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Okay here it is 'The Cullen Club Epilogue' * I will not cry, I will not cry*

Two years later...

Edward leant against the French doors watching Alice and Jasper throw two squealing children into the water.

"Higher Jazz , higher" shouted the little boy.

"Me too!" squealed the little girl.

Edward sighed...

A hand came to rest on his shoulder, he didn't need to turn he knew it was his father..

" Keeping them busy?" he laughed nodding at the pool.

Edward nodded " He's doing so well after his rough start" he sighed

"Any news from.." Edwards voice broke, they hadn't seen or heard from his brother or Rose since the day at Aro's.

Carlisle shook his head , Edward turned to his father.

"He'll forgive you..he just needs time" he whispered

"I know , but Esme..." he lowered his eyes pushing his hands through his hair.

Edward nodded , turning back to the pool.

"He's yawning" thought Jasper, Edward smiled and walked down to the poolside.

He grabbed a towel, "Masen...nap time" he whispered , his son had perfect hearing that was one of his many similarities he had with his father.

"I dont wanna" he pouted , Edward stilled.

"You look so much like your momma when you do that" he sighed.

"What am I being blamed for now" came a soft voice behind him.

He turned as Bella closed her lips on his.

"Mrs Cullen" he laughed through her lips.

"Mr Cullen , don't try to distract me , what has our son done now?"

"Nothing, he's perfect" he laughed "It's just...look" he motioned his head towards the bronze haired little boy , his lips pouting.

"Masen Anthony Emmett Cullen" she sighed "Nap time"

He folded his arms across his chest , Edward giggled and Bella slapped his chest , winking at him.

"Come on Masen , Lilly is taking one too" Alice smiled holding up a blonde haired little girl.

"Aww Momma" cried the little girl,

"Lilly Rose?" whispered Jasper ,as she pouted.

"Okay Poppa".

Jasper smiled, Alice rolled her eyes.

"Race ya" Masen shouted and he set off into the house, Lilly Rose giggled jumping out of her mothers arms, following Masen indoors.

"Any news" Jaspers thoughts were pained.

Edward shook his head...


A year later...

"Emmett , I want to go home"

"I can't Rose baby"

"Emmett baby I understand but I have no idea what happened to Bella and the baby" she sighed stroking his hair.

"Rose" he sighed.

"Emmett" she hissed standing and knocking his head from her lap "I need to know, I'm sorry but if all of this never happened I wouldn't have you and I won't feel guilty for that, I love you"

Emmett's eyes widened "Fuck babe I'm so sorry , here I am crying over my loss and all you have done is support me, I don't know how to thank you" he pulled her into his arms.

"Take me home!" she whispered.

He sighed "Okay"


"Alice!" Bella shouted "Why the fuck do I need a twenty first when I stopped ageing nearly three years ago"

"Bella, suck it up" she laughed

"Edwarrrrd" Bella called as her husband entered the conservatory.

He held up his hands in defence.

"Great baby, thanks" she huffed slapping his chest.

Bella laughed as Masen hid under the table away from one of Alice's makeovers.

Alice found him and pulled him out, "Momma" he cried, Bella couldn't help but laugh Alice was a force to be reckoned with so she decided to suck It up and enjoy the family party.

Twenty minutes later Masen slouched down the stairs , he was dressed in a pair of smart grey trousers and a dark green button down, his hair was brushed straight, he huffed pushing his hands through his hair making it stick up in disarray , Edward chuckled patting him on his back.

Alice appeared a moment later with Lilly Rose, Lilly was wearing a

dusky pink satin dress and patent shoes, she was not impressed.

"You look..." Masen stopped and giggled.

"Bite Me!" she hissed.

"Lilly Rose Cullen?" whispered Carlisle , she shrugged and everyone laughed.

"Did you start the party without me?" came a booming voice from the doorway.

Silence fell.

Esme gasped she walked slowly towards Emmett and stopped a few feet away.

"Hi Mom" he whispered his voice breaking at the end.

"Hi baby boy" she sniffed.

He held out his arms and she ran into them , there where cheers and hugs as Emmett and Rosalie entered the room.

"Oh Bella , made it" Rose cried , Bella nodded "just" she smiled.

Carlisle walked up to his son and stopped.


"Yeah Dad?"

"I'm sor..." he was interrupted by Emmett's huge framing crashing into him in a hug.

"I'm sorry" Carlisle finished in a whisper.

"I know" he whispered in reply " but I have Rose and that's all that matters"

"Hey short stuff , you make a rocking vamp" Emmett bellowed laughing.

" I'm sorr" he began but Edward cut him off.

"Its okay Emmett I understand" he smiled, then he felt a tug on his leg.

"Em , Rose can I introduce you to this little man here" Edward smiled picking up Masen and pulling Bella close with his free hand.

"Hey Dude" smiled Emmett

"Hey" smiled Masen

"This is my..." he looked down at Bella " Our son Masen Anthony Emmett Cullen" Emmett's eyes widened and Rose gave a little gasp.

"Masen , this is your uncle Emmett remember we talked about him?" Masen nodded, holding his arms out to his new uncle, Emmett took him in his arms and held him close, mouthing 'thank you' to his brother and Bella.

Rose felt a tug on her skirt.

"Hi" said a little voice.

"Well hello" Rose smiled looking at Bella with a confused expression, Bella laughed , shaking her head.

"She's ours" sighed Alice snaking her arm round Jaspers waist.

"Yours?" repeated Rose

"Yes , she was left at the house in the Hampton's , we found her when" his eyes went to Masen, Emmett nodded.

Rose picked the little girl up and smiled "So sweetie what's your name?"

"Lilly Rose" Lilly smiled twirling Rose's hair round her finger.

"My name is Rose too" Rose laughed her voice hoarse.

"U huh Momma told me, and she said I was beautiful just like you"

Carlisle sighed and pulled Esme against his chest,

"My family is home" he smiled...

Well there you have it hope you enjoyed the journey watch out for 'Pride and Revenge' this will be The CC sequel coming soon.