' I'm Still Me'

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Hinata and Sasuke have been best friends since Pre-K but that all changed when Hinata moved. Now Hinata is back in her home town and she's going to a new school. What happens when she sees Sasuke again? R&R


Tenten Neji Temari Kankuro :19 and in college so u won't hear from them much

Hinata Sasuke Naruto Sakura Ino: 17

Hinata awoke to an alarm clock. "Uhhgg"

She clicked the reset button quickly and got up to take a shower. She quickly took a 10 minute shower. Then wrapped herself into a towel. She got out and proceeded to walk to her closet. She picked out a black loose V-neck shirt that hit her C-cup breast and then dropped striaght down, wore her black loose skinny jeans, put on black and purple bracelets, grabbed hoop white earrings and white bookbag and went down stair to see her little sister eating cereal.

''Hey sis'' Said Hanabi while she was munching on her cereal

''Hi'' she replied quickly as she grabbed her toast and headed out the door. She grabbed her purple and black Nike Hightops and walk straight out. She lived near the school so she just walked. Wasn't a very long walk a couple hello's from people she knew a long time ago.

She saw the school wasn't too big or too small the size if 2 football feilds but it was nice to say that it wasn't covered in graffitti. She entered not noticing the stares that she got. She headed for the main office and asked to she Principal Tsunade her request was granted.

''Aha hello Hinata'' she said

''Nice to see you again'' she replied as she was bowing

''I'm so glad you decided to come back we've definently missed you while you where gone for a long period of time''

''Glad to be back'' she said in a momtone

''Well here's your scheduel for this marking period and your locker combonation and text books''

She nodded

She walked around the school until she found her first class, English with Kakashi.

Then there eyes met White and Black eye stared at eachother for what felt like hours but were only a couple of seconds.

''Aha you must be the new student Hinata Hyuuga please please come in. Class this is Hinata Hyuuga'' Kakashi said happily Hinata bowed yet again

''Please have a seat next to uhhh Sa''

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