Ed grabbed the heavy beam on one end, and when Al grabbed the other end they hefted the heavy length of wood into place in their friend's wall. Wiping his sweaty forehead with the back of his left hand, the older boy smiled. "Hey, Al. How do you like this wall so far?"

Placing one hand against the stack of heavy timbers, the younger brother smiled. "It's only half done, Ed. We still have to put up the drywall and then we can have Emma come paint with us. You'd like that, right?"

At this, Ed flushed. "AL!" The accused teen laughed, easily ducking the empty lunch box his brother pitched at his head.

"What? She likes you, and you like that she looks just like Winry."

"Shut up, Al." Ed muttered, his entire face turning bright red. "Emma is nothing like Winry."

Taking the hint, the subject was dropped and the brothers worked for another hour putting up drywall before stopping for the day. Walking home, Ed carried the tool box in his left hand while Al carried the empty lunch boxes. Coming up the hill towards the smallish cottage they were currently sharing with their friends Noah and Emma, Ed saw that Emma was pumping water with her back to them.

"Hey, Emma! We're back!" Al called out, waving his free arm.

"Hey, Emma!" Ed called up the hill to her, "What's for dinner?"

Her hands slipped from the water pump handle and it came up with surprising force, hitting the blonde girl just beneath the ribs. As she collapsed, Ed dropped the tool box and sprinted up the incline. Although he would never admit it to his younger brother, he did see a bit of Winry in Emma. Now more than ever.

"Oww." The girl muttered, pressing one hand to the spot struck by the pump's metal handle. "Damn it. That hurt."

Ed stopped a few feet from the young woman, stunned by her words. Emma never swore. She got slowly to her feet, and stubbornly grabbed the pump hand again. "Emma?" Ed asked uncertainly, reaching out to her with his left arm. "Emma, are you okay?"

He placed his hand on her shoulder and she abruptly turned to face him, wrench swinging at his head. Her blue eyes widened at the sight of him lying on the grass, clutching his skull where the heavy metal had struck it. "Ed?" She asked, her eyes brimming with unshed tears as she dropped to her knees and grabbed his hand, squeezing it tightly to make sure he was real.

Nothing else needed to be said, and he quickly got back to his feet. Giving his mechanic a joyful hug, he picked her up and spun her around. "Winry, how did you get here?" He asked, setting her down with a bemused, but still beaming smile.

"I don't know." She answered, still smiling. "I fell asleep walking in the woods near home, and when I woke up I was here!"

A tear crept from her eye, and then another, and by the time Al reached the top of the hill she was bawling into Ed's shirt, all the pent up tears of their separation finally overflowing. There was a happy, tearful reunion, and throughout the evening Al noticed one thing. Winry never let go of Ed's hand.

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