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The floors where covered with grime, the air had a sickening stench that made my stomach churn. I still haven't gotten completely used to it after all these years.

"Hey! Get back to work, shrimp!" Tony yelled at me.

I quickly went back to work before he decided to give me more than a warning like he usually did. He's in charge of our section of the factory. I hate it when he calls me shrimp instead of my name, Edward, but I wouldn't dare do anything that would make him go after my little brother, Alphonse.

Alphonse and me, we've been here ever since our mother died. Our bastard father left us when we were young. Our mother died from sickness when I was ten, and that bastard didn't even go to her funeral. Without parents, we were forced to live in an orphanage. I always started trouble, so the owner of the orphanage didn't think twice when the factory owners offered to take me off of his hands. I wouldn't go with them unless they took Al, but they didn't mind taking him too.

I wish that I had left Al at the orphanage.

I didn't know what it would be like. Everyday Al and me have to work in this disgusting place with the other kids. The air makes it hard to breathe, and everyone gets sick from it sometime or another. I overheard from the higher-up people that it also hurts our growth, which would explain all of the deformed kids in here. When I look at them, I'm happy that out of Al and me, my height was probably the only thing affected by it. I guess it's because we came in later than some of the other children.

"Elric! Don't say I didn't warn you!" was shouted into my face as Tony punched me in the face. My head whizzed from the unexpected contact as I fell to the floor. I kept silent as he began his routine and started to kick me.
"You little freeloader! When I tell yo to get to work, you do it!"
I grunted as I heard a loud crack from my torso. Yep, that's another rib broken.
"Arrgh! I don't have time for you, brat!" He yelled as he strode away from me.

I levered my self up to a sitting position with my arms, ignoring the old and new pains emitting from my chest. I looked over to where Al was, he had a concerned look on his face. I gave him a grin and a thumbs up to tell him that I was fine; I couldn't have Al worrying over me when he had himself to look after. He gave me a worried smile back and returned to his work. I pushed myself up to get back to work, but stopped when I felt an irony taste in my mouth. I could feel the grimace on my face as I could taste the blood flowing into my mouth. Dammit, now I'll have that disgusting taste in my mouth until I can wash it out after work.

I began working again, constantly annoyed by the gross taste in my mouth. What seemed like a few moments later, I heard Tony's voice over the machines, "Alright! Lunchtime you maggots!" My adrenaline started rushing as I dashed for the bread bucket. Our bastard overlooker finds it funny when we all have to fight for our food. If I didn't get there before the other children, Al would have no food.

I finally stumbled out of the mob of children with three pieces of bread, they looked about equal to three quarters of a loaf. I walked over to Al to give him his share. After the first day here, I told Al that he couldn't participate in that scramble for food; I wouldn't let him.

"Here you go, Al," I said as I held out the two larger pieces of bread.

He gave me a look. "But, brother, it's not fair for you to eat less than I do. You know how I don't like that."

I mentally sighed, wishing that he would just worry about himself, he doesn't need to worry about me. "Al, it's always been like this, why don't you just take it?"

His face looked determined, "Brother, if you're going to be stubborn, at least eat the largest piece! You need it more than I do."

"No, Al I-" I inwardly groaned as I heard my stomach grumble in protest. When was the last I'd eaten? Two days? It doesn't matter, Al won't let me have my way now.

I sighed as took the bread at started to eat it. Al smiled as he took a large bite out of his bread. We both ate quickly, our argument took up a lot of our mealtime.

We just barely finished our food as we heard Tony tell us to get back to work. Everyone hurried to their machines and began working straight away. With the taste of blood weakened from my meal, I zoned out to my working mode, awaiting the day's end.

I was finally brought out of my trance by Tony's booming voice, "Work's over for today, all of you brat's better be in bed by ten or I'll start giving out beatings!"
That was all everyone needed to hear as we hurried to our living quarters. Tony wanted all of us to live five per room, but we all agreed with each other that we'd all stay with our families; most of the other children had seven or eight siblings. Eventually, Tony didn't care how we lived as long as we stayed out of his hair.

Me and Al went into our quarters and he sat down on the bed. He yawned and said "Brother, I'm going to go straight to bed tonight."
"Alright, I don't think we'll have supper tonight anyway. Those late shifts must be getting to you huh?" Tony rarely fed us anything other that lunch, and lately he's been making us work longer. This is the first night he hasn't kept us late in a while.

"Yeah," Al replied, "I feel like nodding off during work, and we know how dangerous that is."

"You mean Lizzie?" I asked, "Age of six, bones ground to bits; an awful way to go in a place like this." Lizzie, a worker a few years ago, got killed by one of the machines because she fell asleep; went headfirst into it.

"Yeah, Brother, that's why I need to sleep," Al replied.

"Alright, Al, I'll just take a shower and then I'll join you 'kay?"

"Mhmmm, g'night, brother," Al said.

"G'night, Al," I replied. I went into the showering quarters; everyone who lived here had to share it. I got in the shower and turned the water on to a comfortable temperature and began to rinse off my body. We didn't have shampoos or soap, but I like the feeling of the water washing everything away.

I got out of the shower and got dressed into my dirty long-sleeved shirt and shorts and went back to the room. I lay down next to Al; we only have one bed. I closed my eyes and felt sleep take over me.


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