AN: Okay, this story popped up into my head last night, and it was the coolest idea I had had since writing The Hidden Past. So I decided to make this story my next big project.

Now, I am going to give you some warnings before we start, so you aren't to badly disappointed when you see them later.

Pairings: You might see USUK, GerIta, Spamano, and very subtle hints of JapanXChina. The first three I'm sure most people are fine with, but I know the last isn't very common, so...

OCC-ness: Okay, this is the BIGGEST fear I have. This is only my second time writing Hetalia characters, and I haven't seen the entire anime, so I might not get the characters' personalities right... Others, including with Romano and how he speaks, are INTENDED. This is because I simply cannot bring myself to write things.

Languages: I'm going to be using Google translator for most of my translations, with my German-English dictonary for German translations, and I might get one of my friends to help with France. So if it translates wrong, I didn't mean for it to be wrong...

Holy Roman Empire = Germany Theory: It's not going to be apparent at first. But this will come in later, so if you're sensitive about this topic, don't read.

ALSO: even though they're going to use the animals at first, they'll soon just be able to control the element by themselves. All the characters in the first chapter are the characters in this story. And I will not change elements or animals, either. So there. XD

Many years ago, there were four great countries.





These countries are often called the "ancient" countries, which is mostly true. They are also called the great countries because they had huge empires, great knowledge, beautiful architecture, etc. It didn't really matter, they were considered to be almost like the "founding fathers" of the countries.

All the countries knew this. Some, like Italy, even knew them personally and were closely related. But what they didn't know, was a small secret behind these ancient countries.

You see, each had their own animal, a spirit animal, with an element attached to it. After a while, the countries were able to gain full control of the animals and therefore, their elements.

Rome had an eagle, one with flame on its wings.

Germania had a huge bear, who kicked up the earth and trees with its feet.

Greece had an owl, whose wings were soaked in water, water that streamed out behind it as it flew.

Egypt had a lioness, whose paws caused sandstorms without wind.

All these creatures were forgotten, however, once these countries died. But they had not disappeared. Quite the contrary. They were merely waiting for someone to awaken them…

England was trying something, ANYTHING, just to call Flying Mint Bunny to him. He hadn't seen the little creature in days, and was starting to get worried. So, he had traced out a magic summoning circle, and started chanting. But of course, as it always did with England, something had to go wrong.

What surprised him was that it took until he finished his chant that it went wrong. The circle even glowed like it was supposed to, but when the summoned object came out… it wasn't Minty. In fact, it wasn't even one creature. He felt a whole bunch of animal race by him at lighting speed, only to disappear, until only one remained before him. It was a unicorn, yet… something seemed odd. It was full of flames and fire. As he watched, it reared up on its hind legs, and disappeared in a flash of flames. England rubbed his eyes, wondering what had just happened. If only he knew…

Germany awoke to a woof. Thinking it was one of his dogs, he blearily opened his eyes. But it wasn't. Instead of his own dog, he saw a blazing German Shepherd with a serious look in his eyes. It gave another yip before turning about and leaping up into nothing.

Italy, too, woke up at the dog's bark, and looked down to see at the bottom of the bed a small otter. But the otter was green, and its fur seemed of grass. As Italy reached down to pet it, it disappeared with a scurrying.

Italy and Germany then looked at each other full in the face and said at the same time, "What just happened?"

In the household, they weren't the only ones with a special visit. Gilbert, once Prussia, woke up with a start to a peeping. Thinking it was Gilbird, he reached up to stroke him, but found the bird wasn't there. He then opened his eyes, remembering he had put Gilbird safely in a birdcage for the night (Even though Gilbert hated to do so to his little friend). In front of him was a bird that looked nearly identical to Gilbird, had it not been for the fact that it had thunderclouds and lightning popping out from it. Gilbert stared at the bird in surprise for a second before it disappeared in a flash of lightning. "…I KNEW I shouldn't have eaten that wurst and Italian sausage mix Italy made…"

It wasn't just those four that had creatures visit them, though. France, too, woke up to a cooing sound. About his line of vision was a dove. Yet…. It couldn't really have been, could it? It had rose petals for feathers and thorny vines trailing from it. And then it disappeared. France shook his head, thinking that he needed to cut back on the wine…

Spain rolled over in his sleep, trying to get the sound of clanking metal out of his ears, and wishing he hadn't just seen the beginning of A Christmas Carol, just where Jacob Marley walks in with all his chains. "No… no… please don't kill me… I'm innocent! And I have a crush on Romano!" he wailed, before waking up with a start. Huh? Only a dream? But he still heard a clanking metal sound. As he looked, he saw a bull, made of steel it seemed, which rushed towards him, horns down. "OLE!" he yelped, falling out of bed, but the animal disappeared before his very eyes. Something's going on…

Romano, too, woke up. Above his head was a falcon, tomato vines spilling out from its wings. He faintly heard Spain yelp "Ole!" in the other room, but was much too entranced by the falcon to care. As he leaned in to get a closer look, it disappeared. How is this even possible…?

America rolled over on his couch, TV still on. Suddenly, with a click, it fell silent. The country woke with a start and jumped to his feet, sensing the change. To his amazement, a flaming eagle stood on the ground before him. Hoping his house didn't catch on fire and wanting to save the bird, America rushed to grab a towel, but to no avail. The bird had quite simply disappeared.

It. Was. FREEZING. Canada hoped his AC hadn't gone out, as snow was falling all around his house. Even under his warm comforter, he was COLD. "I'm cold. And… who're you again?" Kumajiro asked from his arms. Canada sighed, and decided he'd better turn up the heat, if his POLAR BEAR was cold. As he slipped out of bed and put on his glasses, he noticed a peculiar thing. In the center of his room was what looked like a polar bear, but had glowing blue eyes and wind and snow blowing around it. Canada gave a small gasp, and much to his surprise, the bear disappeared. Gone.

At least the heat came back into his home after the bear left…

Japan rolled over, his side still hurting from the earthquake. I hope it'll heal soon… he thought with a groan. "meow."

He opened his dull brown eyes to the sound, wondering how a cat got inside his house. When his gaze came upon it, though, he knew it was no ordinary cat. It shimmered with water, its fur was blue sprinkled with white from its waves, and behind it there seemed to form a wall of water. He gave a gasp at memories of the tsunami, and with a crash similar to it, the water fell down over the water-cat and it disappeared. He leaned to feel the ground where the cat had been, and gave another gasp. The ground wasn't wet. It was as if the cat had never appeared….

China, it appeared, was having problems drifting off to sleep. He was tired, yes, but he just couldn't fall asleep. "What is it with me, aru? Why can't I fall asleep, aru?"

Deciding he wasn't going to be able to fall asleep just yet, he went to get up for a walk. As he began to exit his home, he stopped to wonder on a panda that had GREEN FUR, fur that looked like tiny bamboo branches. China rubbed his eyes and it was gone. Maybe I should just go to bed, aru… I'm beginning to see things, aru…

In Soviet Russia, you aren't cold. Cold is you.

At least, that's what Russia thought as he sped home, hoping to get away from the wintry blasts that were attacking him. He should have loved the snow, being Russia, but he hated it, especially since it attacked his sunflower garden. Yet again.

A lone howl stopped him in his tracks, and he looked around to see a single white wolf. A very frosty looking wolf. "Hey girl, you cold, da? Me too. Why are you alone anyways?"

He never got an answer, for in the next second, the wolf disappeared in a wave of falling snow. Thinking it best to get inside and not worry about the lone animal, Russia rushed off again to get back home.