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A fall through time

Mickey gazed around sighing sadly at Castle Oblivion however a bright light enveloped the area and Mickey found himself in Land of Departure.

"But how…" Mickey asked rushing in he saw something he couldn't believe,

"Aqua?" he asked astonished he and the others were certain they would never see the three again.

"Mickey! Good to see you." She replied alerting Ven and Terra.

"Mickey!" Ven called,

"Hey we were just talking about you guys." Terra replied,

"Terra, Aqua, Ventus….how?!" Mickey yelled in surprise.

"Well the last thing we remember was Aqua casting that spell, after that it's a blur sorry we worried you guys so when's the party are Sora and the others here?" Ven asked,

Mickey hung his head.

"Well….um how do I explain this?" Mickey said to himself he just realized what had happened but it wasn't something that you just brought up in a conversation.

"What is it?" Aqua asked,

"Thing is when you preformed that spell to weaken Xehanort and disappeared you were labeled MIA but eventually we believed…..we haven't seen you three in twenty years." Mickey replied,

"WHAT?!" Ven yelped.

"Twenty years your majesty that's impossible!" Terra stated.

"I know but its true whatever that spell did exactly it sent you three through time as a side effect Namine too is she here?" Mickey asked,

"No we haven't seen her, but if that's right then…." Aqua started,

"Braig is out there too." Terra growled, Mickey nodded he made a mental note to keep his ears high for any news of the sharpshooter.

Mickey nodded in determination but smiled in relief,

"Well what matters now is that you're all safe although….Sora and the others are older than you now used to be the other way around then you were all in the same age group." Mickey noted.

"Hey yeah Sora! Let's go see him has he married Kairi, did they have any kids, what kind of job does he have heck how is he!" Ven stated in excitement at the thought of seeing his old friend.

"Ven hold on, we just got back and we kind of had a bombshell dropped on us I think we need to wait a bit before we really go anywhere." Aqua stated,

"If they've thought we've been dead for twenty years it's gonna be quite a shock." Terra pointed out.

"Yeah…but…okay tomorrow can I go see Sora?" Ven asked.

"Well okay but not until tomorrow." Aqua stated right.

"Promise." Ven stated.

5 am the next day….

Ven was already up and racing out to the courtyard he activated his Keyblade Glider and left with Terra watching from the shadows.

"She meant later than five Am Ven." Terra snorted in amusement shaking his head.

"Well it is tomorrow so technically he waited." He stated looking at the night sky.

"No problems for twenty years maybe now we can finally relax."

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