They say you're supposed to remember your birthday, well I sure as hell wont forget mine, not that I'm complaining, at least not now three days ago would have been a different story though.

It started when after much grovelling and begging my parents finally allowed the visit I had pinned my hopes on,to spend my birthday with my aunt and cousins in Louisiana.

Why the grovelling you ask well they did have their reasons.

Since 'they' had come out and where now a legal genre of the world there had been an upheaval , we even had one in our village for fucks sake, who'd have thought Angela mason was a vampire , I mean we always said she looked good for her age , but we put it down to help from Mrs Botox and Mr Liposuction.

Well anyway my plans were screwed there was no way they were letting their daughter go into a hot bed of the unknown , the arguments which proceeded this revelation were not pretty ,let me assure you.

I researched every piece of positive media information , even using a power point demonstration at one point , but it was after a long ass conversation with my aunt which she stated if Louisiana was good enough for HER daughters it was good enough for the 'princess'.

I hated when she called me that , just because dad invested wisely in a country property and I attended a private college didn't make me royalty. She managed to convince mum and dad that she would look after me as her own, I fist punched my teddy. What ..I have a teddy!, so sue me..

I flew out on the fifteenth of May as my birthday was on the eighteenth, Emily and Rose my cousins promised me a night to remember and they did!.

"Izzy, hurry the fuck up!" I heard Rose shout from down stairs.

"I'm coming, Jeez!"

I checked my reflection in the long mirror on the back of my aunts bedroom door, I started from the bottom , thigh length boots, short black suede skirt , red torn red T and a black jacket I whistled ...fuck..mum would have a coronary if she saw me in these.

I ran down the stars and jumped off the last step, catching my heel and landing face first at my cousins feet.

I jumped back up and gave them a "TA DA" even using jazz hands, Rose rolled her eyes, "Classy Cuz" she smiled.

Emily whistled "When we said vamp it up we didn't mean literally" she laughed , Rose shot her a warning look

I narrowed my eyes at her and she shrugged.

I scooped my still damp hair into a messy bun and grabbed my bag.

"Ok lets do this!"

Rose rolled her eyes again,


"Your too perky to be related to me" she smirked

"Where are we going?"


"Tell me!"


"E-M-I-L-Y" I whined.

"Isabella! , shut the fuck up you sound like a kindergärtner"

I folded my arms across my chest and pouted.

After a long drive , were for my own self preservation I stayed quiet we pulled into a dimly lit car lot.

Rose killed the engine and Emily turned in her seat to face me with an evil grin on her face.

"What?" I snapped

She held her hands up and in them was a red silk scarf, my stomach tensed, she had to be fucking kidding me.

"Erm..what are you going to do with that?" i asked my mouth becoming dry.

"We're just going to put this on.."

"Like hell you are"

"Bells, suck it up , you'll spoil the surprise"

I raised an eyebrow at Rose and she winked at me.

I nodded, exhaled and turned in my seat.

I was helped from the car by two sets of hands a cousin on each side , i knew which one was on each arm, Rose's manicured nails dug into my right arm and Emily's vice like hockey playing grip on the other.

I was glad of the help it was hard enough for me to stay vertical when walking without a blindfold.

The muted sound of a beat gave me a clue that we were near a club of some sort.

"Guys I cant go into a club" i whispered "I'm not old enough to drink"

"Yeah cos going to Aunt Leah s for sleepovers is all about the popcorn" laughed Rose.

Aunt Leah was the eldest of the three sisters , my mum was the youngest and Rose and Emilies mum was the middle sister, I could talk to her about anything and she would allow me a beer or two.

"Shit" I whispered

"Its okay we've done it too"

They pulled me onwards I could feel the breeze on my bare legs it was nice , I loved Baton Rouge but it was just too damn hot.

The music became louder , Rose pulled me a little too hard and I caught my foot on a stone...yes just a stone..told you i was clumsy.. and I ended up facing a pair of black patent leather shoes.

"Yes" said a deep bored voice

ERM...hello I'm still on the floor here...

"Three please" Rose said nervously , if she was nervous I was shit scared , nothing phased her...ever..

"What's the story with this one?"

I guessed he was talking to me I felt my face flush and he took a sharp intake of breath.

"Its my birthday!" I shouted like a three year old.

"Happy Birthday" the voice said , shoeing no emotion.

I was pulled upright...finally.. and escorted forward.

" What's his problem, he seriously needs a personality transplant" I hissed

" SSH , shut up!" Rose hissed

"What!" I laughed "He can't hear me"

Then they whipped off my blindfold , I squinted at the bright lights until my eyes adjusted..

"Holy Shit!"...