Disclaimer: I Do NOT Own Twilight, nor it's characters. However I do own the characters Kamea and Jordan

Kamea's POV

Stealthily I crept through the well-lighted room. "It's got to be in here somewhere…" I thought, scanning the table for any hidden compartments. "Aha! There it is!" Quickly I dash over to the vase. A normal person with normal eyes would have never spotted the minuscule blemish of dark chocolate on the black vase, barely bigger than a fly's middle leg. Gingerly I lift the vase and inhale the succulent aroma of dark chocolate. Mmmm… Very tempted to—No! I set the vase down. All I need is the scent. Now I will be able to retrieve my prize. I dart zigzag, jump and catapult myself, maneuvering stealthily throughout the house. Silently following the scent, sticking to the shadows, Ninja-like. Mmmhhmmm…I stop. And turn. That's interesting... I arrive to the door of Carlisle room. No one is in here. The door is ajar. For 0.004 seconds I considered which path to take. It could be another trap, OR- I dash into the room. The safe! I lay hand on it and concentrate. Open. Open. Please Open. Finally, I hear a satisfying click. The safe opens to reveal my wondrous treasure. A stack of Dark Chocolate Bars! Greedily I grab 3 delicious delicacies, lock the safe and run to my room. I won't describe the immense pleasure I found while eating those chocolate bars. Quickly I change out of my "spy" clothes (describe black ensemble) and into a white shirt with multicolored butterflies green flats and grey jeans. Giddily I trot down stairs into the kitchen.

"Hey!" I said greeting everyone. They all look back at me, silent. As you've probably guessed, I'm not your normal 17 year old girl. I half Vampire-Half human. I have super strength, speed, telekinesis, and occasionally I catch glimpses of the future. My brain is 3 times as big as the average humans. Yet I left the evidence of my little espionage adventure all over my face. Huh. I start to back out the door but a smirking Emmett blocks my way. Crap! Carlisle is NOT gonna be happy!