Events Unchained Part 1: Birth By Sleep

By oathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

Michael: Hello and welcome to a little request I have from one of my fan clubs on Khinsider. This is a rewrite on Terra and Aqua's final boss, but Aqua is taken over by Xehanort instead of Terra (well the first half at least). This will involve Venqua and sided Terra and Aqua, so if you this pairing, then you will like this and Spoilers to BBS, so you have been warned.

Update 2018: If it knew I would predicted Aqua's fate in Kingdom Hearts III, I should have continued this concept seven years ago. So this will be an improvement of the original with more canon going into the events of Dream Drop Distance, Roxas and Namine won't be in this version with them, but still be in Sora and Kairi's hearts and aligning Aqua going into the realm of darkness before Sora and company find her. And there will be a new chapter after seven years which will tie into the sequel which I will now work since this is basically canon now.

A request canon and most didn't alert me that I predicted this, while it was most a joke back then people didn't think Aqua would fall to darkness.

The Keyblade Graveyard... Where countless Keyblade warriors gave up their lives in search of one ultimate key… This was to be their final battle.

Standing on the canyons of this barren world was a man no older than 19. The man was a tall young man with brown hair that reaches to the base of his neck in the back and is styled into rather messy, vertical spike and bangs that frame his face. He has blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. The man wore two intersecting straps over his chest, though his red ones are rather different, dropping much lower down and almost resembling crisscrossed suspenders. His badge (which is gold) was in middle on his pants. Instead, he wears it on his belt. He wears a skintight, black, high-collared shirt, showing that he is rather muscular. The boy's pants bear a distinct feudal Japanese style; his belt is tied like an obi-sash and he wears hakama (traditional samurai pants distinguished by the large pleats). His hakama are dark grey near the top, with several loops for his belt and two buttons, both of which are undone. The rest of the pants are tan with a small, lighter stripe of tan on the bottom hem. He wore a plain black wristband on his right arm, while his left arm is more armored then the other. This man name is Terra. Terra looked out into the barren world and hold out his hands. Data of ones, zeroes, and blocks appeared a long weapon, a keyblade materialized into his hands. It looked like his first keyblade training with his now fallen master, the keyblade featured a longer and more extravagant blade with teeth on both sides at the tip of the blade. The hand guard also elongated to form a wing-like shape of sorts. The Keychain is a rock fragment similar to the one on his first keyblade. The Ends of the Earth, a fitting name as it symbolize himself, an end to his goal to be keyblade master, but of course all that changed because of Master Xehanort and how foolish he was to believe him. He thought of protecting Ventus and Aqua at all cost, speaking allowed ina serious tone:

"What I do... I do for friendship."

Dismissing his keyblade, he headed in the world's twister trench. His thoughts were on his friends. He must stop Xehanort from killing them, he must will this fight and one day go home again with his friends. But most importantly, he must make amends with Aqua, his one closest friend/

Times pass on by as another outsider appeared in this lonely world. A girl appeared to be around seventeen/eighteen years old. She had blue hair, matching her blue eyes. She wears a black and blue, high-collared halter top, two pink, intersecting belts over her chest, and black shorts. She wears an odd silver badge in the center on her chest. On her arms were white bell sleeves. She also wore a small, segmented piece of armor on each of her upper arms. She wears what appear to be black stockings or socks on her legs, which reach to about halfway up her thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin on her upper thighs. Aqua also bears two strips of blue cloth that drape over either side of her hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around her waist, draped in the same manner. Finally, she wore a pair of pointed, armored, silver boots with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of her metal boots. Her name was Aqua. Aqua stood on the same place Terra once stood. She stretches out her hand and pink petals appeared, forming her keyblade. The Keyblade's guard was circular and somewhat jagged around its edges. The upper half of the guard is black, the center is grey, and the bottom of it is white. The handle is a featureless, grey rod. The shaft of the Keyblade is thin and navy blue in coloration, except for the tip, which is silver. The base of the shaft also sports two diamond-shaped bumps. The Keyblade's teeth are comprised by a rectangular frame lined with four short, blunt spikes. This frame and the spikes are all navy blue. The teeth also have three silver pieces bent at right angles; two on the inside corners of the frame and one on the inside center of one side. Rainfell, a fitting name, even after before a storm there's rain. She firmly grasped her keyblade's shaft, sighed deeply, and looked up into sky.

"The three of us will always be one."

Like Terra before her, she dismissed her keyblade, and headed deeper into the world. Aqua's thoughts were on Terra and her friend Ventus. She wondered if what Yen Sid said was true that Terra had a hand in Master Eraqus's death. Could Terra really have fallen into darkness? Then there was Ven, it was her responsibility to bring him home, but she couldn't even when she told him go home. Ven's words rang in her head, those hurtful words in Radiant Garden:

"Now that you're a keyblade master, you let it go to your head."

Was Ventus right, when did this responsibility go to her head? Was it went she only listen to Eraqus to watch over Terra and bring Ventus home? Aqua kept those thoughts in her head as she continued on to find Terra and Ventus in this world.

Time passed even more as another boy looking out into the barren area. He had blond-golden hair and blue eyes and appeared to be around fifteen years old. He wore a jacket which was white on the right side and black on the left side; a reminiscent of the Yin and Yang symbol. The collar of the jacket is red and pleated and underneath this, he wears what appears to be a grey vest with a single button and several white, angular patterns on it. He wore a third layer under this, in the form of a plain, high-necked, black shirt. He also has a chunk of dull green and grey armor on his midsection that appears to be under his vest, and another piece of armor on his left shoulder. His pants were balloon outward slightly before closing up about halfway down his legs, similar to caprice pants. These pants are colored in shades of grey, black, and white. He also wore an ornate, dull green and grey piece of armor on his upper-left arm, along with a black and white checkered wristband and like Aqua, he wore two crisscrossing straps on his chest, on which he wore a silver Keyblade Master emblem. His boots are rather odd when compared to Aqua's and Terra's, as they resemble an armored version of normal street shoes in shades of dull green and grey. This young lad's name is Ventus; or to his friends he is known as Ven. Ven appeared on the same canyon Terra and Aqua had stood before him. He held out his hand and summons his keyblade, His keyblade was a an ornate Keyblade that is predominantly silver and ivory-colored. The shaft is thin and smooth with a fleur-de-lis-shaped spike at its tip. The teeth are comprised by a pair of uneven, silver wings framing a broken, bright red heart. The base of the blade is adorned by a simple, grey heart, and the handle is black. Two uneven wings decorate the Keyblade's guard, with the larger wing being on the same side of the weapon as the teeth. The Keychain had a silver chain links and the token resembles a miniature version of the Keyblade's teeth; a bright red heart surrounded by silver wings. Ven smiled and held his keyblade high. Even obtaining this, even getting most of his memories back, he still has to keep his spirits high. He will protect his friends from Vanitas.

"…Friends Forever."

Ven dismissed his keyblade and like Terra and Aqua before him, entered deeper into the world.

Terra stood in the road between rows upon rows of ancient keyblades. The brunette haired teen thought of everything that has happened to him from his departure from his world, meeting the inhabitants form each world (the good and the bad), killing his own master, and watching his world fall into darkness. He only thought of saving Ven and Aqua from Master Xehanort's plans. He had to make amends to Aqua and keep Ven safe. Nevertheless, would it be enough? Terra stepped forward in search of Xehanort, but stopped at once he heard someone behind him. He turned his head and saw Aqua walking behind him. Terra felt his heart sink deep inside, seeing his friend's stern expression sas she came here knowing he be here. Seeing that blue haired friend, a friend he liked more than a comrade, felt like she already ripped his heart out on the spot. She finally stop and the two stared at one another. How long was it, seeing each other in Radiant Garden? He remembered how he stormed from Aqua hearing she spied on him in other worlds, and felt the trust between them was shattered instantly. In the end, he only had Master Xehanort to count on, bet that was his plan too. His train of thought was broken when Aqua' broke the silence.

"I was told... The Master was struck down."

Terra slightly gasped at Aqua's words. 'She knows I did it.' He sighed and turned his head from her. "Yes... that's right. I was stupid and help Xehanort do it."

Aqua gasped. 'Terra, why would you do it?'

"The master, he tried to kill Ven. I only fought because I wanted to protect him." Terra held his fist and squeezes it tightly. "But it was a trick; Xehanort set the whole thing up, all so he can awaken the darkness inside me. You were right Aqua and so was the master, I did need to be watch. I went astray, but no more."

Aqua felt crestfallen. All her life she thought she understood both light and darkness, but this whole journey, fighting the unversed, villains of all shapes and forms, and chasing after Vanitas had taught her many things, but now there was one thing she didn't understand. "What else is darkness but hate and rage? Xehanort is fueling the dark fires within you; making you fight. If you keep this up, you'll go astray again. Tell me, how is this supposed to honor our master's memory, Terra?"

Terra was the one who felt the most crestfallen. Both Aqua; a girl he cared about the most and Eraqus; who was like a father to him, told him and warned him about the darkness in his heart, but he was a stubborn fool. Everything started because he was ashamed he couldn't pass, even his Master was willing to Terra opened his mouth to speak but the two warriors look to see a young familiar face walking their way.

(Cue Ven's Theme- Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Official Soundtrack)

Aqua and Terra look at Ven's face and noticed he was not smiling as he always did. In fact, What Ven was feeling was something his friends will fear.

"Xehanort wants me and Vanitas to fight, to make some kind of X-blade. However, the master said we can't let that happened... And he tried to destroy me for it." Ventus said, still the thought of Eraqus trying to kill him and Terra coming to rescue was etched in his heart. Or that Master Xehanort was the reason why he lost his memories.

"X-blade?" Aqua asked in confusion.

"I still don't know exactly what it is but it scares me to death, even just the thought on it." Ven said softly, gripping his hands together.

Terra got closer to Ven and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. Aqua stood beside Terra, Terra assuring Ven he'll be okay, "Relax Ven. we're here and we'll take care of you." and Aqua nodded in agreement.

"I may have to fight Vanitas after all. If I do guys, I want you to..." Ven stated but Terra interrupted him.

"The three of us will be apart all right? I'll always find a way." he said and gripped his shoulder tightly. Aqua cup his cheek to comfort him, they will protect him, he won't become the X-Blade. They'll stop Xehanort and finally go home. But can they bring their home back? Xehanort destroyed it from Terra's point of view, do they have a home anmore? He shook awa that thought, they will find a new home and start fresh, together.

Ven pushed Terra and Aqua's hands off himself, not giving them a smile this time to know the were right they protect him, "I asking you as a friend, just... put an end to me."

Terra and Aqua were shocked from their best friend's request. Terra was a loss for words, he wouldn't ask them to do this, would he? Aqua put her hand to her mouth in fear, she knew what it meant. Ventus requested them to kill him. She couldn't, Terra couldn't, why would Ven act this suicidal? What happened in his encounter between Xehanort and him? Before any words were said, dust began to form from a distance, as a single figure got closer. An elderly man appeared in their viewpoint, arms behind his back, Master Xehanort, the man who caused everything. As an old man, Master Xehanort was bald except for thin eyebrows and a curled, silver goatee. His ears were pointed and his eyes are yellow. He had broad, hunched shoulders and a crooked back. He looked like a somewhat feeble old man, certainly deceiving given his immense power. It is composed of a white and black coat with a red inner lining, which is worn over a white shirt with two thin black belts, as well as white gloves and calf-high black boots. But he wasn't alone, as someone teleported beside him. It was a boy a black and red organic-looking bodysuit. He wears a silver helmet covered with dark glass, hiding his face from view. Vanitas, the darkness from Ven's heart, and if the join together, will forge the X-Blade. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus kept their eyes glued to the evil duo as they stop feet from them. The elderly keyblade Master spoke with a raspy voice.

"Behold, these lifeless keys used to be full of power… United with the hearts of their masters. On this barren soil, keyblades of light and darkness were locked in combat. As the great keyblade war raged! Countless keyblade wielders gave up their lives all in search for one ultimate key... And it'll soon belong to me..." He points to the direction of the trio, mainly at Ventus. "X-blade!"

Cue Fate of the Unknown-Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix official Soundtrack

Terra, Ven, and Aqua acted at once and touch their armor pieces, now dressed in their armor. Aqua;s armor, built very feminine, her armor was mostly colored in shades of silver, black, grey and blue. Notable additions include a silver breastplate resembling an upside-down crescent moon and a dark-visor helmet. Her helmet bore two prongs on either side, with silver ones wrapping around the sides and angling diagonally downwards.

Terra, now clad from head to toe in armor, mostly in shades of dark brown, gold, and red. Dull orange lines decorate the armor as well. Notable additions to his armor include upturned, sharp red hooks on the backs of his boots, a brown cape, and a dark-visor helmet. His helmet sported two tall, red prongs on either side.

Ven, now sported steel blue, gold, and black armor, with several red lines decorating it. His shoes remained on his feet, looking more armored than they looked. His cape was a dull green as he glared at Xehanort and Vanitas. They were the cause of all this, they were going to use him and Terra. He had to stop this, he wouldn't let Vanitas kill his friends.

Ven was ready to run at Xehanort and Vanitas, but was held back by Terra, who ran at the evil duo. Xehanort made a simple hand movement, creating a pillar of earth, casing the brown-haired teen to slam to the ground as Terra look up to find the villains rising in font on him. Terra rushed to Xehanort's and Vanitas' pillar as the elder keyblade master chuckled darkly. With one single hand gesture, the sky went grey and dark as the ancient keyblades rose from the ground. Aqua gasped the keyblades were heading towards her and Ventus.


Aqua ran to find Ven, but was followed by Vanitas, who rode the whirlwind of keyblades. Terra was running but was tripped by the keyblades and was falling from the pillar. Aqua gasped but she too was hit by the keyblades and crashed to the ground, her helmet removed. Ven rushed to her side.


Aqua lifted her head, turned around from her friend and pointed her keyblade towards Terra, in hopes to help him.


From her keyblade, she shot a reflect spell, saving Terra from his fall, sealing him in a protective barrier. However, the keyblades hit the bubble from below, raising it to where Xehanort was. Xehanort laughed as the reflect bubble exploded. Aqua was left speechless as Ven ran to help Terra. Terra fell onto the pillar, keyblade in hand, as Xehanort was ready to fight, keyblade in hand as well. Ven appeared and attacked the elder keyblade master, but Master Xehanort was too quick for the boy and grabbed him by his head. Ven struggled in his grasp, Terra seeing his closest friend in danger

"Ven!" Terra called out.

Terra ran to help her friend, but was sent crashing down by the keyblades. Vanitas stood beside Xehanort as the elder master held his former pupil by the grip of his hand. From below, Aqua watched in horror as she watches Ven being danged like a rag doll. She gasped out Ven's name.


Ven look to Aqua and their eyes met (visor or not). Xehanort let out a blizzard spell, freezing Ven's entire body. Figures he had no further use for the boy, the elder man let Ven plummet into the ground. Ven's frozen armored body hit the cliff, ice shattering as he could shatter to the ground too. Aqua was quick to catch him, and held the boy close.

"Ven, are you okay?" she asked.

Ven's eyes moved only slightly, signaling he was alive. Things took a bad turn for the worst as Xehanort's keyblade disappeared. In its place was a purple orb, which he shot into the sky. The clouds parted, revealing a light blue moon in the sky. Aqua looked up in horror as the moon shined over their area. Xehanort grinned evilly as part one of his plans had succeeded. From below, Aqua placed her frozen comrade on the ground and hurried to stop this before her friends would be killed. Terra removed his helmet and tried his best to keep the anger and darkness in his heart in check. He had to find Ventus and Aqua and protect them. He went in search for Ventus, who he saw was thrown from the cliff by Xehanort. The brunette haired lad did not noticed Aqua's Keyblade Glider flying up to face Xehanort. Aqua stood on the cliff, her armor gone in a flash, her Storm Fell keyblade in her hand. Master Xehanort was not surprise to see the blunette keyblade master, except he was pleased to see her.

"Ah, I'm surprise you made it this far. You're just in time for the end and the keyblade war to begin anew." Master Xehanort said dramatically.

Aqua kept her keyblade at the ready, she had enough of this. She has to protect her friends from Master Xehanort, once and for all. "Master Xehanort, stop this at once, you've put Terra and Ven through enough!"

Xehanort only smirked darkly. "Ah but 'Master' Aqua, It is only the beginning and the three of you are the center stage. Terra will soon find Ven and everything will go according to plan. Now then Vanitas, keep our guest 'comfortable'."

Vanitas only snapped his fingers and Flood Unversed appeared from the ground to bound the female master. Aqua grunted and struggled, but they had her arms behind her back and body covered by their violet bodies covering her body. She exclaimed in shock, is this where they come from?

"The unversed come from you?"

Vanitas only smirked and removed his helmet, revealing a boy with raven spiky hair, a pake complexion, and yellow eyes. "It happened when the light and darkness of Ven's heart was split into two. The negative emotions create these monsters." Behind Vanitas, several of the unversed the fought appeared behind him through a corridor, even the large heartless the fought in Radiant Garden, "We scattered them to every world we could, hoping to lure the three of you from home and isolate Ven from his master. We wanted Ven to be stronger; the Unversed were the perfect targets, and Aqua's eyes widen, seeing the Unversed slowly absorb themselves into the boy, like it was nothing, "And no matter how many you defeat, their negative emotions comes flowing back to me." And as he step to her, he grabbed Aqua's face in a mocking way.

"You, Terra, and Ventus never stood a chance against us, 'Master' Aqua!"

Terra rode his keyblade Glider to where Ven fell. The light brunette keyblader was still frozen from Master Xehanort's Blizzard magic. Terra dismounted his keyblade and ran to help Ven. It looked like he was in worse for wear frozen like this, but at least he was alive. He kneeled down to Ventus, picking up his frozen body into his hands. His body felt cold, but there was a warmth to him. Sure the armor was frozen, but he could feel Ven's warmth in a way.

"Ven, are you okay?" Terra asked.

"Terra... Aqua ran off to fight Xehanort, but I haven't seen her since." Ven said shivering.

"Don't you worry about Aqua, she'll be fine." Terra responded. Terra was about to summoned his keyblade, when a cool and calm surfer voice spoke. The two turned around, seeing a familiar face Terra knew, but Ven didn't.

"Why don't you leave the popsicle with me, so you can have your fight with Aqua?" the figure said, looking up at the moon above, "She must be really devastated of you deep-sixing your master." His appearance was just as Terra remembered him. He wore a guard's uniform with a dark slate grey jacket, silver highlights, and two rows of gold buttons on the front. He wears a black belt and white gloves adorned with a silver, curled heart symbol. He also wore black, knee-high boots and a tattered, red scarf. In terms of facial features, Terra remembered his brown eyes, but his left ee was now gold. his face scarred and right eyes taken by him. Looking at him more, he now had upturned eyebrows, and dark, shoulder-length hair that he wore slicked back Terra glared at the one eyed man and remembered his encounter with him in Radiant Garden. The fight was to save Master Xehanort from this thug. No, now that he thinks about it, it was all a act to to get him to use the darkness, even if it meant scarring theman. He bit back his tounge, wanting to ell, but he had to keep calm, just for now.

"You again…"

Braig smirked, seeing the two boys before him. "You think you have some big plan to stop Xehanort, as if. The only reason you are still standing is so Xehanort will have a new vessel and X-blade. So, who wants to go first?" he said, speaking to Terra and Ven.

Ven glared at Braig angrily, how dare he say something like that, if he could move, he bash the man and give him even more scars.

"Shut up!" he spat shivering too

"Ohhh." Braig said, making a false surprise voice. "So this kid thinks himself a full fledge keyblade wielder. He's got the angry look down." And he still glared darkly at Braig.

"Let me tell you this and this alone." Terra stepped away from Ven as the brown-haired young adult summoned his keyblade. "I am no one's pawn anymore!"

"Terra, wait!"

Ven tried to call Terra back, but Terra did not listen. Braig held his arrowguns crossed over his chest, ready to face him.

Cue- Another side (Birth By Sleep version)- Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Official Soundtrack

Braig started the battle by quick running at Terra, firing diamond shaped bullets from his arrow gun at Terra. Terra slid to the left as Braig vanished then reappeared behind Terra. His movments weren't the same, Terra seeing wisps of darkness as he

"Take this!" Braig announced as the one-eyed man fired more arrows, circling the earth knight where he stood. Terra guarded as many as he could as Braig changed tactics. Braig started to float upside down and fired more arrows from his arrow guns. Terra guarded the arrows as they returned to Braig. Braig took the shots, but vanished again. He appeared back on the battlefield, charged his arrow gun with darkness. Terra casted blizzard and thunder on Braig, but he would not budge. As Terra struck him with his keyblade, Braig fired his darkness arrow, sending Terra back a few paces as Braig taunted at him, seeing the keyblade wielder pant a little from just their little brawl. Of course , he was just fresh from trying to fight Xehanort, so of course he wouldn't be at 100%.

"Wow, you're not so good at this, Terra. I guess Aqua deserves to be a master than you." he taunted in his face before laughing out loud.

Terra was furious at Braig's words, no way he should say that, he wanted to be a Keyblade Master, that was his dream. Around him, his body was surround b the same darkness, the darkness he used fighting Braig before and fighting and wounding his Master. He let out a cry of anguish, dark misham erupting around him as it shot up high into the sky. From above, Master Xehanort was simply pleased. Terra's body glowed with a dark miasma and a dark aura around his hand. This was the power he used against his master, the same darkness used on Eraqus. Terra struck at Braig with his keyblade, ending his combo with a dark claw reaching at the one eyed man. Braig fired more arrows, but Terra retaliated with Magnet and Zero Gravity, sealing Braig in a clear magic bubble. Terra dove into the ground and popped back up with the claw hand, finishing Braig off as he creid out. From above once more, Master Xehanort smiled... Only now has he truly won.

"There Aqua, you see!" The elder master pointed down to Terra as his body still poured with darkness. "Terra has succumbed to the darkness!"

"Terra!" Aqua cried out. No, this was what she fired, what their master worried her about. 'No, Terra… why… why did you use the darkness again…? Was what happened to Master Eraqus enough for you?' A single tear shed from her eyes, seeing now Terra was going to be lost to the darkness now, he's succumb to its power.

"And now Aqua, it's time for the final union!" THe elder Master announced and held his keyblade in his hands. Master Xehanort took his keyblade and plunged it into his heart, unlocking it from his body.

"What?" Aqua gasped as Xehanort had released his heart from his brittle body and floated between him and the captured Aqua. His body was given off a faint light glow, holding out his heart out over himself.

"Out with the old and brittle vessel and into a younger stronger new one. I swore I'd survive and will see what awaits the keyblade war." He points his released heart at Aqua. "And it'll be Terra's darkness that'll be the arc that sustains me!" The released heart flies its way to Aqua, as the blunette had no way to protect herself. The heart entered Aqua as she gasped and screamed. A dark aura evoped her bod as her screaming stopped, her body now still…

Vanitas smiled devilly, it was all going according to plan…

From below, Braig pant in defeat as he felt his body put through the wringer by Terra. His arrowguns dismissed, looking at the bo who used the darkness again against him. This time, he at least kept his other eye this time.

"I keep forgetting, don't mess with keyblade wielders, but you what? I made the right choice." he panted. Terra ran at Braig as the one-eyed man cracked a smile, the fatigue washed away fast, just as planned, "Well, he said to buy time. I say he got it." and Braig jumped from Terra's pursuit of him and ran away from the battle as he was now out of site. Terra stopped as Braig was no longer there.

"Damn it, he got away." he cursed, feeling his temper lessen now, "what was he talking about, buying time, wait a moment," he looked back to his frozen partner, "Ven!" Terra turned around and ran back to his frozen comrade. Terra held out his keyblade and casted the strongest fire spell he could muster. In time, Ven's body was completely thawed out. Ven got up, his body feeling he hadn't moved in ages. but his looked to terra, his face screwed with worry.

"Terra, we have to help Aqua, she might be in trouble!" Ventus said.

"Right, let's go!" Terra responded as they summoned their keyblade Gliders and headed up to the platform where Aqua went. The two boys found the blunette standing with Vanitas, but the scene they witness was strange. There was no Master Xehanort and Vanitas stood unharmed. Ven noticed Vanitas was not wearing his mask anymore, but his concern was Aqua. The two dismounted their keyblades and ran to Aqua. Was she okay, did she defeat Master Xehanort, why was Vanitas standing here without a fight?

"Aqua!" the two selled as they ran closer to her. However, when Aqua turned around, the one standing there was not Aqua. This unknown person had Aqua's face and body, but the features were different. Her blue hair was now silver-white. Her skin tanned and her eyes yellow-orange… This was not Aqua anymore.

"Aqua?" Terra asked at once.

'Aqua' merely laughed evilly.

"This girl's heart belongs to darkness. All worlds begin with darkness and all so ends. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, it grows, consumes it, such as its nature. In the end, all worlds return to the darkness whence it came. For you see, Darkness is the heart's true essence."

"What's going on? Who are you and what having you done with Aqua?" Terra roared and stood ready to fight.

Vanitas laughed, "Don't you see yet. Master Xehanort has taking over Aqua's Heart and Body. However, you see this will be a temporary vessel. Now that you have accepted darkness in your heart, you will be a much better vessel, Terra." and pointed to the brown haired Keyblade wielder.

"No way, give Aqua back!" Ventus demanded, his blue eyes flaring with anger.

Terra summoned his keyblade and Ventus did as well. Aqua-Xehanort laughed again.

"You honestly believe you can save her Terra, when you couldn't save your Master? Very well then I'll make sure the last thing you see is her death!" Aqua-Xehanort summoned Master Xehanort's keyblade, as the two boys were ready to fight their friend.

Cue- Dismiss (Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix official Soundtrack

Aqua-Xehanort dove into the ground and appeared behind the two keyblade warriors' back as they jumped away to face her. Aquanort started the battle by casting dark versions of Aqua's Triple Firaga, the grayish fireballs firing rapidly from the tip of her blade and hitting Terra squarely in the chest. Ventus was up next as the blonde-haired teen tossed his keyblade at Aquanort, freezing her for a second as the blade came back to Ventus, shattering the ice. Aqua-Xehanort was staggered, but surrounding her bod with a barrier and charged forward to go straight at Ventus, who was hit by it. Aqua-Xehanort turned her attention to Terra, who was charging up his shot lock but Aqua-Xehanort vanished from sight as time around Terra stopped. When time resumed for Terra, he felt his bod take blow after blow from a unknown attack. He realized how much the elder Master was using Aqua's magic. How dare the magic use Aqua like this. he has to stop him. But his body was taking the blow hard that he kneeled tot heg round in pain. Aqua-Xehanort slowly walked near him, keyblade in hand

"Give up Terra and accept your fate. Now, sink into darkness!" Aqua -Xehanort then jumped into the air and shot a familiar spell from Aqua's arsenal, but no colorful salvos were released. Instead, salvos of black and grey were fired from her keyblade, hit Terra, and send him back. Aqua-Xehanort rushed over to Terra with a thrust of her keyblade, but cloaked with black miasma. Terra couldn't keep up with her, feeling his body be hit with each strike. Terra staggered as Aqua-Xehanort warped back to Vanitas' side of the battlefield.

"You think using my friend's magic will stop me Xehanort!? Gather!" Terra cried out, conjuring red and blue magical balls that caught Aqua-Xehanort into the air.

"Ven!" Tera called out, Ventus taking his stand with him.

"Right! Force" ven cried out took, a wave of energy shot from around his body, catching Aqua-Xehanort in a dome of magic. Vanitas watched as the fused Aqua and Xehanort was outsmart by simple magic tricks.

"Earth!" Terra held his Keyblade up into the air, as a large fiery rock rained down on Aquanort, shattering the dome and slamming Aquanort to the ground. Aquanort struggled to get up as Terra and Ven readied their strongest shotlocks. Terra's keyblade transformed into large cannon and then fired large fiery rocks from the cannon. Ven jumped into the air and fired light salvos at Aquanort, defeating her and sending her crashing to the ground. Aqua-Xehanort grunted getting up, as she looked at the pair with anger in her eyes.

"Not done yet!"

Vanitas stepped forward to help his master. "Master, let me hold these two off so you obtain Terra's body." and snapped his finger and from behind Ventus, Ven was grabbed by a large Unversed, "Of course I think obtaining the X-Blade is important too."

"Ventus!" Terra cried out trying to run to him, but was struck from behind by a black lightning, causing him to kneel to the ground. Aqua-Xehanort had recovered, a grin on her face as she held up her keyblade, a pink flower bloomed over her head as her body was covered by green leaves and vines.

"You should be strong enough to merge with me now. I was hoping we fight and you try to destroy my body, but I think can take you over and return to my complete state. Then, only then, the X-Blade will be forged!" Vanitas's body then surround itself in darkness and he stepped over to Ventus, their bodies close as a light shot out. Vanitas was gone and Ventus was crying out in pain. The light blinded the area, as Terra screamed once again.


When the light finally faded, there stood Ventus, or was looked like him. It was Ventus, but in his hand wasn't his own keyblade, but a different one. the keyblade in Ven's hands appeared to be two crossed keyblades, with the teeth facing outward. It has a filigree that slightly resembles one on the Ultima Weapon, and the blade slightly resembling a sword. The Keychain is a black and red heart that is similar to a symbol, only without the fleur-de-lis bottom and jagged cross, with two Kingdom Keys crossed over it. And Ventus, he looked like vVanitas now, wearing his bodysuit.

"Ven?" he asked, struggling, but then it hit him, "No, you aren't him!"

'Ventus' laughed, opening his eyes to reveal the same golden ones as Xehanort, "Correct. I am not Ventus. His heart has become a part of mine now." It sounded like ventus, but it was also Vanitas speaking as well, then holding the keyblade in his hands, "This χ-blade will open a door—one that leads to all worlds! Then, Keyblade-bearing warriors will flock here from each and every one of them, to battle for the light within Kingdom Hearts! And just like the legend says, the Keyblade War will begin!" a smile of pure glee, was on his face, Ventus, now Ventus-Vanitas was sleased his master's plans was coming true.

"Shut up, I'm sick of this! give Ven his heart back!" Terra demanded, pushing Aqua-Xehanort awa and turning his attention to Ventus-Vanitas. Their blades then clashed, Ventus-Vanitas trying to push him back.

"Give it up, you don't have the power to defeat me or the χ-blade. You should surrender your body to Xehanort like the pawn you are!" Ventus-Vanitas roared, pushing Terra away. Terra skidd his feet to the ground, keeping Ventus-Vanitas in his eyes.

"I'll stop the both of the you!" Terra retorted, looking to see Aqua-Xehanort coming his way. Terra jumped away, and then dropped to slide to to his left, only to then see Ventus-Vanitas warp to him. He guarded, feeling the weight of the χ-blade put on him. Then saw Aqua-Xehanort jump into the aired and grayish ice fired from her keyblade, causing Terra to be pelted by the ice before being pushed even further from the pillar. He worried he was running out of places to fight seeing both the controlled versions of his friends standing before him. He gripped his keyblade tightly, he has to think of something to save them both. He saw both their keyblades, glowing to launch a attack, he looked behind himself, only to see the long drop. Of course tje won't kill him, the need him. He held his keyblade up to guard from the attck. Then Ventus-Vanitas launched a X shaped shockwave as Aqa-Xehanort fired another dark firaga, Terra ready to take the blunt of the attacks.

"Holy!" a squeaky voice then cried out, as Terra saw a large ball of magic, hit both attacks destroying them.

"What!?" both Ventus-Vanitas and Aqua-Xehanort asked in disbelief. Both were flabbergasted thier attacks. THen the gasped, as a small figure jumped between them and Terra, a keybade in hand.

"Gosh, made it in time." Terra looked to see that it was mouse he saw at Yen Sid's Tower, his young apprentice. Mickey, that was the name he was sure he caught from Yen Sid. He was a mouse, with two large ears like circles. He wore a gray, black and white sleeved jacket with white lining. The top half of this jacket is grayscale, while the bottom half is black, and there are two gray straps dangling in front of it. His pants are red and sport a zipper going down the front of each leg. Each leg also has a black pouch with a black strap that partially cover the zipper, as well as a white strap on the outer side of each pant leg. Mickey wore very large, black shoes shoes with grey backs and two orange, intersecting straps attached to the front of each shoe. His leblade in his hands he saw too. The guard appeared to be two shooting stars. The blade is blue and decorated with stars, while the teeth is a crescent moon and a star. The kechain was a crescent moon.

"You're Yen Sid's apprentice, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes, I watch the fights unfold, but had to hurry. But, what's going on, Ven looks like that boy, and what happened to Aqua?" he asked looking at Ventus-Vanitas and Aqua-Xehanort. he saw the white hair, and realized it was Xehanort, remember how his master mentioned his white hair.

"I'll fix it, but I must destroy that keyblade in his hands, then I save them both." Terra said and step forward to face both of them, both see frazzled that someone intervened, "A favor please? If something happens, take any of us, take us somewhere safe. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, for you guys. Ven and Aqua are my friends, I'll protect them!" mickey siad hapil.

"Thank you…" he nodded to the king. Terra watched as both of his friend's bodies started to move.

"Don't waste your energy!" they shouted in unison, running towards them as Terra held his helped at the ready, closing his eyes.

'The only way to stop this, is to seal Xehanort in my body, that way, both Ven and Aqua will be safe. I don't know what will happen, but it's for the best… Ventus, Aqua, lend me your power, so I might win…" Terra thought and a faint glow radiated from his keyblade, the first light in a long while he felt. He saw Ventus-Vanitas hold the χ-blade in his hands as it started to glow too, Terra then swung his keyblade at him and her keyblades clashed, creating a shockwave of energy. The two were locked in combat, blades crossing as bith treated too pus the other. Tera looked into the eyes of ventus-Vanitas and he wanted the kind and gentle eyes of Ventus. He struggled, keeping his friends in his heart, he was going to overcome this, he was going to save them. then, it happened. The χ-blade started to dim and looked incomplete, shocking both Ventus-Vanitas and Aqua-Xehanort.

"What?!" Aqua-Xehanort exclaimed as the blade taking a incomplete form Terra screamed out, swing the χ-blade out of his controlled friend's hands, as it floated in midair, "It shouldn't break so easily, could it be Ventus?"

Then the χ-blade started to shine, creaks forming as Ventus-Vanitas' body froze in place and collapsed, the bodysuit melting away as Ventus' armored body returned. Aqua-Xehanort gasped as fissures light dancied around the area as Terra resummoned his keyblade Armor helmet. Light then formed and Terra was inside was looked like a dome of light. The white light was gone, inside the were inside of a light bluish light. There standing before him was Aqua-Xehanort, on his left was Ventus' body and Mickey nowhere to be seen.

"So the χ-blade is going to shatter… it looks like I was too rash in using them both. No matter, you Terra is my real prize. I will guide you to the depths of darkness." she said and roared in anger, darkend forming around her b yellow eyes gleaming above a mouth filled with sharp teeth, as well as two long antennae spouting from the top of its head. A hole appeared in between more bandages on the torso in the shape of a heart. Lastly, it has very large hands, its torso coming to a tail-like point that fades away into its host's body.

Terra saw the creature and Aqua-Xehanort float off the ground, Aqua-Xehanort crossing her arms. Terra pant but saw the shadowy figuody as something formed behind her. It had an ink-black, muscular, humanoid form with a partially bandaged head that hosts relatively human features, bearing some resemblance to Master Xehanort. throwing purple blade that spinned his way at him. He guarded, the blades hitting his keyblade as he tried to get to Aqua-Xehanort. Aqua-Xehanort slowly floated to him, dropping to the ground and summoned Master Xehanort's Keyblade, coming closer to him.

"Come on!" Terra exclaimed, holding up his kebalde, and saucer sized magic discs appeared in front of him in a circle. Aqua-Xehanort dashed towards Terra's, only to fall for his mines and sent into the air. Terra strike at Aqua-Xehanort, sending her back a bit as she growled in frustration at Terra's stubborness to not give in.

"You just don't whine to quit, come Guardian!" Aqua-Xehanort exclaimed,summoning the shadow creature to her side. It rushes towards Terraa, grabbing him before he could escape. He struggle, but it's grip was stronger than he was. THen it went straight into the air and slammed back down. Terra was stunned for a bit as the shadow creature grabbed Terra and Aquanort used her keyblade on the him. Terra took each hit, the fact he was forced to fight his friend made it even worse as he was pushed away, seeing Aqua-Xehanort looking at him, the once blue eyes still a evil yellow. She could see Terra wasn't giving in, but he will soon enough.

"Terra, surrender to the darkness and join me. You have not power to stop me." Aqua-Xehanort taunted. Terra sighed, she;s right, he can't beat her on his own. Master Xehanort is a skilled Keyblade Master, he's not even on himself. He shook his head, he needs to not doubt himself. He glared at the silver haired version of her fiend, he can't give up now

"Maybe you're right, Xehanort. However, I will not let the ones I love down: Aqua, Ventus, and Master Eraqus! I will stop you, if that means I lose my body to do it!" Terra continued to attack Aquanort as Aquanort used her keyblade and the shadow creature moved on its own to attack Terra.

"Freeze!" Terra exclaimed, casting a strongest blizzard spell he could cast, hitting the shadow figure and stunning it. Aqua-Xehanort was flabbergasted as Terra then jumped high into the air and towards her. Aqua-Xehanort guarded and the clash shined a bright light around them. the scenery changed to orange as Aqua-Xehanort stood in the middle. However, something was off with Aqua-Xehanort, as she was not Aqua-Xehanort anymore, but Aqua standing on a circular pattern. This was Terra's chance, he can free her now. Terra rushed to Aqua's side as the shadow creature tossed dark fireballs at him. Terra ducked and dodged each one, he wasn't going to let them stop him. The Shadow figure tried to grab him, but Terra quarded and it was stunned and was trapped to the circular pattern. Terra made one last sliding dash to Aqua and the Shadowy figure. He looked to see Aqua's ees were back to normal, even her original hair color was back too. Her Stormfell Keyblade was back in her position again and looked to Terra. Both held their keyblades at the ready, a ball of light connected them.

"Light!" They cried in unison, the tips of their keyblades shining. Light shined from the keyblades as the area was bathing in light. Time felt like it was slowed down, as both of them came into view in the light. Inside the dome of light, Aqua was floating with Terra as a heart was in the middle of them. Aqua wasn't overjoyed to see Terra was alright, but sad and about to cry. She couldn't saved Terra or ventus, she was used by Xehanort, she drove her closest friend away, she couldn't bare to look at him anymore.

"Terra, I'm sorry. If I did not say those things to you in Radiant Garden, you would not fall so far into darkness. It's my fault." she said tearfully, looking awa at him. Terra shook his head, his face still covered by his armor. Terra cupped Aqua's cheek with his armored hand and smiled at her. He doesn't want those tears anymore from her.

"Don't say that, it's all my fault. I wanted to become a master, but I used the darkness from my heart. Now I must accept the consequences for my actions." he said, his gaze still on Xehanort's floating heart.

Aqua shed a tear and wiped it away, "Terra, what are you going to do?" she asked.

"I will take Xehanort's heart and seal it away in my body. Once you get out of here, shatter that χ-blade, That will stop his plans for good."

Aqua gasped, cupping her face, "But what about you?" she asked.

"Don't know, but please take care of Ventus once you free him from Vanitas. You are all he has now, keep him safe. I know I couldn't." he replied.

Aqua was tearing up. There was so much she wanted to say to him, everything she wanted to tell him. Terra was willing to give up his body and heart to protect them. What can she said to to him, she had to at least say what was on her mind. "Terra, I..." But was cut mid-sentence, as Terra responded with and curt nod to her.

"I know..."

Aqua held out her keyblade and dismiss her armor to give it to Terra, the blade and armor lay on the ground before him. "Take this and remember I'm always with you."

"Thank you…" he smiled. Aqua saw Terra drop his keyblade to the ground as he held Xehanort's heart in his hands. The heart entered Terra's body as the dome around started to slow disburse, the keyblade high over their heads. Mickey was able to get through, running to Aqua and Terra, seeing the pieces of Terra's armor falling off his body and clatter to the ground. without getting a chance to speak, the armor rose up on it's own, seeing that it was alive. Aqua saw it move to her her, picking up Terra's keyblade and handled to her.

"Aqua, what are you going to do?" Mickey asked.

"One last request before this Keyblade returns to Terra's possession." she answered the small king. She turned to see, Terra, now looking like Xehanort, walk away from them, it looked like he had a temporary control of his body again, especially it seem as his armor was moving as well. Terra took master's Xehanort's keyblade and plunged it to his heart at the same time, Aqua used Terra's keyblade and shattered the χ-blade in two, the fissure and light started to go wild at the same time, Terra close his eyes as his last moments of control were finished as he (The new Xehanort) was drifting into a corridor of darkness, his body collapsed. Mickey tried to keep going as this started going crazy, looking to see Aqua jumped up to try to grab Ventus as they and Mickey are slowly being sucked into the side effects of the destruction of the χ-blade. Terra's armor, kneeled to the ground, taking it's keyblade and plant it intot he earth. He kneeled as it was then surrounded by the light, now hearing Mickey and Aqua were. the thoughts of Ven and Aqua seem to entered what felt like it's mind as it drift to sleep, thinking of one thing, and one thing only:

Aqua... Ven...

One day... I will set things right.

Aqua... I love you.

Aqua's consciousness had returned as she started to open her eyes. Her vision blurry, she felt her head to her sleeve and arm. She gasped, realizing this place wasn't where she was before

"Where am I?" she asked, getting her head up and look around.. She was not in the Keyblade Graveyard, but in Master Yen Sid's loft. She was one the ground of the loft, Mickey standing only a little from her with the sleeping Ventus by the wall. She looked to see the former Keyblade Master at his seat. Master Yen Sid was a rather severe-looking old man with long, grey hair, bushy eyebrows, and a long, grey beard that parts down the middle. He wears the sorcerer's hat on his head. The hat is blue and decorated with several yellow stars and a yellow crescent moon. He wears long, billowing blue robes with sky blue lining, with the insides of his robes being dark red. The whites of his eyes are quite large in comparison to his small pupils, although his gaze was slightly serious than one might look. The master walked behind her and she turned to him

"Aqua, you lost consciousness. Luckily, Mickey had found you in the keyblade Graveyard and brought you back to me to receive proper care." Yen Sid explained and Aqua gasped. Yen Sid saw her surprise expression, but looked solemnly at the young master, "I'm sorry there was no sign of Terra."

'Terra must be still holding Xehanort off.' she thought, but spoke aloud, "I see…" she looked to Ventus, who has responded since she awakened. Aqua placed a hand to Ven's shoulders and shook him, hoping he wake up and she can find out what happened when Xehanort took her over and Vanitas taking him over. "Ven, Ventus." But to no effect. What happened in the Keyblade Graveyard when she was controlled? Terra and her shattered the X-Blade after she was controlled, but the rest was a blur.

"The boy's heart is sleeping." Yen Sid responded, seeing the master could wake Ventus up.

"When will Ven wake?" Aqua asked, feeling heartbroken.

Yen Sid closed his eyes, lowering his head. "I could not say. It is as almost though his heart has left. Should it return, he would very much wake. If not, he will sleep like this for all eternity." Yen Sid replied.

"No…" Aqua looked crestfallen. First her Master was killed, Xehanort takes her over, then Terra gave up his own life to save her, now her friend is asleep, some mush has happened. She sighed deeply, she has to to keep her promise and take care of Ventus. For Terra's sake. She let out light gasp, knowing she should do oher young comrade. "I'll keep him safe, until he wakes. Forever if I have to." looking to him now and back at Yen Sid.

"I will tell you what your friend needs right now. It is not your protection." Yen Sid replied to Aqua's request to keep ventus safe, turns around and speaks onward, "He needs you to believe. You see, Ventus's heart hangs in the balance. It sleeps in the place between light and darkness."

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"From what I can gather, that means he is looking for a friend, one that will show him the way home. Just as long as you love him, he will follow that love to where he belongs... the realm of light."

Mickey beamed, a smile on his face looking to Aqua and the sleeping Ven. "Ahh, don't you worry Aqua, I believe in Ven too. Gosh, he is a great a friend as of any. And if you and I both believe with all our hearts, then he'll have two lights to follows instead of one!"

Aqua softly chuckled, her spirits lifting after so much has happened. "Three ."

"But Terra's gone, maybe for good." Mickey remarked, feeling since what happened at the Graveyard, Terra might not come back.

Aqua shook her head. "I think I know where to find him." Aqua clutched her Wayfinder, the Wa finder she gave two to her friends, she believes she'll see Terra aqua, and won't give up until she finds him. Right now, it's making Ventus is safe until his heart wakes again. Finally getting up from the ground, she bowed to Yen Sid before she could make her departure. Of course, how she'll leave without her keyblade, she'll hope she'll find a way. she didn't want to worry Micke or Master Yen sid about it, so she didn't sa her keyblade or armor was given to tErra to protect picked up Ven's body and places him on her back. "I'll take Ven someplace safe."

"Good luck, Aqua. Hope you find Terra. And take care." Mickey said

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Aqua left the Magician's loft and headed outside. Aqua stood on the steps and spoke aloud what she should do for Ventus, "Ven needs a safe place. Ven's face expressionless with closed eyes, his hand twitch. It raises itself and his Keyblade appears in his grasp. A light shoot forth from it, creating a Keyhole in the air before them. Light burst out of the Keyhole, opening a door made of light. Aqua watched and smiles, good old Ven helping her out this time, "All right... If that's where you want to go." She fixed her hold on him and walks through the door. She steps out onto a bleak sight. The Land of Departure, her home, once proudly filled with light, now in complete shambles, all light extinguished. She gasps at the sight. The Forecourt, missing an entire section of the ground. The castle that once stood tall, now a single broken tower. The destruction is unimaginable, unthinkable. Aqua looks ahead and with agasp of sadness, recognizes the Keyblade of Master Eraqus lying on the ground It ha a smooth, cylindrical, grey shaft that tapers outward at both ends. It also has a boxy guard, made up of two small, light grey boxes and copper rod. The base of the guard connects to the grip, and both sport several small indentations lining them. The grip itself is somewhat unique in that, while most Keyblade grips are cylindrical, the Keyblade's grip is squared. The teeth are in the shape of an "E". Its Keychain is made of several simple chain links and its token is the Terra's Mark symbol that appears on her master's, Ventus's, Terra's, and her clothing. As she bends to pick it up, the memory of her final conversation with the Master flash back to her)

'Of course. I would never let that happen. I promise you I will bring Terra back... Only this time, you'll see he has what it takes to be a Master.'

I said that, I thought it would be true. I still do, I wanted to show Master ERaqus Terra was ready to be one.". She begins ascending the front steps of the stark and broken castle, her last words she spoke in her home and world

'He's not as weak as you think.'

She entered the Throne Room, where the stained-glass window has shattered, pieces of the room lie scattered across the hard floor. Her thought turned back to Eraqus once more, remembering a duty she was given, her master's words flooding her mind.

"Aqua." Eraqus said.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Now that you are a Master, there is one secret in particular you must know. Should anything happen to me, and you find the legion of darkness at our doorstep...I ask that you take my Keyblade and use it to lock this land away." Eraqus explained, his arms behind her back.

"What?" Aqua asked, was he worried something would happen to him or this world. This was a heavy thing to put on her on her first day as Keyblade Master.

Aqua leaned the Keyblade against one of the three large chairs, and seats Ven in the center.

"Generations of Keyblade Masters have been charged with keeping this land safe. Light and darkness exist in balance here, and there are those who would abuse such neutral ground. This is why our predecessors devised a certain… trick." he added, smiling to her with the knowledge he knew.

She took the Keyblade in hand and walked behind the chairs, facing them. She pointed the blade forward toward the middle chair, creating a Keyhole on the back of it. Wind flows outward from the Keyhole, blowing the ruffles of her dress. She thrusts the Keyblade toward the Keyhole and light swirls around the tip of the blade

"Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery." he explained as Aqua held the Keyblade. The light grows, consuming the world.

"None, Aqua, except you…." and her memories of Eraqus ends as she closed her eyes into the light.

When she opens her eyes again, she stands in a white room, a single door behind her. The walls are lined with symbols connected by chains, leading to a white chair in the center of the room. A chair where Ven is seated in slumber. It worked, now Ven will be safe.

"I know it's a lonely place, but you'll be safe." she said to the sleeping Ventus. She runs her fingers through his hair, hoping he can hear her voice, "Terra and I will be back to wake you up before you know it."

She leaves the room, and eventually the castle, walking out onto a long stretch of dusty road winding into a dark abyss. She turns around seeing the dark golden castle and it's many twisting structures. Now with her goal finished to keep Ventus safe, she has to find Terra now. She paused, clutching at her heart, realizing she is still feeling effects of Xehanort inside her heart. she dismissed her master's keyblade and kneeled down, unaware a corridor of darkness was opening under her feet, her body started to sink, her chest hurting as she realized she was being sucked in. She struggled, screamed, she couldn't get out. and she sunk deep into the darkness, the fear in her face turned into a calm smile of sadness.

"Ven, I'm sorry... I might not make it back as soon as I thought. But I promise I'll be there, one day, to wake you up." and he shines, the only light in this dark place.

At the same time, Ventus's body sinks through water, his eyes closed as if asleep. It felt like it was a long time, wondering where he go now.

'This place...' he thought and he opened his eyes, seeing something in the distance, 'I've been here. So warm... I remember now. This is your heart.'

Time started to go on, the three heroes who fought in the Keyblades changed forever. The young Master, Aqua, taken b the darkness and now lost in the darkness. The young youth, Ventus, loses his heart and now sleep within a young Sora. And the misguided youth Terra, gives up his life to save his friends. Now… a new face ends up in a familiar world…

In Radiant Garden, an old man with blond hair wearing a long red scarf walks with two men in uniform through the Central Square. He wore a periwinkle labcoat, save for the color. Underneath this, he wore a dark grey vest, white collared shirt, and a violet ascot, as well as black pants and shoes. He also draped a red sweater or coat of some sort over his shoulders. His hair was blond and worn long and slicked back. He also sported a short mustache and goatee. His eyes are bright orange. One being Braig, who has returned to Radiant Gardens since his encounter with Terra. the other person, was one of the guards Ventus ran into. He is a tall, broad-shouldered man that wears a dark slate grey guard uniform, which is adorned with a curled heart symbol, and white gloves. The front of his jacket sports two rows of gold buttons, silver highlights, and a red and white heart like the one on his gloves. He also wears a belt and knee-high boots, both of which are black. Hishair is black and worn in long dreadlocks. He keeps most of his dreads tied into a low ponytail, but one dangles over the right side of his face. He also has thick sideburns.

"Right this way." Braig ordered, leading the pair through to the Central Square. The old man stares forward with his orange eyes at a body laying in the middle of the square. He steps over him and gathers him in his arms

"Young man, what ails you?" the old main asked. The man walks up slowly, seeing he was in the arms of a unfamiliar face, "Can you speak? Tell me your name.

He grunts slightly, unsure of himself as it felt like his body was too weak to move or talk, Xeha...nort.

"Xehanort?:" the old man repeated. beside him, Braig smirks and the man passes out again. It's all going according to plan.

"Quickly, get him to the castle!" the old man order to his guards.

"You can count on me." Braig said and came to the unconscious man. He picks up Xehanort, carrying him so easily that he was easy to hold in his arms, "Dilan, get those for me." and looks toward a pile of armor and a Keyblade a few feet away. Dilan followed his gaze.

Meanwhile in a dark world, a tired Aqua wanders down an unending road. It hasn't been long she been here, falling until a corridor of darkness like that. Her body felt the fatigue of Xehanort's control and sealing Ven in that room, that she wonders where she's going and how to get out. She tried to use the keyblade, but to avail.

"Seems like I've been walking for ages. How long have I been down here?" Aqua asked, draggign her feet through the road. A large shape looms over her from the darkness with black wings and long antennae, its yellow eyes gazing at her like two burning suns. It seems to pulse with darkness. Aqua catches sight of it and summons Master Eraqus's Keyblade. Another creature of the same appears behindher, and then two more, until she's completely surrounded. They tower over her, their chests bearing a heart-shaped hole. She finds herself overwhelmed and hangs her head, dispelling the Keyblade. She felt the defeat hit her, what happened against Xehanort, Terra, losing Ventus… Maybe it was all over for her.

"Maybe… I should fade into the darkness here." she said sadly. One of the Heartless pulls back his fist and two points of light appear in the beyond. As it moves in to deliver a crushing blow, the lights strike the Darkside, destroying it. The lights fly past Aqua, and she sees them as Terra and Ven's Keyblades. They proceed to eliminate the other three Heartless before flying upward into the abyss. Aqua stare in their direction, and gives a small laugh, hardly believing she could. She has to moving forward, for Ventus, for Terra. He'll know she's see them again, "I guess it's been so long, I almost forgot how to smile. She looks at her Wayfinder and remembers the smiling faces of all the friends she's made. She made many friends, even the three kids she met in Destiny Islands and Radiant Gardens. She wonders if she'll see them again. She smiles and looks up into the dark sky, "There's always a way."

Eleven years… Eleven years have passed since Terra, aqua, and Ventus' tragic ends to the scheme of Master Xehanort. Things have changed, and the many worlds had nearly fell to darkness. But thanks to the effects of one bo, they were saved not once, but twice. Now the young hero has returned to his homeworld, Destiny Islands but a new adventure awaits him. He sits on the Paopu Fruit Tree with his friends, waiting for their other world friends to come get them.

The first in the center of three was holding a letter in his hands and a concern look on his face. He had spiky caramel colored hair and round blue eyes, wearing a silver crown pendant around his neck on a silver chain. He was an average height teen, standing the second shortest of the three. His clothes were a black version of his old clothes from along ago. His hoodie is colored black, with silver pauldron-like additions to his sleeves and white lining. His undershirt is a navy blue with a red patch in the center. His pants, similar to chaps, are colored black on the outside and a navy blue on the inside, and lined with silver-white edging. Yellow straps crisscross around his pants, held together with a black belt. The pants featured red pockets with a black cross over them. His gloves were colored black on the outside and white on the inside with a yellow line running around them. He also wears large black-yellow shoes with silver soles, a zipper running across the top and black straps holding them together with buckles here and there. To say Sora has changed since his journey began would be the understatement of the world.

The second person stood on Sora's left, just as curious as to what the letter was about. She stood just as short as Sora, although appeared the most mature looking of the three. Her hair was long and dark red, reaching just down the back of her neck with several bangs reaching downwards to the base of her as well. Her eyes were round and violet blue, her skin a very pale complexion, and a necklace with a silver moonstone bead that rested in front of her attire. Her clothes were a pink strapless mini-dress made up of three zippers (two appear to be just decorative) as well as a white halter top underneath her mini-dress with a black hood. She also sported three bracelets on her left wrist, a black belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachment, and lilac sneakers with her black laces tied to her ankles.

On Sora's right side stood Riku, standing the tallest of the three. His long hair was silver reaching down to his back, his bangs overshadowing his blue eyes, his skin a light tan like Sora and Kairi but a was much muscle bound than both of them. He wore a black zip-up tank-top and a white and yellow vest over it and wearing a white thick band on his left wrist. His pants were baggy and blue, held up by a black belt covered with square spike studs, and his feet down to a more normal size with a simple pair of sneakers.

"They should be here soon." Sora wondered.

"You know more than me about traveling in a Gummi Ship Sora, I'm sure they'll arrive soon." Riku replied to his longtime friend.

"To find people connected to Sora, that's what the letter said right?" Kairi asked, eyeing Sora holding the bottle, the letter addressed to them, and her Wayfinder she gave back to.

"I guess so. Then it's that message about a Mark of Mastery, I wonder what's that about?" Sora asked.

"Who knows," Kairi replied kicking her feet off the tree, "but I'm sure the two of you can do it."

"Kairi, you sure you like to sta behind, it's not like you to want to be pushed to the sidelines while Riku and me are summoned by en Sid." Sora wondered, since Kairi gave back her good luck charm, it meant she was going to stay behind. Kairi smiled kindly to him, wanting to go but felt she shouldn't get involved.

"I only get in the way, you two are way stronger than I very could." she admitted honestly. She fidget with her hands, feeling nervous she wanted to help, but didn't know if she wanted to.

"That's okay, Kairi. But you did held your own to those Shadow Heartless, you can catch up in no time." he said, putting a hand to her shoulder.

Kairi giggle to him, he's just being nice, but thrilled for the compliment. "Thanks Riku, I really appreciate it."

Sora smiled at Kairi, it's great she understands and decided to decline on going along with them. Its strange how mature she's gotten, Kairi was a little stubborn about going with him after saving her, but she decided to not go on her own. In a odd way, they all grown. the three kids who wanted to see other worlds be who they are now. Sora looked to the letter, the people connected to him, he's going to find is who he is, because of them.

Sora looked to his left, something glint in his eyes when the sound of the waves hitting the beach hand something wash into the shore. It was a Keyblade, a Keyblade just washed into the shore. He tapped his friends, getting their attention the beach shore. Sora took his back from the tree and ran down the bridge, Riku following after him. They ran out the Seaside Shack and Sora stopped running to walk up to the keyblade, his footprints in the sand. He kneeled down to pick up the keyblade, amazed by it, as he never seen a Keyblade like this before.

"Whoa, what a keyblade, never seen one like this." he said to himself, holding up the keyblade and looked out into the sea. Where could this come from? His train of thoughts was stopped by the sound of Kairi calling his name in apanic.

"Sora!" she called, Sora turning his attention from the sea and to his friends. Kairi and Riku were accompanied by a woman, looking only two years older than he was, her head on Kairi's lap. Riku was shocked as well, even her clothes weren't like there's. Kairi was trying to wake her up, worried she might not respond. Riku held her wrist, he could feel her pulse, she as okay.

"Hey, can you hear me, please answer us!" Kairi called, worried something was wrong with her. the woman started to stir in Kairi's lap. Her face started to twitch as her eyes started to open. Her vision was blurry, but saw a face looking down at her with concern. when her vision cleared, it was girl's voice that spoke again, "Can you speak, what's your name?"

The woman struggle to speak, but had a soft voice to make up not able to use her own voice, "Aqua…"

'Aqua, why does that sound familiar?' Kairi thought, feeling the name was familiar to her. She shook the thought out of her head, looking to Aora, "Sora, can you contact the King, we found someone. Get him urgently."

"Make it quick, her pulse it fine, but we should make sure she's okay." Riku added as well to his friend.

"R-right!" Sora stammered, looking from his friends and Aqua and towards the Seaside Shack, in hopes to contact Mickey with something. Aqua let out a light gasp, hearing the name have a reaction to her, remember the words of the man in the black coat.

Cue- Sanctuary-After the Battle- Kingdom hearts HD 2.5 Remix Official soundtrack

"How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more. Back then, my heart was clouded with vengeance. I did terrible things, both to him and his friends. I brought unhappiness to more lives than one. I felt something must be done. Was that why? A means of clearing my conscience-or perhaps out of a sort of scholarly instinct. While the boy slept his long sleep, I hid the results of my research inside him, transplanting the data to where it might best serve a purpose. In fact, I would like to believe... Maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts. He could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning-their birth by sleep. Even me, and even you." the man in the black cloak said to her.

"What's this boy's name?" the sound of her voice rang in her ears.

"His name is…" and it hit Aqua who the boy was as the sound of feet hitting sand disappeared.

"Sora, his name is Sora?" she asked softly. Kairi nodded, smiling down at her.

"Yes, he's going to contract a few friends of ours, just stay still okay?" she requested, not wanting the woman to move too much. Aqua turned her face away from both Riku and Kairi, looking into the blue sea, tears falling from her eyes. Unaware to everyone, nobody noticed Aqua's eyes flash from blue to yellow.

"Sora!" she said, the hope she lost returning once more

Events are tied to a chain, events have a beginning, middle, and end

A single change can rewrite the events and break the chain,

But, are the events,... just as planned from the beginning

Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts

Michael: It was seven years ago that I started this concept, finally returned to redo it. It doesn't feel as rushed and unprofessional it felt. The Braig fight I kept mostly the same, but added more description, should have added the No Name description but I think we're okay on that. But then it's having the fight with Terra going up against his own friends at the same time. If anyone played Birth By Sleep, Terra-Xehanort fighting the Lingering Will, Aqua against Braig and Ventus-Vanitas, and Ventus shattering the incomplete X-Blade within himself happened all at the exact same time, so now the events are a little more canon, including now Aqua being a Dark Seeker vessel. While it's still unknown how it happened, we'll just have to wait and see in the coming months. So after this, I'll upload a short chapter as a 'secret ending' to hype the return of this, and the story will be renamed to something that sounds a lot better.

Well, I'll see you next time.