Dark Desires



She kept gazing into the mirror.

It can't be...

The more she saw, the more frightened she became

That's not what I want...

Then she saw it, on her reflection's right arm...


With a wave of her wand, she covered up the acursed glass and bolted out of the Room.

That is NOT what I want! Lily Evans thought desperatly. I don't want to be a Death Eater!

At last she came to the end of the seventh floor staircase and began weeping on the bottom step.

It was not just seeing the Dark Mark on her arm that made Lily Evans break into tears, it was the other images in the Mirror Erised: Lily standing over her sister, Petunia, with a big smirk on her face while the figure scrubbed the cobbled stone steps of a grand palace with a scrubbrush, dressed in a worn-out brown tunic dress and apron; Lily brewing poisons and distributing them to Voldemort's agents while they gave her adoring look; Lily raising her wand at an old Muggle man who she saw abuse another Muggleborn witch, and laughing vindictivly at his pain-filled cries while the sleeve of her black robes parted to show her Mark...

Stop it! she thought while putting pressure on the temples of her head with her fists. It's a lie! The Mirror lied!

But did it?

Chapter 1: The Evans Sisters

It all started on Monday, August the 22th of 1974, the summer after her fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was 5:30 pm and fifteen year old Lily Evans was about to head out of her home in Westminister and go to the park, that is set the middle between Spinner's End and here, when her older sister, Petunia, came from the kitchen and grabbed her younger sibling roughly by the arm.

"Ouch!" Lily cried, turning away from the door and facing a very livid big sister. "T-Petunia! What's the idea? If you want to say something before I leave all you had to do was-"

"Shut up!" Petunia screeched, letting go of Lily. "Look at what you've done to the carpet!"

Pointing at the staircase and toward the door mat Lily saw only saw small disturbances in the otherwise smooth surface of the dark burgundy carpet. The marks were made by the sandals that Lily got for a welcome back present from her parents, and they just ruffled the carpet ever so slightly. Petunia was very picky about how things should be put in order in the house. Lily was aware of this and usually placed her shoes in the coat closet next to the door so she could slip them on later.

Lily looked back up at her sister warily. She never could understand Petunia's obsession with cleanliness. Must be a neurotic disorder or something.

"Sorry Petunia," Lily replied. "I forgot to put my sandals in the closet. But don't worry, I'll smooth it out when I get back from meeting Se-"


Lily's head whipped around and looked at her sister completely shocked! Petunia, no matter how overcompulsive about the littlest things, had never slapped Lily for fear that she would get hexed. (She did not know that Hogwarts students were not allowed to perform magic until they turned seventeen.) But something in her eyes burned with a deep hatred for the red head in front of her, and she was not going to take it anymore.

Petunia then pushed Lily out the door with such force that the poor girl landed on the hard path to the sidewalk and the purse that she had spilled it contents of Muggle and wizard currency, chapstick and hair ties all over the ground.

Tears streaming from her eyes at her older sibling's abrupt cruelty, Lily looked up at her and asked "Why? Why did you do that?"

Petunia smirked viciously at her, "Because I have had enough of you! My boyfriend, Vernon Dursley, is coming over today and I want everything to be perfect. However, I can't have you and your abnormality around here to scare him away from me. So, take your play money, find that piece of trash, Snape, and don't come back here until mother and father come home around... 9 tonight."

Before closing the door on Lily, Petunia said coldly, "It would be better if you didn't come home at all, but they would just miserable if their favorite little freak didn't come home. So I'll just have to wait until you decide to move out and shack up with one of your many admirers, or until I'm able to throw you out, whatever comes first."

With that the blonde tormentor slammed the door in her sister's crying face and went back to straightening up the house before her guest arrived.

Trying to stop more tears from coming and wiping away the ones that were still on her face, Lily quickly gathered up her things and was very thankful that she kept her wand hidden in an inside pocket of her shirt, so that it would not be broken by her sister.

Standing up to her full height and back erect Lily made her way onto the sidewalk and toward the park. She hoped that, for once, she could get there first before Severus and wash her face off with the water from the fountain. She did not want her long-time friend (and almost crush) to see her in such a state. He never did like Petunia, and if he knew what she just did to her, he would be furious and risk breaking the Restriction of Underage Wizardry to curse the blonde senseless, or worse.

"She deserves it anyway for being such a stuck up, prissy, compulsive, jealous and generally horrid Mug-"

"No," Lily rethought quickly. "Not 'Muggle', 'person'. Just because she was born without magic doesn't mean she deserves to be cursed for it."

"Ah, but that IS her curse. She has always been jealous of you, and it isn't just because you have power, it's also because you are everything she isn't. She's not only jealous of you, she also HATES you!"

"She doesn't hate me! We're sisters, we're supposed to care about each other no matter what."

Yet, even Lily knew, deep down that her darker voice was right. The Evans sisters were completely different, and not just because one had magic and the other did not. In fact, from an outsider's point of view, they could not have been related at all.

Petunia Diana Evans was not only a compulsive neat-freak, but she was also gossipy ("Did you hear about [insert name here] and that-"), materialistic ("If it isn't designer or brand-new it deserves to be in the trash"), a picky eater ("I will not eat that! It's too fattening!"), vain ("I refuse to go out with even the smallest pimple on my face!"), has hardly a sense of humor, and uncommonly cruel.

Once the family went out for shopping a poor woman with a baby on her back and screaming toddler riding in an old shopping cart passed by them and asked for a little bit of money for groceries. Lily and her parents, Harry and Adriana Evans, gave her what added up to a month's worth of grocery money willingly, but Petunia, once her family was a little ways off, took back half of the money and stuffed it in her purse while snarling at the tear-struck woman "If you want money, get a job and don't take from real hardworking people". Then, with a satified smirk, caught up with the family at the car. The next day she spent the money on a facial and some new, high marked dresses.

Lily Aurora Evans, on the otherhand, was a complete opposite to her sister. She was adventurous, polite, hardworking, loyal, generous, outspoken, compassionate, always tried to see the good in others, and uncommonly kind. Which is why she never understood why people always brought down those who were less fortunate, or always gossipped about what trend was better than the last one.

Besides the personalities, and that Lily was a highly accomplished witch, she and Petunia also greatly differed in looks.

Petunia was tall, skinny, long necked and had a horse-like face and teeth to match. Her blonde hair was almost ghostly pale, which was a few shades to light to her father's pale gold hair, and her eyes were practically the same color as her hair, which was still lighter to her mother's silvery eyes. Her skin was a pale pink and lacked natural color around the face. She had thin, pale lips and (as far as the appropriate curves were conserned) she was nearly flat at the chest and hips. She tried to bring out whatever shades were hidden by applying heavy amounts of make up.

Lily was petite with a swan-like neck and a full-figured with more than enough appropriate curves around the chest and hips. Her deep red hair was an intensified ruby version of her mother's hair, and her green almond-shaped eyes were an intensified emerald version of her father's eyes. She had rose pink lips, porceilin pale skin that held a natural color all its own, and hardly wore make up unless it was for special occations.

Yes, from an outsider's view, they were absolutly nothing alike in the fields appearance, behavior, and their representive boarding schools' popularity circuit.

At Hogwarts, Lily was practically the epitome of beauty, brains, and talent. Her grades were above excellent; she was the president of the Charms, Potions, and Dueling clubs since she excelled in both the written and practical applications of Charms, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts; she became the new Dueling champion of Gryffindor House for the third year in a row just last school year, and she just got her letter that informed her she was the new Prefect for Gryffindor.

Many students marvelled and adored her talents as a capable witch, and were always entertained with her constant rejection of the infamous James Potter. Even her sharp thinking and clever wits earned her some respect with the Slytherins.

As for her beauty, she would hear the whispered theories of how she became so lovely to look at.

"She must be part Siren. You know how rare they are, and her voice, even when she's yelling at James Potter, is practically musical!" one would say.

"Siren nothing! That babe is some sort of Veela hybrid. No other way about it!" his friend would argue.

"You're both wrong!" a third would say. "She is an angel come down from Heaven itself! No one else is that pure and wonderful!"

"Amen!" all three would chorus.

There was even a rumor going around about a "Lily Evans Fan Club" being held for most of the boys from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. (Gryffindors were not allowed because Lily was constantly surrounded by them.) Even James Potter was not responsible for the secret club rumors.

"When I want to worship Evans, I do it out in the open!" he would say. "My eternal devotion would be more than enough for any club."

At Petunia's school, St. Laura's School for Promising Young Ladies, Petunia was an excellent student that excelled in the courses of Alebra, Botany, and Advanced Writing. She was a member of the school newspaper, "Laura's Letter Box", and part of the school's Beautification Group.

She was, however, not the school's most popular girl. On the contrary, she was the least popluar and the least liked of all the girls there. Even her "friends", Dawn Patterman, Ellen Guards, and Catrina Cramer, did not like her all that much. The only reason they stayed with her was because she always got them expensive gifts (but they had to make sure theirs was just as expensive), and because Petunia always gossipped about anybody who did not agree with her views, so they did not want to be on the recieving end.

Yes, Lily knew all of this and agreed (secretly) with her darker half that everybody would be better off without Petunia in their lives. She also was very tempted to do the hexing herself...

"No!" Lily thought as she took a sip from the fountain after she washed her face. She would never, under any circuimstances, hex or bespell her sister. "She may be cruel, but she is still my sister. Regardless of anything else, I will always love and respect her."


Startled, Lily whirled around and saw the faded gray shirt of her old friend, Severus Snape. She noticed her got taller since he turned fifteen last December, and had to look up a few inches to meet his black eyes.

Taking him in she noticed he was wearing the new trainers she bought him for his birthday/Christmas present since both days were practically in the same week. (He was born on the twenty-second.) She also noticed he was wearing his father, Tobias Snape's, old jeans, which were frayed at the knees and bottoms, but still in good condition.

"Sev, you scared me," Lily said with a giggle before enveloping him in a hug. "I guess I was just so deep in thought I didn't hear you come up."

"That's pretty bad, coming from the Gryffindor Dueling Champion three years running," Severus said with a smile.

At that Lily playfully looked offended and lightly slapped his shoulders, "Even the best Duelists have their off days, Snape, and if I were you I'd be more careful when you start to sneak up on someone. That someone may just land you in St. Mungo's."

"Of course, My Lady Lion," he added with a sarcastic bow.

At that they both laughed and went into the middle of the park where their favorite spot, a glade where the river was flowing close by, to sit down and talk. Lily was the only one who could ever make Severus happy, she just did not know that.

Once they sat down and started conversing Severus took the time to drink in Lily's appearance. She was wearing black sandals with black Athenian straps that came halfway up her calves with a criss-cross design over the foot, and the sole thick at the heel so it gave her some height. She was also wearing a jean skirt that flared out at the knees, and a small, dark green purse that matched her eyes and her simple spaghetti strap top. Her hair was unbound, and flowed down her back and over her shoulder in a flowing river of rubies, and her lips had the distinct of cherries from her chapstick.

"Every year she becomes more beautiful than the last," he thought fondly while listening to her talk about the summer homework they got (and completed in two weeks). "If my dormmates knew I get to spend every summer with the Hogwarts' Dream Girl they would be...What is that?"