Oath Of Devotion

Chapter 1

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Fawkes felt an overwhelming sadness pouring off this boy his master was so fond of. He went to Harry, since he first meant this mortal he felt a pull from him, and focused on his feelings. Then he noticed that the sadness that was pouring from this hatchling was not for oneself like most of his kind, but for the dying one in his arms. He found the boy refreshing, if he wasn't already bond to Albus he would bond to this mortal.

'If this is dying,' thought Harry Potter, 'it's not so bad. At least she will live.' the pain in his arm was now burning into shoulder. He figured he had until it hit his heart or so he hoped. 'He liked looking at her, she looked peaceful, she looked happy. Maybe death would bring that into his life. He laughed a little . Life he was dying. But death would bring peace, right? Anything would be better then the last twelve years of sorrow and pain, my life. But then he thought of Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid. The last few years have been good. One look at her, he was certain his life was worth giving up for her to live hers. She had a happy life, a family to love, be loved.'

"What are you doing. Get away." Riddle yelled, Fawkes tilted his head at the shade who seemed to think he could give him orders, not even Albus ordered him around.

While the other talked to the fiery haired girl, Fawkes hopped forward onto Harrys leg. A single golden tear rolled down his beak and dropped onto the basilisk wound along Harry's arm. Phoenix tears were rare and only given if his kind found them deserving, not even a phoenix bond unwillingly and ordered to do so can give the gift to someone unworthy. Fawkes felt the evil coming off the book he tilted his head back and chipped

Harry looked at the phoenix and turned to see what it was looking at. The diary.

Harry looked again at the phoenix , the diary, then Riddle.

Once more he shift his gaze to each.

"What are you doing you foul little meddler. When I am whole once more…"

Harry's fingers wrapped around the broken basilisk fang. His other hand sliding the diary closer he ignored the screams of rage form behind him, the threats even the promises of riches and fame. And with one fluid overhead thrust the fang was imbedded in the diary. He watched as black fluid poured out. Harry lifted the book and placed it over the body of Ginny and spoke. "Ginny I feel the burning of the poison in my chest now, I don't think I have much longer. I just wanted to say I am happy to give what I have to you so you may live." To Fawkes surprise, golden threads drifted up and outwards of the almost healed wound. They twisting into knots and around the pair. With a single flap of his majestic wings he found himself a safe distance form the couple. He watched the golden tendrils arch and thrust into the boys back through the book and into the girl. Then to his father surprise both vanished with a blinding flash.

A few minutes later, the couple materialized in Hogwarts hospital wing, just inside the massive double doors. "HELP SOMEONE," Harry's voice carried out starting Minerva McGonagall.

"Harry, Ginny," the transmutation professor said with evident surprise and relief. Minerva rushed forward wand waving, Harry started to cry out until he noticed Ginny levitating to a near by medical bed. "Harry can you stand." with a nod he did so.

After settling Ginny down Minerva turned to the filthy, bloody Harry Potter, a sad look crossed her face, she noticing the look in his eyes. She saw it plenty of times during the last war the poor child was in shock. Turning to Hannah Abbott who has shown an eagerness for learning the healing arts, so has been helping Madam Pomfrey in this crises. " Miss Abbott."

"Miss Abbott," Minerva said again with a little force, said witch's head snapped away from Harry to her Professor. " Madam Pomfrey is currently with the headmaster in Lockheart's Office. Let her know I need her immediately. Mister Potter is in shock and Miss Weasly is Unconscious." With a nodded Hannah bolted out the doors. Minerva put her arms around the boy she has come to love almost like her own child. Harry looked up into her eyes his fear melted and a smile crossed his lips "She is safe now." was all he said before his eyes rolled into the back of his head.


Harry awoke, he found himself in a very relaxed state, it felt like he was floating. He couldn't remember why he was sleeping out side, but he must have. He thought about this while he watched a few more clouds drift across the morning sky. He turned his head to the left when he heard someone approaching. 'Ginny!' He thought 'she would tell him why he was outside.' Harry sat up and his smile slide off his face, Ginny stood a few feet away looking like someone who wanted answers to something he didn't have the answers to and not like someone who would be happy if he didn't have them. Her eyes seemed to burn with anger.

"Why am I HERE." her voice echoed like a they were in a cavern, and not outside. Harry made to stand when a force hit him full in the chest and pinned him to the ground. "I didn't say you could move." he watched as her hand fell once again to her side. He hadn't even moved. How did she hit him she had now wand that he saw. He voice seemed calmer more in control, but sit filled with a hate that matched his Uncle Vernon "Now, Which ritual did you use?"

"Ritual, what are you talking about?" Harry spoke shakily. 'Why is my life so fucked up' he thought

Ginny hand rose as if to swat him again only to stop with a snort. "Don't play dense wizard, I will ask again and if you fail to answer my question to my satisfaction you will regret it for the rest of your life and your children's children will fear the day we've meant. Now, WIZARD" Ginny's face soured like something foul crossed her tongue. "What dark ritual did you use to bring me here?"

Then it happened, years of verbal and physical lashings under the care of the Dursleys, two years of potions with Snape, Harry hit his limit. He alone fought a Basilisk to save this ungrateful girl and he wanted for nothing. Not even a thank you, he sought nothing but to save another person. Like an unwatched tea pot Harry started to boil over. "You ungrateful little child, I could of died." Harry screamed. "I fought a basilisk, I fought the spirit of VOLDEMORT and not only do you not thank me you come here and lash me like the Durselys."

"What did you call me?" asked the surprised Ginny

"UNGRATFUL LITTLE GIRL" Harry spoke threw his clenched teeth.

Again her hand rose up.

Harry blinked, lost, the world seemed to be out of focus. He started to sit up again and to find a hand restraining him. "Slow down Mister Potter." spoke a voice he knew to well. A moment later his glasses were placed onto his face and the focused face of Madam Pomfrey came into view.

"How do you feel?" asked the school nurse

"Tired," said Harry the after second thought added "sore."

"I know Harry, everything form my diagnosis seems to indicate everything is fine, except of a few oddities Harry. I will need to keep you here overnight just to be sure." Harry nodded not finding the strength to argue about sleeping arrangements at the moment. His eyes turned to see the Weasley family gathered around the youngest of the clan. He felt anger rise in his chest, but shook it off as it must have been a dream. Ron gave him a nodded and started over until Dumbledore reached out and spoke softly to him, with a nod Ron moved back to Ginny's bed.

Madam Pomphrey stared at the headmaster with open consternation. "If he looks like he is needs rest I will put a stop to your questions until he rest." she looked a Harry " if you feel like you need to rst you will tell me, do you understand." Harry nodded. "very well keep it short Albus."

"I will do my best Poppy," Dumbledore moved to Harry's bed. Harry looked up at Dumbledore. Who smiled faintly with a large twinkle in his eyes.

"It seems Harry that even when I attempt to keep you out of trouble, you find it anyways." said Dumbledore as gently as a grandfather. "Sir, I am sorry to cause any…" he stopped as the Headmaster raised his hand. "No one should ever apologize for saving a life." Dumbledore said reassuringly "I would like to know what happened after you were separated from Ron." So Harry began to tell the tale of the Chamber of Secrets not noticing as all those near gathered to listen. His voice was hoarse and many could tell how tired he was. As he came to the end of his story his eyes shot up and looked at the Headmaster. "Sir, Riddle's Diary and the sword from the hat is still in the chamber." he spoke in a worried voice

"No need to worry Harry, both were recovered by myself."

"What interest me the most is how Lord Voldemort enchanted the young Weasley, when my sources say he is hiding in Albania." Harry watched as the Dumbledore shock the thoughtful look of his face. Dumbledore reached into his robes and drew out torn and faded book "I looked over the book Harry whatever dark curse it once held was destroyed when you exposed it to the venom of the basilisk." he handed it to Harry. He rubbed his fingers over the worn leather book that caused so much pain this year.

"How is Ginny?" Harry asked in a small voice.

Mrs. Weaslry wiped a tear from her face looking back to her daughters bed. "She hasn't woke yet, but thanks to you Harry she is back with her family." No longer able to hold together she rushed the young man and gripped him in the famous Molly hug. "You saved my little girl! You saved her Harry." Harry didn't think she could hold any tighter, but was wrong. "Anything, anything you need just asked, we owe you so much."

Harry felt tears run down his cheek, "I'm so sorry." Harry broke down

"Why are you sorry, Harry?" asked Arthur

"I wasn't brave enough, fast enough. I…I should of gotten to her sooner?" Harry started to shake his head, trying to think of what he could of done differently

"Harry," spoke the gently voice of Dumbledore. "Harry, my dear sweet boy. You were brave." Dumbeldore rested a hand on Harry's shoulder when he started to deny his words. "You drew the sword of Gryffindor, only someone with the heart of a true Gryffindor could of called forth the sword. Did you know that the sword has been lost since the time of the founders."

The doors to the hospital busted open. Harry notice a bright smile form on his lips and without turning he greeted Draco Malfoy's father. "The school board has giving me the power to remove you Albus, after the lose of an innocent child how could they not." Dumbledore turned " She is fine. I will express to her your concern, but for now we really should move this out of the hospital wing." with a wave of his hand they both left. The doors closing behind them, but not before Harry saw Dobby pointing at his master then the book.

Ron moved to the head of Harrys bed "Mate."

Harry nodded "How is she really?" Ron glanced at Ginnys bed "Madam Pomphrey said something about her core shifting strangely she called for a specialist, St. Mungo's said they would send one tomorrow." Ron smiled "Mom said everything is fine, we shouldn't worry." Harry could see just how worried he was."

The door swung open and Albus Dumbledore came back in and move toward Harry. " Harry you should sleep and when we have news of Miss Weasley condition we will let you know."

"Sir, I think Draco's father knew about the book or had something to do with it."

"why do you say that," asked a concerned Dumbledore.

"Dobby his House elf has been visiting me, I didn't know who he served. Just know he was trying to tell me something. Maybe we could question him?" Harry asked hopefully

With a sigh Dumbledore spoke heavily" Harry house elves a very loyal and are bond to the owner, good or bad. No one not even the courts could get and elf to speak out against its owner. Even if we could no one would validate it, that is sadly the world we live in.

Without warning Harry jumped from the bed and ran toward the doors.

When the shook wore off those gathered rushed to follow. Albus turned the corner ahead of the pack only to stop and look down at the prone form of Lucius Malfoy.

"You will not hurt Mister Harry Potter greatest of all wizards." Spoke to voice of the Malfoy House elf.

Lord Malfoy looked around at those assembled and with a huff turned to left Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry.

Once Harry was back in his bed Dumbledore ran his fingers over Harry's forehead and before he lost contact Harry was sound asleep. " Sleep well, our little hero."


Harry awoke late into the night his stomach growling. 'Should of ate last time I was awake' not knowing the time Harry gave a simple swish of his wand. But before he could utter the incantation Harry flew out of the bed and hit the far wall, he stood of shaky feet. Looking around seeing no one Harry once again waved his wand, he slammed into the wall and watched in shock as a wave of clear energy hit the near by bed and slammed it into another. 'Wicked' was all he thought.

He looked over to Ginny's bed, she looked to be in the gripped of a nightmare. He moved to her side and watched, again looking about to see they were alone. Harry reached up and ran his fingers though her hair and started to hum a tone he used to hum softy to himself when he was in the dark cupboard under the stairs. Gone unnoticed to him was the golden tendrils that trailed his fingers slowly sinking into Ginny. With each pass of his finger she seemed to quit. Finally after she settled and seemed calmed did Harry stop and smile. "Sleep well Ginny, tomorrow your family will be back to watch over you." Feeling tired for some strange reason Harry moved back to his bed to fall into a deep restful sleep.

The next Harry awoke to a Madam Pomphrey speaking to a old man with a white doctors coat. He wondered if this was the specialist from St. Mungo's.

Molly spoke suddenly " So, Is she? Will she?"

The old man Smiled at her " Yes I believe everything is in order. Her core looks strong and I think with Poppy's agreement we can allow her to wake up. If she shows anymore signs over the Summer break please bring her by St. Mungo's."

"I agree if her core seems in order she should be woken up, let me get her the potion." said Poppy

"Thank you Doctor Keen" A very reviled Molly Weasley said. "Is there a reason why her core seemed unstable?"

Doctor Keen smiled used to these kind of questions. "Your daughter was under a lot of stress and been through a traumatic experience. I seems all she need was a few days to rest. Again if anything changes you can call me I'll gladly make a house call, but please don't worry she seems to be a heath young witch."

"Eric I need you to sign some out-patient paper work before you go." Poppy said as she made her way into her office. When Eric entered she closed the door and placed a silencing charm on it. "What do you mean traumatic experience? I have never seen a core disrupted by a traumatic experience." Poppy was livid no one placed her students in danger, not even someone she was sometimes romantic with.

"Poppy," Eric ran his fingers through his hair. "I don't know, I have never seen a core resettle. It is common knowledge that two things are certain in life." Poppy finished for him "Death and Cores" Eric nodded.

" I wish I could of gotten here sooner, but a fire had a couple and there child in the ward with third degree burns." Poppy waved way his attempted excuse. " No, you were needed. She was effected by a dark artifact maybe some residue magic interfered with my earlier results. I'll have her stay until the end of term and keep her under watchful eye. I'll call you."

A smile played across his face "I hope you call? I get lonely having dinner by myself Poppy." Poppy smiled and moved to open the floo. "You better go" she smiled and eyed him with seductively "I'll call and we will make some plans."

The rest of the school year seemed fine. Harry was let out of the hospital wing, Hermione was un-petrified, and Ginny was looking better and better each day. Harry smiled as he boarded the train only a few month and he will be back here enjoying life with his friends. He thought back to the chamber, 'I am happy I didn't have to sacrifice myself to save Ginny, but now I will live life to the fullest."