It was dark in the labyrinth. Oddly enough, the boy felt nothing, his heart cold as stone from saying good-bye to his only family- his sister, Bianca. Well, other than Hades, the Greek god of death. But he didn't care about his lowly half-blood son. He was wrapped up in the happenings of the Underworld, with the war of the Titans coming around soon, he was bound to be doing something.

Nico di Angelo hid his scorned face, even if he was hiding it from nothing but the shadows on the walls. He was only in the labyrinth to find answers- to find the questions- to find someone to turn to. His messy black hair hung in his face; he brushed it out of the way.

At first, Nico considered going back to Camp Half-Blood, but the thoughts brought him back to the betrayal of Bianca, then the betrayal of Percy, and he could not bear to think about that. His fingers somehow found themselves around the small token given to him by his older sister before she passed: a small statue of their father and the only missing piece of his Mythomagic collection, Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

Nico coughed, Dad, he thought, if you can hear me, please. Bring her back. He could feel the tears welling up. I want my sister. She was the only one who actually took care of me- the only one who meant anything before all of this came up. She was the only family I had for a while there, and now she's just gone. As fast as light travels. Faster than light, even. And she left me here. And Percy just let her die. I thought he was my friend and that he was a good person but he wasn't, Father. He was just like everyone else, being cruel and heartless; a no-good person from the start. He let Bianca die and after he promised he'd do his best to protect her. And now I'm in the labyrinth without a friend. Nico really cried, curling into a ball, leaning against the cold dirt wall of the maze, when a voice spoke words that shook the ground behind the young boy's body:

There is no such thing as love.