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My mind is foggy and my head is killing me. That was never a good combination. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids are too heavy. Instead, I tried to figure out what was going on without my eyesight. My right arm and left leg keep stinging, and I have no idea why. There's this annoying beeping noise that only makes my headache worse, and there's this disgusting smell of anesthetic. That would mean that I was in a... hospital? Okay, I needed my eyes open now. With much struggle I finally managed to pry my eyes open. I was right, this was a hospital; no other buildings I know have stark-white ceilings. I pushed my left hand down onto the bed to try to get to an upright position. The weight was too much for one arm, so I reluctantly started to use my stinging right arm. Immediately after trying to use my right arm, I fell back onto the bed with a grunt. Damn it! What the hell was wrong with my arm any-

What? N-No, this can't be happening. What kind of a sick joke is this?
I began to panic as I stared at my right arm, or the stump that was left of it.
I heard the beeping noise grow faster as I began to hyperventilate. I threw the bedsheets off of my legs as I brought them to the hospital floor. I had to find someone who could give me answers! I felt pressure on my right foot as I tried to stand only to crumple to the hard floor. Something ripped off of my chest from my fall that made the beeping noise become one noise. Why the hell did I... no I can't be...
I slowly turned my head towards my left leg. That was gone too.

Then I remembered, the factory, the accident, and the horrid sensation of my limbs being ground by a machine.
I immediately hunched over and vomited. My limbs were gone, my limbs were fucking gone! I began to dry heave when the contents of my stomach were emptied. I felt lightheaded as I began to run out of air. Between puking and hyperventilating, I couldn't breathe correctly. I heard fast footsteps heading towards my direction accompanied by shouting. I squeezed my eyes tight and began shaking. Suddenly, I felt hands grabbing me. I thrashed around yelling words that I couldn't comprehend at the moment. The hands wouldn't let go of me, and I felt myself panicking even further until I felt a prick at my neck. After that, everything just disappeared as my mind faded into unconsciousness.


My head was still pounding, I realized, as I regained consciousness. What I recognized as voices weren't helping my head either. My initial shock from earlier had lessened, and I was able to think more rationally. What would happen now? With missing limbs, it was going to be harder to work to support Al and I. Wait... Al, where was Al? The voices, I assumed, would be able to give me some sort of information that I desired, so I strained my half-functioning ears to listen.
"He was...when he woke...," someone who I didn't recognize.
"Was...shock?" that voice was familiar, but I can't remember who it is.
"Brother...be...alright?" Al, it was Al.
With much difficulty, I slowly pried my eyes open. I moved to sit up, but a pair of hands stopped me from doing so.

"Take it easy, Mr. Elric, you're in no condition to be moving around just yet." This person, the unrecognizeable voice, must be the doctor. He was a tall man with short brown hair and glasses.
"Where's Al? Where's my little brother?" I demanded an answer.
"I'm here, Ed." My gaze sluggishly moved towards the sound for me to see Al coming towards me.
"Al," I coughed to clear up my scratchy voice, "I'm sorry for doing this to you..., I-"
"Brother, stop it!" Al interrupted, "Why would you ever think that you getting injured would make me mad at you?" I could see his eyes beginning to water, "I was so worried!"
I was silent from the relief at hearing Al's words. However, I was still stubborn, "Al, it's cause this will only cause trouble for you, and I'm only making things worse at the factory for you and I by me getting injured."
"You don't have to worry about the factory anymore," a third person said. The person walked towards me and I recognized them as Colonel Mustang.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Your accident quickened the closing of that awful place," my eyes widened as he said this, "It was deemed an unsafe environment for any worker, and we also found younger children to bring in the child labor factor as well." What? Is what he's saying really true? "Tony is actually going to be on trial for how he's been treating you kids, so he shouldn't be bothering you anymore."
"See, brother?" Al began, "We don't have to worry about that place or Tony anymore."
"That's good," I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Al and I have been in that place for so long, but now we're never going back. I yawned and Al laughed happily. I grinned sheepishly.
"You've got to be tired, brother you should probably get some more sleep," Al told me.
"Sorry, but before that, I wanted to discuss something with the both of you," the Colonel quickly added.
"What is it Colonel Mustang?" Al asked.
"Well, all of the local orphanages have been filled with the younger children because they were first priority. The remaining children are supposed to be transferred to farther away orphanages, and with you two being under eighteen, as Al told me, you two would be sent away. Maybe you two would even be separated," I was about to protest, we can't be separated, but he wasn't finished, "but with Edward's injuries," he paused for a moment, "what would you two think about living with me until you get back on your feet?"
My heart must've stopped beating for a second from my anxiety of what he was getting at. Did he say... live with him?
"Colonel, would you really do that for us?" Al asked. I could hear his voice slightly cracking, he must feel like I do right now.
"I wouldn't ask if I wasn't serious, Alphonse," his voice was sincere, "I partly feel as though it was my fault as well for just popping into your lives, it's the least I can do."
"It wasn't your fault, Colonel." My voice was so rough that I almost couldn't believe that it was mine. "But... it's alright with me to be welcomed into your home." I would do anything to keep Al and I close, and with the genuine look of hope in Al's eyes, I could never bring myself to say no.
"Me too, Colonel," Al added, "thank you for your generosity."
"It' not a problem, Alphonse," the Colonel replied. He looked towards me and said, "I have to talk with the person in charge of this, but you really should go to sleep ,Edward, you look like you need it." He walked out of the room and I felt a warm hand holding mine. My head turned towards the hand's owner. Alphonse smiled at me and said, "Go to sleep brother, I won't go anywhere."
I finally let my heavy eyelids slowly begin to close. Despite all that happened, I felt slightly giddy as the new information was completely processed by my drugged mind. Even if it was with this man, Al and I are safe from Tony, and we are still together as we've always been. I felt a small smile on my face before my pain medication forced me into a drug induced sleep.