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After a lot of explaining, the other nations had calmed Lithuania down considerably. Russia was extremely embarrassed about it, and was blushing profusely even after Lithuania was no longer glaring at him.

"It must've seemed like a good idea to you at the time."


Russia looked up from where he was sitting, only to have Lithuania sit down next to him. This did not help the condition of his blush. "To you, bringing me here must've seemed like a great idea," Lithuania stated, glancing at Russia. "You wouldn't have known I'd get furious at you."

Russia slumped down at these words. "But you did…" he muttered, not feeling good at all. Beside him, Lithuania sighed. "It really doesn't matter. How would you feel if you were having a good time with your best friend and were suddenly transported to some other place?"

"Scared? Mad?"


Russia sighed. This discussion was not making him feel any better. There was silence for a few moments between them, during which Lithuania started pushing a pebble around on the ground with his foot. Finally, he broke the silence. "This spirit animal business… I wonder if it's anything to do with that odd green plant-looking fox I saw last night…"

More silence, but to Russia, it was more of a startled silence than anything else. Lithuania had seen something? But everyone who had spirit animals had come here already! They had made sure of that… Hadn't they? In an instant, he knew what had to be done. If Lithuania had seen something last night, than perhaps all the countries were in control of a spirit animal, not just those who originally had come. He stood up and started walking, glancing around open space where all the other countries were practicing using these odd spirit animals they had only just discovered. "Come on, Lithuania. We need to tell the others, da?"

The smaller country was confused. "But why…?"

Russia paused. This made some sense. Maybe he should make sure that other countries really did have spirit animals. And who better to ask if this were true than the other Baltics? "I'll guess I'll just summon the other Baltics then, da?" Russia said, before closing his eyes. "I don't know if that'll be a good idea-!" Lithuania said worried, but it was a bit too late, because the snow-wolf had already returned, and in a flurry of snow, Latvia, Estonia, and Sealand (who apparently had been with Latvia at the time) appeared. A few moments passed by, during which everyone paused to stare at Russia, as if to question why he had brought three more people there. Then, Estonia got up, looking extremely mad. "WHAT THE-!" he yelled at Russia, but then he seemed to realize something. He turned around slightly and saw that Sealand and Latvia were hanging on to every word he said, hoping that he would slip up. His face turned completely red, and he turned back to Russia. "Eels," he muttered, saying the first thing that came to his mind. "What the eels."

Silence fell over everyone there. Suddenly, a lone voice came up, and though they never could identify who said it, they all agreed it was the first thing on their minds right now. "Why eels?"

Lithuania actually snickered then. "I guess you could say 'inside joke'… A while back, we played a prank on Eesti here, involving switching his computer mouse with an eel… we even caught it on tape… Since then, Estonia has a slight eel-phobia."

As he finished his mini-speech, others started snickering at the thought. "Dude, can we see that tape?" America even shouted. Estonia, meanwhile, was still standing there, shaking partially from anger and partially from humiliation. "You… you just had to go and tell them all that? And that it was taped?" he eventually said. Lithuania just laughed and patted him on the back. "We're not called brothers for nothing, right?" he asked the other Baltic. Estonia looked into Lithuania's eyes. "I'm going to murder you in your sleep," he growled back. But of course, he knew he wouldn't follow through. As did everyone. Okay, Russia looked a bit worried, but he wasn't doing anything.

"Why are we here, anyway? And WHY is of all people, ENGLAND here!" Sealand shouted suddenly. Now everyone sighed. Estonia guessed it meant a whole lot of explaining was about to be done.

"Wait, what? Who? When? How? Why am I even abusing all the question words there are!" Sealand shouted when the explaining was finished. Latvia had fainted. Estonia was the only calm person in the group. But, this calmness was more a façade of calmness than anything else, for the Baltic nation was deeply troubled. It seemed brilliant, sure, that they could control an animal. Even better, one that was strengthened by a particular element. It would be the dream of any nation, right?

But instead, it worried Estonia. One question preyed on his mind. "But why have we only just unlocked these powers?"

"I told you, they appeared out of a summoning ring", England snapped irritably. Estonia shook his head. "One that was going perfectly until then. One that should have worked the way it was meant to. Instead, a bunch of animals we had no knowledge or remembrance of until now pop out. There MUST be a reason they chose to come back to us."

Silence. Every country was staring at Estonia, the truth apparently dawning on them. He sighed. "I don't think this is a coincidence. Something bad must be about to happen… Something we can only prevent by the power of these spirit animals, if that is even what they are."

From a distance, none of the countries could see the figure watching them. But he could see them. And what's more, he could hear them. That Estonian… Smart one, he is. He's right, and he doesn't even know it. For now. A dark sounding chuckle. And he won't know how right he is… Until it's too late…

And then the shadow disappeared. But he would not take too long to return, oh no… In fact, he intended to end this right now.

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Also, here are the new SA's that are in here (Again, these aren't intended to be the same as the national animal. The animal may not even live in the country. I matched these up for the fun, and because I tought in my own weird way they fit):

Country- Element, animal

Lithuania- Plant, fox

Latvia- Fire, griffin

Estonia- Water, - (Haven't figured that out yet. DX)

Sealand- Water, goat