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Set after the so good-cop-bad-cop thing routine Lawliet put them through.


A rush of black silk.

Whispers of wind.

Accompanied by the fluttering of cloth.

It was cold.

A smile.

"For you and I are past our dancing days…"

A smile.


"Come in…"

Misa Amane pushed her torso off the bed, wincing as the bruise acted up. She frowned when she saw the familiar mop of messy black hair. "What do you want?" L walked over to her, his hands in his pockets. "How're you feeling, Amane-san?"

"Your friend did a great job."

L sat on the foot of the bed, his back to her. "I was merely asking how you are faring."

Misa gingerly laid back and blandly replied, "I think you should leave."

"Not until you tell me how you are…"


"Why, Ryuuzaki?"

A slight turn of his head, and she continued, "Why would you hurt me like that…"

Silence again, until L softly replied, "I had to do it…" Misa bit her lip and asked, "Why did you want to hurt me…"

"I didn't want to…"

"Then why did you do it?"

"Because I had to."

Misa frowned and coldly said, "You're confusing me. You should get out." She was irked when she heard a faint chuckle, then L's voice turned serious, "Amane-san… There's a huge difference between had to and wanted to."

"What do you mean, Ryuuzaki?"

He faced her, his deep, tired, black eyes boring into her hard sapphires. "I had to do it because it's part of my job as a detective. It's also how I work. I wouldn't be as successful as I am now if I exercise pity on every suspect I meet. Especially, to those who have the large percent of being the perpetrator."


The black eyes then steered to the bruise on her rib. "I didn't want to do it because I didn't really want to hurt you… I don't want to hurt anybody. It was very uncomfortable listening to your cries and screams. Believe it or not, Amane-san…I'm still human." He turned his back to her. "At least. I think I still am…"

Misa felt her heart melt, and she scooted over to him When L felt the indentation of the space behind him, he turned, and flinched a little when Misa cupped his face in her small hands. One of his larger hands covered one of hers over his slightly hollow cheek. "Amane-san…"

Misa leaned her forehead on his. "Ryuuzaki-kun…" L silently hitched a breath and waited. "I understand now…" L slowly trailed his hand on her shoulder, then down, feeling her warmth through the thin white thing she calls a nightgown.


He closed his eyes and breathed deep.

She smelled so wonderful. A heady mixture of vanilla and cream. Unlike what she usually wears, which was an overpowering, concentrated scent of strawberries. Maybe there's something more to her than her usual stunts at cuteness. Maybe she's just a scared little girl of vanilla who got pulled into this mess because of her devotion.

Maybe she's…human.

L's eyes snapped open when he heard a sharp gasp. He looked and saw that his hand touched the bruise. He gently pushed her to her back and lifted the cloth away from the bruise.

"This is my fault…"

"Everything's fine, Ryu_Ahhhh…."

L gently placed his lips on the bruise. Misa took a sharp intake of breath, feeling the slight sting, then the gradual warmth. She whispered, playing with L's hair lightly, "What are you doing, Ryuzaki-kun…" L peered up at her with his huge black eyes and replied, "Don't we kiss bruises of people we care about to make them feel better, besides medical attention?" Misa blushed and giggled, "Ryuzaki-kun… You are so childish…"

He then looked up at her, meeting her eyes. He asked, "Why do you love Yamagi-kun, Misa-chan?"

Misa scrunched her face a bit to think. He was as handsome as they come, but that will make her sound shallow than people already see her. He was smart to the point that he reaches Ryuzaki's standard, but there were a lot of smart men to begin with. He was definitely not sweet, unless it can benefit him. So she decided to say the most used line in the history of Love.

"I just do."

L sat in his usual position, his finger to his mouth, murmuring, "But if you love someone, there has to be a reason. Otherwise, it would be a pointless one, ne?" Misa flushed a little and replied, "But that's not the point of loving. If you only love one part, then that's not love at all. Love is when you love the entire person, Ryuzaki-kun."

L nodded, flooding Misa with relief, until he asked, "But what drew you to him, Misa-chan?" Bulls-eye. Months passed, but she felt that what drew her to him in the first place were his looks and brains, and now, they didn't seem to appeal so much. Misa sighed. She has to fes up.

"Alright, Ryuzaki-kun… You win."

L tilted his head lightly to the side. "What do you mean, Misa-chan?"

"I liked him because he was so handsome and bright. But now… I don't know. I guess it wore off. Light-kun's not sweet at all. Maybe that's why I'm not so sure now why I actually love him. If I still do…" She stole a small peek at the silent man. "You won't tell on me, right? I know he doesn't care, but I don't want to sound like I'm abandoning him or something."

"Of course, Misa-chan. I hate liars anyway."


"I hope this also won't change your view of me, Ryuzaki-kun?"

L declined his head and replied, "Of course not, Misa-chan. I'm a detective. I'm not allowed to be biased. Just observant."

Misa smiled, leaned towards him and pecked him lightly on the lips, then lying back down. She said, "You're a good friend, Ryuzai-kun. Weird as hell, but you're a good friend."

L touched his lips and murmured, "You're as childish as I am, Misa-chan."

Misa smiled, turned to lie on her stomach, hugged a huge pillow and replied, "I know."