mutant Soldiers Raian was grabbed from behind be a survivor of said Heartless only to grab the mutant arms wrist and slam it into the ground then drop kicking it into oblivion,

Rex had blasted the last of them with his rock blast,

"We need to keep going the faster we find this machine the faster we can get out of here." Raian replied as he and Rex moved forward.

"Someone's in a hurry." Rex muttered,

A red void suddenly opened op under them and the two dropped into what was a lower chamber,

"Ow can this get any worse?" Raian asked as a green lizard evo and Beowulf appeared,

"Of course it can." Raian muttered as Rex got into a battle position. Skalamander had sent several crystals at them Raian yelped as the dodged out of the way pulling out his sword and rushing forward and blocking and batting away crystals as he got in closer and slashed Skalamander drawing green blood much to his dismay.

"Eww, AHH!" Raian was almost crushed by a crystal fist jumping out of the way Raian rolled and sent a power thrust into him he then activated his Flame sword and rushed forward melting the crystals like they were nothing.

"FIRA!" Raian yelled shooting several fire spells Rex meanwhile went toe to toe with Beowulf with his BFS out he clashed with Beowulf's sharp claws the wolf EVO jumped up and over him however Rex did the same thing with his punk busters jumping after him and sending him into the ground with a giant fist.

"THUNDER!" Raian shouted zapping Skalamander with the spell before darting around hitting the EVO with quick slashes he then back flipped and summoned his Geo Axe hitting him with it and sending him into the wall knocking him out,

He then turned to help Rex handle Beowulf getting the drop on the EVO he jumped on his back and was grabbed only to be punched out by Rex and get knocked out.

"Was that on purpose?" Rex asked,

"Sadly yes, I've officially spent too much time around that Kiro kid." Raian replied before diving into some of his thoughts however they were broken by the sound of clapping he turned to see the warrior that had broken into Providence not too long ago

"Let me guess nice job?" Raian asked,

"Well some is certainly Genre savy." she summoned a large Shiruken a bluish steel color with silver tips she sent it at them then followed up with a Hydroza spell that captured Rex and Raian in a water twister that exploded causing them damage.

Raian got up and pulled out his Storm daggers rushing forward slicing bubbles of Hydro out of his way while Rex using his punk busters leapt over waves and blasts of Hydrora's and Hydrogas they managed to land a few combos on her but always fell prey to her most powerful of water spells.

"Okay we need to do something before she drowns us then makes us explode!" Raian stated,

"I hear ya any ideas?" Rex asked,

Raian shook his head but paled when he saw another twister coming trapped again with the same results.

As another one came Rex summoned his Block Party Sheilds but it wasn't enough.

"Aww what's the matter boys afraid of a little water?" she mocked as she sent one more Hydro,

"We can smash down maybe….just maybe…" Rex decided grabbing Raian summoning his Rex ride and maneuvering around the twister and slamming into her when she recovered she got up and smirked,

"Well that was fun, Van Kliess is probably done messing with that device by now." She stated disappearing,

"What, hey get back here!" Rex yelled running towards her only to be to late,

"Messing with the device…." Raian asked,

"You don't think?" Rex replied they then raced down the final Hallway to find Van Kliess waiting for theme,

"Hello Rex I hope my guest didn't give you too much trouble." He replied as if nothing was wrong.

"Sure if you don't mind drowning and exploding." Rex deadpanned,

Raian stood his ground and summoned his sword,

"I don't have time for this, we came here for that thing so hand it over!" Raian stated,

"I don't know if Providence would want it back now." Van Kliess replied,

"What did you do to it Van Kliess?" Rex asked he had a good idea what it was.

Van Kliess smirked and blasted Raian with the machine,

"Raian!" Rex stated rushing over Raian he suddenly felt a weird sensation like something had activated,

"What did you do to me!"

"What was meant to cure, degenerate and shut down Nanites activates and restores them it's a good thing I got to you in time a little longer and those Nanites would have been dead." He stated stabbing Raian with his Gaunlet's claws.

"NO!" Rex yelled but it was too late, Raian suddenly felt a weird sensation take over his body he growled and roared suddenly changing his shirt ripped off (Though he still had his pants albeit ripped) as he was suddenly replaced with a large were-cat like monster with wings it let out a roar,

Van Kliess merely snapped his fingers and the monster charged sending Rex through one of the stone walls it wasn't helping that the EVO retained Raian's fighting skill,

"An EVO that knows Karate, now everything's sent me flying." He groaned getting up, it wasn't over yet.

The EVO rushed forward landing another hit on Rex only to be sent flying back, then landing a punch before he could get up,

"If I don't cure this guy soon he's gonna end up being incurable, or I'll be turned to jam, whichever comes first."

Rex then summoned his BFS to strike the EVO back it was sent flying into the wall the monster retaliated with a punch then a few more once Rex was into the ground,

"It looks like I've found a new recruit." Van Kliess replied as Rex was trying to get up,

"Finish him!" Van Kliess commanded the EVO went to do so ready to plunge its own claws into Rex,

"RAIAN DON'T!" Yelled a voice one the EVO almost instantly responded too,

"R-Reina?" at that instant memories started to flow back and the monster with a roar turned on Van Kliess, knocking him into the wall then doing what he did to Rex while said EVO stood up and smirked,

"Found a new recruit huh something tells me he just remembered that it was you that turned him into something he didn't want to become."

As the monster charged Van Kliess along with the other members of the pack disappeared with Van Kliess gone the monster roared out in agony punching the wall and anything it could find.

"Raian calm down, I can fix you!" Rex stated rushing up to him the monster growled letting out a small roar his only way of saying, how.

Rex placed his hand on his chest and instantly the Nanites in him were shut down Raian looked at his hands now back to their old selves.

"Thank you." He said in massive gratitude. As they left the plants and trees all over had started to grow and attack them Raian summoned his sword however as the two cut through they were grabbed by two large branches that started cutting at them.

"We need to do something like cure the forest aagh!" Raian cried out giving Rex an idea and reaching for the device,

"Sorry Doc." He muttered as his own Nanites altered the machine he threw it into the ground the explosion freed them and sent a blue wave throughout the ground making both teens sigh in relief,

"So you wanna go or wait for something else to kill us?" Raian asked.


"Sorry about the device." Rex admitted,

"You can make a new one right?" Raian asked,

"I can but it's not that simple it will be a while before we have one that was where it was before Van Kliess took it." She replied something she worked hard on was down the toilet sure, but she was happy that the two were safe.

"Well since Sora isn't here I guess I'll be going." Raian now in a white T-shirt replied.

"Hey come back and see us." Rex called as Raian looked back and nodded.


"You're report Xunje?" she looked up at Xirec and sighed.

"Well Sora's kid wasn't there but get this some other kid was he has sandy hair brown eyes and was dressed for a medieval convention." She replied,

"I see well we'll just have to keep our eyes on both." Xirec replied.


Raian was now in his new old outfit thanks to Merlin who poofed up a new one for him when he asked(Nicely) laid back in the seat.

"That Warrior…who was she and where did she come from…..that's one thing I didn't find out." He sighed.

Okay I have to apologize for this taking so long I hit writers block however I have an idea that should help with that as well as other stories of mine anyway….