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"Thornclaw! Thornclaw! Thornclaw!"

The Clan cheered, even I jumped up and down, yowling his name. Senior warriors crowded around him. I saw one of the newest warriors, Ashfur, squeeze between the seniors, congratulating him. I smiled to myself as I saw everyone smiling. Spiderkit's scent wafted to me as he landed squarely on my shoulders. I desperately tried to get him off, soon, we were sprawled on the dusty floor. Laughing, we shook the dust off our pelts.

"Hey Rosekit." I looked up, seeing my father. He had a wide grin on his face. I playfully growled and clumsily got into the hunter's crouch, trying to copy what the apprentices did. Firestar laughed and Spiderkit knocked me over again, engaging in a tousled fight. The cats around us were either talking or in their dens. No one payed attention to us except Sandstorm, who came over and nudged me. Firestar, still dizzy with laughing, reached forward and licked Sandstorm's ear. Then whispered something in it. Spiderkit and I had tangled out of our play-fight and were watching them.

"Spiderkit! Shrewkit!" Spiderkit rushed to the nursery, after we both exchanged byes. Hearing Sandstorm chuckle, I turned back to them. Rolling my eyes I rubbed against my mother's leg, gaining attention. Purring, she looked down to me. Firestar whispered something, more serious now, and went inside his den a few foxlengths away. What is a foxlength anyway?

"What's a foxlength?" I randomly asked my mother. Sandstorm looked down upon me and smiled.

"It's, um, about here to Squirrelkit," she replied. I looked around Squirrelkit, then suddenly found her. She was trotted towards us. I nodded my head to Sandstorm. "Well, kits, lets go to the nursery. I imagine Leafkit is there already."

"But I'm not-" a yawn I'd been trying to hide heaved into the outside, fresh air. Sqiurrelkit laughed, but was abruptly shortened by me, by lightly cuffing her soft, ginger ear.

The purple light somehow slipped through the tight weaves of the nursery. I saw Spiderkit already snuggled in with his mother. "Come." Sandstorm led us to the familiar nest, covered with the softest, well, to my opinion. Leafkit suddenly was behind us, startling me. I jumped, then hearing a small laugh from Leafkit. Lightly hissing, I jumped in with my mother, responding to her warmth by snuggling closer in. I quickly suckled a bit, and soon, heaving kits were beside me, in sleep.

"Come on now, Rosekit, you must sleep," Sandstrom's breath rustled my fur. I looked up, showing her my baby blue eyes. I hoped they would have changed colors by now. Spiderkit's eyes were already starting to show color. He was always rubbing it in, I would always reply with, Wow!, in a sarcastic tone. Then we'd both laugh. "Tomorrow's a big day."

"I can't," I whimpered. "How about you tell me what Ravenpaw and Barley look like?" The thought suddenly crammed inside my head. She never really explained what they look like.

"I will. If you promise you'll go to sleep as soon as I'm done."

"I will!" I quietly chirped.

"Okay, okay. So, the last time I saw Ravenpaw was... was- Oh yes! When he came to fight with us.
"Ravenpaw, was a very handsome cat. Very slick jet black with a white dash on his chest and tail. He was a bit small. His eyes are a curious-"

"What's curious mean? What's a dash? I thought that meant fast. Doesn't handsome mean pretty, but for toms?" Questions exploded from my mouth, as if they had a life of its own.

"Slow down on the questions, and don't interrupt," she sent a short The Glare. "Curious means, like, questionable. A dash is a small petal-like spot. Dash has two meanings, it's just one of those words. I guess you could put it like that.
"Anyways, his eyes are a curious blue, a pale blue. Barley is a black-and-white splotched-" Sandstorm sighed and waited, I assumed waiting for me to ask what it meant. "Splotched means dappled, which means spotted. He also has dark blue eyes like a clear night with a full moon."

"Oh. So, sunrise tomorrow?"

"Sunrise tomorrow," my mother agreed. "I love you Rosekit and I would do anything for you."

"Goodnight, I love you too."

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