The enemy of my enemy…

Alimbic Cluster, Delano 7

Sylux finished his analysis of the latest scans of the Alimbic Cluster and snarled with rage. She'd done it again. Yet another Octolith energy signature had disappeared from his readings, this time on Alinos, and Sylux knew just who was responsible. Who had constantly foiled his plans? Who had led the accursed Federation's attack on Cylosis? And who had just got her hands on her 6th Octolith! Samus Aran the most hated of all of Sylux's foes.

Sylux allowed himself to think back to the day the Federation descended on Cylosis and attacked and destroyed anything and everything. No one was above suspicion of being involved with the dangerous and subversive Zoarlaktian Coalition, a sworn enemy of the Galactic Federation. Pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears of soldiers who reverted to a near bestial state. Leading the charge against the beleaguered defence forces was the orange armoured hunter Samus Aran who slaughtered her way through every living thing that stood against her. What had Sylux done in all this? He had fled and his cowardly flight from his home world still stung him to his core. But he was going to make it all better; he had vowed vengeance on Samus and the Federation. Cylosis' ghost could be laid to rest.

After he had finished raging at the interior of the Delano 7, Sylux began strategically thinking through all the ways he could enact his revenge. He could continue doing what he had been doing and track Samus waiting for the right opportunity to strike her down. Unfortunately this had proved unsuccessful. He could attempt to lure Samus into the path of some of the Alimbic's fearsome machines but so far she had swatted them aside as she had any other creature that had dared to stand against her. Sylux sighed, "Oh well" he thought, "she might get killed by the other hunters…" Then it hit him, the other hunters, he knew he wasn't the only hunter who wanted Aran dead and who sought the Ultimate Power so if they shared a common goal why fight amongst each other while Samus was running around the cluster getting closer to her goal. Sylux typed in the co-ordinates for the Celestial Archives and set off to make preparations for the summoning of his soon to be allies.