Okay guys, everyone started telling me how Sandstorm wasn't like that. I know, it's just I really didn't like Sandstorm. Now, because of the thing between my two ears, I thought of a whole new plan. Also, I kept fussing over the things I did in my other story and now I have made a whole new version. Practically I took everything and made it better and you are going to help me. R&R and tell me how you liked it or how it improved (or both). Thanks and now on to the story:

As I opened my eyes, I saw a dark, gloomy room. The room was a haunting black. I shivered and huddled closer to the ginger fur. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

I opened my eyes again, remembering the scary scene from before.. I squeaked in happiness. The pitch black room went away. What other things could my eyes do? I tried to open and close them, seeing if I would make it brighter and darker, just like before. Nothing. I went back to sleep, but only one thing came: weight. I opened my eyes and saw another kit. The scent flooded my nose, it was my litter mate. I pushed her off and started examining my paws.

Wow! I thought as I flexed them back and forth. I had felt them, but never seen. I looked at my tail and looked at my litter mate. She had bright blue eyes and dark ginger fur. I smiled at her and looked at my fur. It was dark red. I looked at the dark ginger kit and asked, "What color are my eyes?"

"Blue! How about mine?" I looked at her eyes and replied blue. She stared at me then mewed, "I wonder what hers are?" I looked where she was pointing and saw a tortoiseshell with flecks of white. I nodded, thinking the same thing.

"Let's go wake her up," I meowed and headed to where she was. As I touched her pelt, she groaned and turned over. I touched her pelt again, only this time harder. She opened her eyes and they were a sky blue.

"Stop that," a voice meowed to me. I shrank back and the ginger she-cat came out of the soft, moss filled nest. "Apologize." I tilted my head in question. Her voice became softer. "Say 'sorry'. An apology is saying sorry when you did something to hurt them."

"Oh," I turned to the beautiful she-kit and mewed sorry..

"It's okay, I was having a bad dream anyway," the tortoiseshell she-kit mewed. She got up and stared at me and then at the dark ginger she-kit. She turned around and stared at the pale ginger she-cat. "What is your name?" she questioned.

"Sandstorm, I'm your mother," she replied, looking at all her kits from her shinning light yellow eyes. She sighed, "since everyone's awake, who wants to explore the nursery?"

"Me! Me! Me!" we all yowled in unison. Sandstorm put a tail in front of her muzzle, signaling us to be quiet. She moved aside and let us see two sleeping kits with a pale gray and dark gray, almost black speckles. The two kits pelts went up and down, due to their quiet breathing. We bowed our heads sorry.

"Who are they?" I asked.

Sandtsorm whispered softly as she pointed her tail to them, "That kit is Spiderkit and the kit beside him is Shrewkit." I dipped my head in thanks and looked around. My eyes caught on vivid blue eyes. I shivered and backed away. Beside the pair of blue eyes lied a she-cat with a pink face. I twisted around desperately trying to find my mother.

I started shuffling my paws, getting nervous and excited, "Where is he? Where is Firestar?"

"I'm here," I felt a lick on my head and looked up, it was a blazing ginger tom! I looked up in awe, he purred and went over to greet Sandstorm. Sandstorm flicked her tail, I padded over to her and got into the warm nest, snuggling in beside my two sisters. I feel into a small doze, but I still could hear the conversation between Firestar and Sandstorm.

"What beautiful kits, what shall we name them?" I heard my father whisper.

"I've been thinking all day, I think kit right here" -I say her tail rise in the air, her tail lightly landed on my fluffy tailed sister- "could be-"

"Squirrelkit," Firestar interrupted, then apologized but Sandstorm only nodded, her eyes shinning with agreement. "How about this little one?" He pointed his long sleek tail toward the tortoiseshell.

Sandstorm sat there but then mewed confidently, "Leafkit, in memory of Spottedleaf."

"This kit, though is a hard one." I heard Sandstorm's voice, puzzled.

"She is a hard one," Firestar mewed, but his voice, usually strong and confident, was low and confused. "Maybe she could be..." I heard Sandstorm's voice trailing off, as if the idea broke out through her mind.

"Rosekit, her attitude is sometimes harsh, but protection is greater, her fur is as beautiful as a rose, and her heart makes your mind racing," I smiled to myself as I heard my father softly speak the words, as if they were as delicate as a flower petal.

You can tell many things different:

1. Sandstorm's Attitude! Whoa! Hold on! I changed her attitude because- just look up.

2. Kits have blue eyes? Yepers, they do. *This is when the Erin Hunters(there's more than one!) say 'Thank you' and I say 'Your Welcome'*

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Kits! Kits! Kits! New kits(real kits, not OC) are going to be introduced and I'm going to write more chapters about Rosekit's kit-hood.


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