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Kurt sat in his Spanish class, attempting to take notes. But, as much as he tried to pay attention to what Mr. Schuester was saying, his mind was elsewhere. Instead of taking notes on conjugating verbs, he was writing Blaine's name surrounded by hearts and even trying out his name with Blaine's surname – Kurt Anderson had a nice ring to it. It all seemed a little bit childish but he didn't care. His relationship with Blaine was kind of like that. It was sweet and cute and romantic, unbearably so depending on who you asked, and now that Kurt was back at McKinley the time apart just made them even mushier.

But their relationship wasn't always so cutesy. When they were alone together... well, it was like something took over them. Kurt couldn't really explain it. As much as they both tried to take it slow, sometimes their make out sessions escalated quickly and before they knew it they were a sweaty, naked tangle. Not that Kurt was complaining. No way. He may have known nothing about sex before he and Blaine started dating, but he knew an awful lot about it now.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and saw that Blaine had sent him a text. He had to read it under the table so Mr. Schue wouldn't notice.

I've got a free period and nothing to do. Miss you so much, sweetheart xxx

Kurt smiled to himself and immediately texted back.

I'm in a rather dull Spanish class right now. Miss you too, honey :) xxx

It didn't take long for Kurt to receive a reply. He was expecting Blaine to apologise for disturbing him during a class, but instead it said something that made Kurt raise his eyebrows in surprise.

It's a good thing I'm sitting behind a table and the common room is kind of empty, because I can't stop thinking about you... ;)

It was a good thing Kurt sat near the back of the class, because his face had gone red. He smirked to himself as he imagined Blaine sitting uncomfortably in the Dalton common room, maybe with a book in front of him so it looked like he was studying, his face flushed, squirming in his seat, his pants tented with a steadily growing a erection under the table... Kurt blushed a little harder as he replied to the text.

I've got the house to myself tonight. Wanna come over?

Kurt already knew the answer to that, but he still grinned to himself when he saw it.

Of course I do.

Seconds later, Kurt's phone was vibrating again. He looked around to make sure that no one had noticed, and saw that Mr. Schue was still talking about verbs and the rest of the class looked too bored or distracted to pay any attention to him. He looked down to read Blaine's text under the table.

I don't think I'll survive until after school though. I need you right this second.

He had to bite his lip not to make any noise as he texted back. His heart was racing.

And what exactly would you do if you had me right this second?

Blaine took longer to reply this time, and Kurt fidgeted in his seat as he waited impatiently. He had to cover his mouth to stop from whimpering out loud when he read Blaine's next text.

If you were here with me in this not quite empty common room right now then I'd probably 'accidently' drop something on the floor, slip under the table, and give you the best damn blowjob you've ever had. I'd have you falling apart and you wouldn't be able to make a sound as I sucked your beautiful cock until you erupted down my throat. Hmm, you taste so good, sweetheart.

Kurt was breathing heavily, squirming in his seat as his cock twitched and strained against his skinny jeans. He looked nervously around to make sure no one in the class had noticed the state he was in, before replying with two simple words.

What else?

As he waited for Blaine's reply, Kurt imagined everything that was in Blaine's last text. He imagined Blaine's hot mouth around his throbbing erection, desperately licking and sucking him. He was using every bit of strength not to make any noise. Moaning loudly in the middle of his Spanish class wasn't a clever thing to do. His heartbeat quickened when Blaine finally texted back.

I'd drag you off to find a deserted classroom, but we'd never make it and just end up in an alcove of an empty hallway instead. I'm so horny I can barely handle it. I just need to be inside you before I go insane. Luckily I've brought some lube with me and soon I'm fucking you senseless up against the wall. Your ass feels so tight and hot and amazing around my cock, sweetheart, I can't even stand it.

Kurt was trembling in his seat, his brain clouded with lust. It felt as if his heart was going to burst through his chest and he could hardly breathe. He was biting his lip painfully hard so he wouldn't make a sound, and his hard on was pressing uncomfortably against his jeans. He touched his burning cheek with the back of his hand and knew that his face must be embarrassingly red. He glanced up at the clock to see there was only five minutes of the lesson left. Five minutes until he'd have to stand up and act like nothing untoward had just happened, like, for example, sexting with his boyfriend when he should have been learning. Damn it...

You're killing me here, honey. Class is nearly over and I have the most insane boner right now because of you. The end of the day can't come soon enough... you're gonna pay for the state you've put me in, Anderson!

Kurt tried to think the most unsexy images possible in a desperate bid to get rid of his aching hard on before class ended. Dead kittens... hetero sex... Rachel's wardrobe... making out with Rachel – that last one did the trick. Just as the bell rang for the end of class and Kurt had finally calmed down, his phone buzzed again and he could picture Blaine's sexy smirk in his head perfectly as he read the text.

Looking forward to it, sweetheart ;)

Hope you enjoyed :)
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