You Remember Me

Hinata and Sasuke have been best friends since Pre-K but that all changed when Hinata moved. Now Hinata is back in her home town and she's going to a new school. What happens when she sees Sasuke again? R&R

''Excuse me I didn't hear that what did you say'' Hinata asked politly

''Oh I said you may sit next to Sakura , please Sakura raise your hand''

''Right here'' She said happily. Hinata nodded. She walk right up to her seat but she took a quick glance at those oxyn eyes again and sure enough it was him. Her childhood friend that she so dearly missed . It was him, the guy that always made her smile when she was sad, he made her laugh, happy and comfortable. She sat down without another word. She knew it would be hard since they were a foot away from eachother. ''Hi my name is Sakura Haruno'' Hinata nodded

''HELLO''She yelled.

''Aren't you gonna talk to me?''She asked. Sakura just stared at her for a coulpe of seconds. Then Sakura noticed that she was staring at her Sasuke. She immedately got angry.

''Hey you Hinata Hyuuga. I have something to tell you. Don't go staring at my boyfriend''

''I'm leaving''Hinata said camly

''I guess you didn't hear the bell'' She said. Sakura stood there dumbfounded

Hinata was going out the door when someone grabbed her arm. She turned around quickly. It was Sasuke he was wearing a black T-shirt,blue Nikes,and black baggy pants. Then his mouth opened



''I've missed you''

''I missed you too'' They embrace eachother.

"Woah Sasuke already hitting on the New girl?'' A blonde haired idiot asked

''Shut up Naruto'' Naruto laughed it of.

''Bunny what do you have next''Sasuke asked using a nickname for her

''Sasuke I hate when you call me that, I have gym'' Hinata whined.

''Me too '' He replied ''Lets go''


Hinata POV

''Ok class today we will be playing Dodgeball'' Our teacher Gai said

''Please go get dresser and we will pick our teams''

I went to the Locker Room and changed into a Black and white T-shirt and black undies like they have in those animes.I walked out and all eyes were on me.

''Ok class everybody is dressed and ready for gym team captins are Sasuke and Sakura ok. Sasuke choose first''

Sasuke's team,Naruto,Shino,Hinata,Gaara,Sasuke,and Shikamaru

Sakura's team,Sakura Kiba,Ino,Choji,Rocklee and Sai

''Ok set go''he blew the whistle

Shikamaru was out by Sai,Choji out by Gaara, Rocklee out by Sasuke,Shino out by Kiba,Ino out by Hinata,Sasuke out by Sai,Sai out by Naruto,Naruto out by Kiba,Gaara out by Kiba,Kiba out by Hinata.

Now it was one on one Hinata V.S Sakura.

Sakura threw a ball at Hinata it was coming fast Hinata flew into the air and did a backflip . Hinata quickly threw a ball at Sakura and it hit her right in the stomach. Hinata's team won. Victory for Hinata's team