Jasper's POV

I watched as Carlisle administered the shot. Her eyes were overflowing with love before she fell into a gentle slumber. I love her so. I hate to see her in any sort of pain or discomfort…. What if it doesn't work? What if she actually felt even the slightest but of- No, I would never forgive myself…

"Don't worry Jasper, she will be fine. "Carlisle reassures me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "We've gone through this before. You know it doesn't cause her any pain whatsoever." But "Yes, I gave her the correct formula. No, I did not get the needles mixed up. Yes, this will calm her down. No, she will not get amnesia; she will still remember who you are." My facial expressions must have been easy to read. He is an excellent Doctor as well as my Father so I know he know how important her safety is to me. How much she means to me. "Kamea will wake up soon, son." He smiles and exits the room.

"Thanks Jasper." Jordan says, still texting away on her phone. I sense her excitement. I wonder what she could be up to…

"You're welcome." I smile.

I decide to sit by Kamea until she wakes up. I want to be the first thing her gloriously beautifulface sees. So, I decide to take a seat on the couch and hold her hand.

Jordan walks back in "Well..Im gonna go..Seth FINALLY asked me out!"

SO that's what she's been so happy about. Seth really does like her. I can tell. I guess he's a pretty good guy…. For a werewolf that is.