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Chapter 10

CRAP! Sarah thought to herself. Adrenaline shot through her body as she realized what Vivian was doing. She ripped off her headset and turned to Chuck and Casey. She growled, "What are we gonna do now? Vivian is using Jen as human shield to leave the hotel!" At the tone in her voice, Chuck jumped up from his chair, knocking it over. She stalked across the room and stood with her hands on her hips, directly in front of Casey.

"Settle down, Walker," Casey said calmly, trying to help her regain control. "We don't have much choice but to go after them while they're still in the conference room. Once Vivian and her goons are on the move, they'll be harder to contain. If Vivian makes it to her car, we'll never get her. Right now we have the element of surprise. It's now or never." He looked at Sarah and saw her shoulders slump a little. "Jen will be okay. She's resourceful and smart. My only concern is that there aren't any library supplies around," he smirked.

Sarah couldn't help but let a small smile form on her lips. She nodded and ran her hands through her hair. "You're right. She's surprised us all along. Maybe she can do it again."

Chuck glanced at the monitor that showed the feed from Jen's flag camera. He saw that Vivian and company were about to leave the conference room. One of the body guards was putting the laptop into the computer bag and the other two men moved about the room gathering the rest of Vivian's things.

"Guys, we have to go! Now!" Chuck shouted, his voice rising in panic. Casey and Sarah glanced at the monitor Chuck was looking at. They immediately understood they only had another minute or so before the room would be empty. Sarah grabbed the Smith & Wesson from her waistband, jammed an earwig in her ear and raced out the door. Casey grabbed his SIG-Sauer and a tranq gun as Chuck snatched up his tranq gun. They tore out of the room behind Sarah. Both guys stuffed their earwigs into their ears while they sprinted toward the stairs. All three agents bounded down the steps two at a time.

"Bartowski," Casey yelled, his feet hitting the floor as he leaped over the last three steps, "you tranq the closest bodyguard. I'll tranq the other two. Walker you cover Vivian."

"Copy!" both Sarah and Chuck yelled back, already in a dead sprint across the lobby. Their feet pounded against the floor as they rounded the corner at full speed, Sarah in the lead, followed closely by Chuck and then Casey. They slowed as they approached the conference room door, weapons drawn. All three stopped and lined up to the left of the door, their backs pressed against the wall trying to regulate their breathing. Casey quickly jumped the gap of the open door and stood on the other side opposite Chuck and Sarah. Casey got Chuck and Sarah's attention and held up three fingers. They nodded. He counted out with his fingers, one, two, three. On "three" they burst into the room and Casey bellowed, "Freeze! Federal agents! Nobody move!"

Chuck aimed and fired his tranq gun, the dart hitting his man in the chest. The guard went limp and dropped to the floor with a thud. Simultaneously, Casey fired his tranq gun at the second guard who seconds later was similarly sprawled out on the floor. Unfortunately, the third guard, Mr. Courier-guy, was standing right next to Jen when the team infiltrated the room. In a flash, he grabbed Jen, wrapped one arm around her throat in a choke hold and positioned her in front of him. He unholstered his Glock with his other hand and pressed the pistol to Jen's temple. Her face went ashen with unadulterated panic. She put her hands up onto the man's arm and tried to pull it away from her throat. It was no use as he was much bigger and stronger than she.

"Stop struggling or I will put a bullet in your head, right now," he snarled, pushing the barrel of the gun harder against her temple.

Feeling the added pressure to her temple, Jen stopped struggling against her captor. She looked at Chuck, Sarah and Casey, her eyes wide with fear. Chuck aimed his tranq gun at Mr. Courier-guy, his face grim. Sarah pointed her Smith & Wesson at Vivian, her eyes darting back and forth between Vivian and Jen. With one hand, Casey pointed his SIG at Mr. Courier-guy and with the other he trained his tranq gun at Vivian. His face showed no emotion, but his eyes flashed, shifting back and forth between Vivian and Mr. Courier-guy.

Vivian's body stiffened and her face darkened with rage when she recognized the government agents before her, their weapons pointed at her. "I should have known you would show up here," she spat. "Everywhere I turn, you all are ruining my life!" She voice dripped with pure hatred, her fists clenched tightly.

"Vivian, let the civilian go," Chuck said softly, his voice soothing. "She doesn't need to be involved with this. We can work something out. Just let her go."

A malevolent look replaced the rage on Vivian's face. "Is she working with you? Oh, that makes sense," she cackled in understanding. She rounded on Jen and spewed her venom, "So helpful, so polite, so stupid!" She stopped and then said in a low, menacing voice, "You knew the pages were forgeries all along." Vivian glared at her and growled, "I guess you aren't as stupid as I thought, although you are pretty stupid for carrying on with this lot. You can't trust them, you know," she said as she shot a look of pure loathing toward Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

Everyone in the room stood perfectly still. The only sound heard was Jen's labored breathing as the arm around her throat tightened.

Vivian spoke in a deadly voice, "Drop your weapons or the librarian dies, right here, right now."

Sarah slid her eyes over to Jen who slumped in resignation. Jen mouthed to her, "Take her out."

Sarah shook her head at Jen, ever so slightly and lowered her gun. She couldn't risk Jen being shot. Hopefully they could buy some time to figure out what to do. Chuck and Casey followed Sarah's lead and lowered their weapons as well. Maybe Chuck would flash and take everyone out. Not really an optimal plan.

"Aw, how sweet," Vivian said, her voice dripping with vitriol. "Put your weapons on the floor. Now!" she shrieked.

They bent down slowly and placed their guns on the carpeted floor.

"Hands up and back up against the wall," Vivian instructed.

All three complied. Crap, Sarah thought. Now they were even farther away from Mr. Courier-guy and his gun pressed against Jen's head. Her mind whirred as she wondered if she could grab one of her throwing knives and take out the guy. It would have to be really fast, she thought to herself. Sarah was sure of her accuracy with her knives, but if the guy moved even a little, there was a chance she could hit Jen instead. Crap, crap, crap!

Vivian looked to her henchman and said simply, "Kill them. We'll use the librarian as a shield in case we encounter any more 'heroes' on the way out of here." She glared coldly at Jen and added, "When we don't need you anymore, we'll kill you, too."

"No!" Chuck pleaded. "Let her go! We're the ones you want."

"No," Vivian said, her voice deadly. "You have ruined my life," she said, looking fiercely at Chuck. "And you betrayed me," glowering at Jen. "You all must die."

Sarah looked at Jen. Her eyebrow furrowed when she saw Jen's expression change from resignation to anger and then from anger to resolve.

Without a sound, Jen put her right arm directly in front of her and then quickly snapped it back, ramming her elbow into her captor's solar plexus. He let out a grunt as air escaped his lungs and the arm around Jen's throat loosened. A split second later she lifted her right foot and drove the heel of her pump into the top of his foot. He hunched over and bellowed in pain. She turned her body slightly to the left, bent her left elbow, rotated it up over her shoulder and launched behind her. The thrown elbow caught him square in the face. The nauseating sound of shattering bone indicated the nose broke under the force of her elbow. The Glock fell from his hand as he reached up to grab his nose. A river of blood gushed from the mangled mess at the center of his face. Finally, Jen balled her right hand into a fist and swung her hand down past her thigh. She punched him in the groin as hard as she could. He doubled over, let out strangled yelp and sank to his knees. With one hand he grabbed his groin, with the other, his nose. He gurgled in pain.

In one fluid movement, Jen scooped up the goon's dropped Glock and pivoted toward Vivian. With her right arm straight out and her left hand supporting her gun hand, she aimed at Vivian and fired. The bullet hit Vivian in the shoulder, the force of which caused Vivian to spin as she fell to the floor. Seven seconds had passed from first thrown elbow to the shot being fired.

A dark, sticky splotch bloomed from just below Vivian's clavicle. She put her hand up to her shoulder, pulled it back and looked at her blood covered hand. "You BITCH!" Vivian shrieked. "You SHOT me!" Her eyes were wild.

Jen stood motionless, the gun still pointed at Vivian. Jen's eyes were like cold blue steel. "It's just a flesh wound," Jen said calmly. "Oh, and I hope my check is still good."


Chuck, Sarah and Casey stood dumbfounded as they watched a librarian beat the crap out of man twice her size and then calmly shoot Vivian Volkoff. It had all happened so fast, they never had a chance to move.

Jen continued to steadily point her gun at Vivian. "Um, guys," she started, "you might want to secure our 'friend' here," indicating Mr. Courier-guy with her head. "I don't want to have to kick him in the face, but I will if I have to."

That shook the three agents out of their stupor. They bent down and grabbed their weapons. Chuck quickly stepped over the beaten goon and put a tranq dart in his back. The man rolled sideways onto the floor, still curled in the fetal position. Jen's eyebrow went up, questioning.

Chuck shrugged. "I did him a favor."

She cringed and then nodded in understanding.

"I hate you all! I'll get you someday!" Vivian screamed, her eyes blazing with fury. "You can't stop me! I'm Vivian Volkoff, daughter of the most feared arms dealer in the world! I'm invincible!"

"You're a looney," Sarah muttered under her breath.

The four of them frowned as Vivian's continued to spew her vitriol. Finally, Chuck turned to Vivian and said in annoyance, "Vivian, put a sock in it." He leveled his tranq gun at her and shot a dart into her non-injured shoulder. Her body went limp and she finally fell silent. "Pommy bastard," he growled.

"That's better. Now we can think," Casey grunted appreciatively. He said to Chuck, "Bartowski, put some pressure on Vivian's wound. I'll call in one of the teams to get her and her boys out of here." Casey lifted his watch to his mouth and gave orders to the teams still in the building. They were to get Vivian and her three henchmen out of the hotel without calling any attention themselves.

"Walker!" Sarah turned and looked at Casey. He caught her eyes and then pointedly nodded his head toward Jen.

Sarah turned to Jen and watched her look around the room, staring at the four unconscious forms on the floor. Jen took a deep breath and finally lowered the gun. Her legs buckled and she sat down hard on the floor. Sarah rushed over, sat down next to her and wrapped a comforting arm around Jen's shoulders. She gently pulled the gun from Jen's hand, put the safety on and placed in on the floor next to her.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked quietly, her voice thick with concern as she looked into her friend's pale face.

She nodded slightly. "Yeah, I'm okay," she replied in a hushed voice. She closed her eyes and sucked in a lungful of air, held it and then breathed it out slowly. She opened her eyes and stared at the floor for a moment before she smiled weakly and said, "Just another day at the office, huh?"

Sarah chuckled quietly. "Yeah, pretty much."


The room soon swarmed with agents. The area around the conference room was cordoned off from the public and hotel staff. The staff was told that there was a medical emergency of a sensitive nature involving a well know celebrity. This revelation aroused no interest from the staff as a celebrity behaving badly was nothing new.

Chuck continued to put pressure on Vivian's wound until the medical team arrived a few minutes later. He was able to mostly, but not completely staunch the flow of blood from her wound. His hands were covered with her blood when he removed them to allow the medical team access to Vivian. They dressed her wound and placed her unconscious body on a gurney. They rolled her out to a waiting government ambulance where she would be treated in a secure facility.

Meanwhile, Casey needed to speak with some agents in the lobby and needed to keep the room secure as the bodyguards had not yet been removed. He spoke with the two young agents he had positioned at the door. He addressed the one to his left, "Make sure the bad guys don't leave this room until I come and get them." Casey stepped between the two to leave the room, glancing at the one on the right who had just hiccupped.

"Not to leave the room even if you come and get them," the agent on the left replied.

Casey stopped, turned around and clarified, "No, no, until I come and get them." He turned again to leave.

"Until you come and get them, we're not to enter the room," the agent stated.

"No, no. No, you stay in the room and make sure they don't leave," Casey said, his annoyance rising with each interaction. This exchange continued for another minute, the guards clearly confused as to their role. Finally fed up with the two of them, he put a tranq dart in each of the agents. He stepped over their prone bodies on his way out the door and muttered, "I need to go and get a glass of water."

He returned a couple of minutes later with three agents, each one rolling a large garbage can. Sarah looked over at Casey with a smirk. "What?" he said with an innocent look. "It worked the other day." The three unconscious bodyguards were given the Shaw Treatment; dumped into garbage cans and rolled outside to the awaiting black vans.


The minutes that had passed as Vivian's bodyguards were removed from the room had helped Jen recover. The color had returned to her face so Sarah helped up off the floor. The strength had returned to her legs as well.

"Feeling better?" Casey asked. She nodded. Then he said gently, "Alright, Jen, spill. What agency to you work for?"

Sarah's eyes flashed. "Casey!" Sarah scolded. "What are you talking about?"

"Yeah, Casey," Chuck chimed in, as he joined the group, wiping his hands with a towel. "What's this about?"

"What just happened here?" he asked, looking at Chuck and Sarah. "You two saw what she just did by herself. She's clearly been trained. I want to know who she works for."

Jen gave Casey a confused look. "Honestly, Casey, I don't work for any government agency. I really am a librarian. I'm not an agent for anyone."

"Alright, I'll play along. How did you subdue that goon twice your size, then?" his eyebrows rose, questioning.

Jen's eyes lowered to the floor and she smiled, sheepishly. "SING," she said, softly.

Casey furrowed his brows and said in confusion, "Sing? Sing what?" She wasn't making any sense.

Chuck and Sarah smiled at each other in understanding. Sarah said, "Casey, it's from a movie called Miss Congeniality. Chuck made we watch it just last week. For some reason he thought I would like it," she said, bumping him with her shoulder. "There's a part in it where Sandra Bullock's character demonstrates self defense to an audience. She beats the crap out of Benjamin Bratt."

"I still don't understand where 'singing' comes in?" Casey said, confused.

Jen explained. "Her character shows how to defend yourself if you are attacked from behind. SING is an acronym for the four vulnerable areas of the attacker: solar plexus, instep, nose, groin. SING," Jen said. "I can break your nose with the heel of my hand, too," she said in all sincerity.

Casey still wasn't convinced. "What about the gun? You put one in her shoulder. It looked intentional."

"Sure it was. I don't want to kill anyone." All three of them looked at her, waiting for an explanation. She sighed. "My dad is a retired Marine. He wanted me to be prepared to defend myself in any situation, so he taught me…stuff," she said enigmatically. "I grew up going to the shooting range with him. He's still a gun nut and we go shooting a couple times a month. You can ask him if you don't believe me," she said, her patience beginning to wear thin. "He says I'm one of the best shots he's ever seen. He always tells me, 'Put the bullet where you're looking.' So that's what I do and it seems to work," she said with another slight shrug. She thought for a moment and then added, "I think it runs in the family. I have a cousin who is an NCIS agent in Washington. He was a Marine, too. I hear he's a pretty good shot as well. My dad told me he had been a sniper."

Casey grunted, the hint of a smile forming on his lips. He seemed mollified by her explanation.

"Why didn't you tell us you could shoot?" Sarah asked.

"You never asked," she answered simply. "I asked you before if I could have a gun and both you and Chuck immediately said no. At that point, I knew there was no way you would give me a gun no matter what I said. Besides, I'm just a civilian," she said. "I don't even have a concealed carry permit. I don't want to get in trouble with the ATF."

"The ATF won't mess with you if they know what is good for them," Chuck said with a grin. Jen smiled back at him.

"Are we done here? Do I need to give a statement or anything?" Jen asked, suddenly looking tired. She looked down at her watch and said, "I still need to drive back to Pasadena and pick up my daughter at school."

Sarah looked at Jen with concern. She knew she had to be exhausted and overwhelmed by all that had happened today. "Guys, I'm going to drive Jen back to Pasadena in her car, pick up her daughter at school and then drive them home. Chuck, can you come by their house and pick me up in awhile?"

"Sure, honey. No problem. Casey and I will pack up here and head back to Burbank. I'll pick you up later."

"Thanks, sweetie," she said and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Sarah, thank you. I could have driven home, but I appreciate you doing this for me. I'm feeling a little…" she stopped as if she didn't know how to continue. She fished her car keys out of her briefcase and handed them to Sarah.

"You deserve it, Jen. You were incredible back there. It's my honor to drive you home."

"Thanks, Sarah." She glanced at Sarah and grinned, "By the way, you owe me a Double Double."


Chuck drove Sarah and himself back to Burbank in the Herder. General Beckman called a briefing to get the details on the Volkoff incident, so they couldn't head home just yet. Chuck had picked Sarah up at Jen's house where he met Jen's daughter, Sarah, and their two dogs, Buster, the yellow lab with a happy, wagging tail and Scooter, a sweet rescue mutt with soulful eyes. They both were disappointed when they didn't get to meet Jen's husband Mark, but he was still at work.

Chuck glanced over at Sarah who was deep in thought, looking out the window at nothing in particular.

"Hey," he said softly. "What are you thinking about? Are you worried about Jen?"

Sarah's eyes focused and she looked over at Chuck gave him a small smile. She shook her head and answered, "She might be a little freaked out right now, but I think she'll be okay. She shifted into 'mom-mode' as soon as her daughter got in the car when we picked her up at school."

Chuck cringed a little, "Was Jen on her about something the minute she saw her?"

"No, that's just it! It was the opposite. Jen asked Sarah how her day was. I expected the teenager sullen grunt of 'fine,' but instead, Sarah engaged with her mom and they had an actual conversation. They talked about how her algebra test went, how much homework she had that night, if there was anything special she wanted for dinner." Sarah thought for a moment and then snickered. "They even made each other laugh when they quoted Friends back and forth, something about 'a point being moo, like a cow's opinion'." Sarah shook her head in wonder. "I've never seen a healthy mother/daughter relationship before."

Chuck didn't respond at first. He thought of his own sister and their mother. Not typical there. Chuck wasn't even sure if Sarah had any contact with her mother at all. Finally, he shrugged and said simply as they pulled into the Buy More parking lot, "Well, it's good to know they exist."


The members of Team Bartowski stood in their usual positions in front of the video monitor during the briefing with General Beckman. Overall, she was very happy with the end result of the mission: Vivian Volkoff had been apprehended, a host of bad guys linked to terrorist organizations had been captured along with account information and CIA teams were being sent all over the world securing the nuclear missiles Vivian had tried to sell. Beckman had been less than thrilled at the news that a civilian had been placed in an extremely dangerous and volatile situation, but in the end was pleased with its satisfactory resolution.

"General," Chuck asked, "where is Vivian now?"

"She had the bullet removed from her shoulder and is recovering in an infirmary at a highly secure undisclosed location. They have had to keep her heavily sedated. Apparently, whenever she is awake, she starts ranting about wanting to kill the 'ninja librarian'." One eyebrow shot up when she added drily, "Apparently, the crazy apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Knowing smirks crossed each face.

Sarah thought for a moment and then asked, "General, if Vivian is so hell bent on killing Ms. Hatch, doesn't she need protection?"

"Yes, well, that is the other thing I wanted to discuss with you all," Beckman started. "Although Ms. Hatch does not know about the Intersect or the location of Castle, she still knows you are CIA and NSA agents. She also knows about Vivian Volkoff. She will be a key witness if and when Ms. Volkoff goes to trial."

Sarah's heart sank in despair. Please, no. Not witness protection. They would probably end up in Albuquerque or someplace like that. Her eyes stung as she thought about Mark, Jen and their Sarah having to leave behind everything and everyone in their lives: their family, friends, jobs, school…her. I finally have a real friend and now she's going to be gone, Sarah thought bitterly.

Chuck saw the color drain from Sarah's face and shot his arm around her waist in support.

Beckman continued. "I want Ms. Hatch to join Team Bartowski as a researcher and analyst. She has an interesting mix of skills I believe would be beneficial to the team. She would not, however, be a field agent and would assist you in information retrieval and analysis only. This way we can both stay in constant contact with her to ensure her and her family's safety and use the skills she has recently demonstrated for the good of the team." The general waited a beat and then asked, "Thoughts?"

Surprisingly, Casey was the first to speak. "General, I think Ms. Hatch would be a great addition to the team. If I may, General, she would be an asset in the field as well."

Chuck nodded his head in agreement. "She would absolutely be an asset in any capacity."

A wave of relief flooded through Sarah. "I agree, General. She was an integral part of this mission and it would be a pleasure to continue working with her."

General Beckman nodded her head in approval. "Excellent. Very well, team. Speak with Ms. Hatch and let me know her decision." She looked at them over her glasses and added, "And don't take 'no' for an answer."


"Seems like old times," Jen smiled as she approached the Nerd Herd desk. Chuck, Sarah and Casey were hanging out at the Nerd Herd desk, waiting for her to meet them so they could go to In-N-Out for lunch. Sarah still owed her a Double Double and they needed to talk to her about joining the team.

Sarah smiled as she gave her friend a hug. Sarah's smile turned to a scowl when she found Jeff and Lester standing next to them.

"Ah, the librarian returns," Lester said in a low voice. "We knew you would. They always come back, don't they, Jeffrey?"

"Um, no," Jeff answered honestly, swaying just a bit.

"Madam Librarian, stay here for a moment please. Jeffrey and I have something we'd like to give you. Come, Jeffrey," Lester said as he started for the back of the store. Jeff shuffled along next to him.

"Morons," Casey muttered under his breath.

Jen looked amused as she asked, "Should I be worried?"

Chuck gave her a half smile and nodded. "I'm thinking, yeah. With those two you never know."

They chatted until Jeff and Lester returned with a bottle of beer. Jeff carried it reverently, as if it were the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. He held it out to Jen and said, "We wanted to thank you for introducing us to the library. Because of the books we checked out, we have learned how to brew beer. This is from our first batch. We hope you enjoy it," Jeff said with all sincerity.

Jen gave them both a genuine smile. "That is very thoughtful of you. Thank you so much. I'm touched, I really am." She took the bottle from Jeff and looked at the words "Jeffster! Beer" on the label in stylized black and silver AC/DC lettering. "I'm proud of you for finishing what you started," she said, meaning it.

"Go ahead, drink it," Lester said expectantly. Then he looked at Chuck, Sarah and Casey. "We want to show these other three people here what they're missing out on because they didn't believe in us," Lester added derisively.

"Oh, well, you know guys," Jen started, "I would love to, but you see, I can't. I'm driving to lunch in a few minutes. You understand." The looks on their faces indicated they did not. But they smiled when she continued, "I open it later, when I get home. I promise."

"Cool," Jeff said. Satisfied that their beer had been well received they sauntered away.

"You aren't really going to drink that, are you?" Sarah asked, her face scrunched up as if she had just seen goat entrails on a plate.

"Gross, no," Jen replied quietly, glancing around to make sure Jeff and Lester had not once again appeared next to her. "I told them I would open it when I got home. I never said what I would do with it after that."


Chuck had never known Casey to blush. Ever. And yet here he sat, his face flushed red from his neck to his ears. The man had stared down Afghani warlords and once lived in the walls of dictator's lair, but this made him squirm in his seat.

"Bartowski, why didn't you warn me?" he growled. "The noises coming from those two are going to make my ears bleed. And people are staring!" glancing around and dipping his head as if he was trying to hide.

All Chuck could do was give Casey and apologetic look and reply, "I'm sorry. Would you have believed me if I told you?" Casey shot him the stink eye. "If it makes you feel any better, you get used to it after awhile."

Chuck withered under Casey's glare. "Please don't kill me."

Jen and Sarah giggled at them. "Oh, come on, Casey," Sarah said. "Lighten up. It doesn't bother Chuck. Right, sweetie?" giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, well, he's used all the noises you make with all the 'inventory' you two do in the supply closet," Casey shot back.

Chuck's and Sarah's jaws dropped and their eyes widened in shock. Jen choked on her burger, her face betrayed the blush that took over.

Casey smirked, "See, it's not so great when you're on the receiving end, is it?"

Jen wiped her mouth with her napkin and nodded, "Point taken." She eyed Chuck and Sarah sitting across from her and added with a smirk, "Now I know I should always knock before going into any supply closet."

They tried to feign innocence, but failed miserably. Chuck, Sarah and Jen laughed out loud while Casey joined them with an amused, "Heh."

Jen sobered a little and said, "You guys are fun and crazy. I'm going to miss hanging out with you."

The other three at the table exchanged glances. Sarah nodded and began, "Well, maybe you don't have to."

"Well, yeah, we can still go to lunch and stuff, but the other…well, that was kind of cool, too," she said wistfully.

"That's what I meant. You impressed our boss during our last…job," Sarah was careful to craft what she said since they were in public. "She would like to hire you as a researcher and analyst and work with Chuck, Casey and me." Sarah watched Jen's eyes grow wide. "You wouldn't be in the field," Sarah quickly added. "We really would love to work with you and we hope you'll give it some serious thought."

Sarah could almost see the wheels turning in Jen's mind as her face relaxed from the initial shock. She looked thoughtful for a moment. Then a smile spread across her face. "I'd love to work with you. It was great making a difference." She hesitated and said, "I need to talk it over with Mark, though."

Sarah nodded, "Of course. You can tell him what agency you would work for and what your job would be, but for security reasons Casey, Chuck and I need to keep our cover identities in place. Would you be okay with that?"

Jen waved a dismissive hand, "Oh, that's fine. No problem." Her face shone with excitement, "I'll talk to him about it tonight. I'm pretty sure he'll be on board. He's really supportive of whatever I want to do."

Chuck smiled and said, "Jen, we look forward to working with you." He reached back to the pocket of his pants and pulled out a folded envelope. He unfolded it, laid it on the table and smoothed it with his hands. When he was satisfied the crease had sufficiently disappeared, he slid the envelope across the table to Jen. Sarah gasped and then smiled when she realized what it was.

Jen eyed it suspiciously. "What's this?"

"It's an invitation to our wedding. I know its short notice, but it would mean a lot to Sarah…and me…if you were there. We'd love for Mark and Sarah to come, too."

Sarah grabbed Chuck's arm and hugged it to her. He grinned at her and read her lips when she mouthed, "Thank you." He leaned over and kissed her temple and murmured, "You're welcome," into her silky blonde hair.

Jen returned Chuck's grin and said enthusiastically, "We'll be there. Here's the deal, though, Chuck."

He glanced at her with an uncertain look.

"No offense," she said, "but we'll be sitting on the bride's side of the church."

He looked at Sarah's beaming face and then grinned at Jen. "Deal."


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