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Chapter 14: The Gryffindor Champion

That Saturday morning all of Hogwarts woke up very early than what was usual, at eight in the morning. Even though the other Houses were not permitted to watch each others' preliminaries, they could still feel the excitement in the air and that increased their own determination to win for their own House.

When breakfast was finished in a record time thirty minutes the other three Houses left the Great Hall and returned to the new routine of practicing their dueling and cheering. The Gryffindors were left to occupy the other tables while some of the teachers went out the great oak doors to stand guard and keep other students from entering until the preliminaries were over.

At nine o'clock all four tables were sent to both sides of the Hall, and two long stages, one red and one gold was conjured up in the middle of the empty space. The students gathered around and the Head of Gryffindor House, Professor McGonagall, stood on the center of one of the tables and addressed her students at large.

"Good morning," she said and was pleased to hear the unified cry returned. "Today we shall be holding our Preliminary Tournament to see which young witch or wizard shall be given the honor to represent Gryffindor House in the Hogwarts Dueling Championship.

"When I call your names I want each of you to go to your respective stages. The gold stage on the right is for the wizards, and the red stage I am on is for the witches. I will then pair you all up and you will each take a card with a Roman numeral on it to see which pair will duel first.

"Once we have our one female and one male duelist standing, the stages will merge and we will find out who our Gryffindor Champion is. Let us begin," she concluded.

After a few minutes the sixteen students were called and paired up. Lily was paired against Mary; Sheila was paired against Alice Prewett, a seventh year; Remus was paired against Frank Longbottom, a seventh year; Sirius was paired against an excited-looking sixth year named Alan Jordin, and a scared-looking Peter was paired against a broad-chested seventh year named Davy Dipper.

Drawing the first card Lily and Mary saw that they would be going first for the girls; Sheila and Alice were going third for the girls; Remus and Frank were going second for the boys; Sirius and Alan were going third for the boys, and a relieved Peter and his opponent were the last for the boys.

Taking their positions on the stages the girls and boys began their first bout. Lily and Mary's match ended fairly quickly, as Lily had more than enough experiences dueling in the Muggle and wizarding worlds, and she moved on to the second round. Sheila and Alice's match was a little more intense but, finally, Alice Prewett had moved on to become Lily's new opponent. Remus and Sirius did not have too much trouble disarming their opponents, though the same could not be said for Peter.

The moment his opponent shouted a spell at him Peter dropped his wand and ducked to the laughter of everyone except the other Marauders, they groaned and hid their faces in their hands.

"C'mon Petey!" Sirius cried. "Concentrate!"

"Remeber what we taught you!" James yelled.

"You'll be fine!" Remus encouraged.

"He's a gonner," they all thought sadly.

That became very true in a few short seconds. Peter's wand was knocked out of his hand twice. Once by Davy's Disarming charm, and the last because Peter's hand was sweating and it just slipped out.

"In the second round," McGonagall announced after the laughter had died down, "For the qualifying witches champion title, Ms. Lily Evans, Ms. Molly Prewett, Ms. Natalie Lynx, and Ms. Alice Prewett! For the wizards' champion title, Mr. Davy Dipper, Mr. Warren Price, Mr. Remus Lupin, and Mr. Sirius Black!"

Once the cheers and applause died down the professor continued, "The girls will go first. After the winner has been decided, the boys will duel, and soon we will see who will face off to be the Gryffindor Champion."

With that the crowd gathered around the red stage to watch Lily and Alice duel. They approached the center of the stage, bowed, and took ten paces back to their respective sides. Wands held at ready Alice began the duel.


"Protango! Immobilia!" Lily countered with a couple of flicks of her wand.

Alice's Disarming spell came back at her. She dodged but her legs were locked together by the other spell. She fell and her wand came out of her hand.

When Lily lifted the spell off her Alice took her wand and the duel recommenced.

A few minutes later Lily was made the victor, though it was close. Alice had managed to blast her wand out of her hand on the second try, and Lily had reciprecated with another blow. Then Alice sent an 'aquamanta' spell at her and Lily had barely hung on to her wand long enough to send the final blow to Alice.

Molly and Natalie's duel was short lived, and soon Natalie was declared the winner.

They had met in the middle and shared a respective handshake before getting off the stage to watch the two remaining Marauders face their opposition. Remus was paired against Warren, and Sirius was left to face Davy.

Dipper may have intimidated Peter, but there was no such luck with Sirius. The moment their duel commenced Sirius shot out four spells straight at his opponent. Three of the shots disarmed him three times, and the fourth made a pair of tentacles about from Davy's ears.

"I thought he was going to block the last one, and I shot that little hex too soon!" he said to McGonagall as she reprimanded him for hexing his opponent while unarmed.

Naturally Sirius was disqualified and Davy moved on to face Remus, who won his duel with Warren.

After the five minute reprieve the qualifying rounds between the witches and wizards finally began. Another five minutes later Lily and Remus stood victorious, and ten minutes were given to the two Gryffindors to strategize and prepare for the final bout.

"You can do this Lily!" Mary encouraged her friend as Lily drank down a large goblet of water.

"Show those guys what a real duelist can do!" Sheila said, thumping Lily on the back so hard she spat out her water. "Sorry."

Grinning Lily wiped her mouth off and said, "Don't worry about it, Sheila. And don't you lot worry either," she added, addressing her fellow witches. "I'm not about to play the 'defenceless maiden' with Mr. Remus 'the Scholar' Lupin, even if he IS a Marauder and my fellow Prefect!"

As the crowd chorused out her name the Marauders were having a heated discussion about how the events had turned out.

"Why the bloody hell did you pull that stunt Sirius?" James exclaimed.

"It was instinct! Pure reflex!" Sirius said, trying to calm his best friend down. "I just couldn't stand that Dipper bloke's smug face when he humiliated Wormtail here," he wrapped his arm around a whimpering Pettigrew for emphasis.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he kept whining.

Shaking his head the Prefect of the group said, "Look guys, we anticipated something like this was going to happen. The best we can do is hope that I win against Lily."

"You're right," James said, calming down when her name was mentioned. "We DID reason that this would happen, and that is why we need to stick to our plan. This is for her, afterall."

Sirius thumped James on the back and said, "Quite right, mate. Now, let's win this thing Mooney, and keep Roary Red in Gryffindor where she belongs!"

"No pressure," Remus mumbled and the Marauders broke off with a laugh.

The long, solid white stage had appeared in the middle of the Hall and the witches and wizards took their respective sides at the ends of it as Professor McGonagall came onto the center of the stage.

"The final for the Gryffindor House Champion is about to begin!" she exclaimed and the whole House burst into applause. "On the left side, representing the Gryffindor wizards, Remus John Lupin!"

Remus went up on stage to the applause and cheers of his fellow wizards, with the loudest cheer being from his fellow Marauders shouting, "GO GET HER, MOONEY!"

"On the right side, representing the Gryffindor witches, Lily Aurora Evans!" the Head exclaimed and a renewed burst of shouting and clapping filled the Hall.

Some of the girls shouted "WITCHES RULE THE SCHOOL!", and others chorused out "GO TIGER LILY!" Even Potter made a spectacle of himself and shouted "MAKE HIM HOWL, EVANS!"

"WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?" the guys, including a red-faced Remus, shouted back at him and Sirius pushed him into an empty corner of the Hall to talk some sense into him.

"Like you said before, mate, instinct! Pure reflex!" James said, blushing like crazy at his mistake.

"Try to remember that if you do that again it's your ass," Sirius said, dragging his friend over to the others. Then he said to them, "Don't worry! He'll be good now!"

Giving each of the students a stern look to silence them, McGonagall continued, "Remember, after our Champion is decided, there is to be absolutly no mention of his, or her, identity. If any of you," her gaze lingered on James, "were to divuldge such information you shall be severally punished and make Gryffindor lose fifty points, and our chance of winning the House Cup."

With that she got off of the stage and sent a wide Shield Charm over it, so the crowd had to back away about ten feet.

Meeting in the middle the Prefects shook hands, exchanged fair wishes to each other, bowed and returned to the respective ends, wands at ready.

"On the count of three!" McGonagall shouted.

"One!" the girls screamed.

"Two!" the boys exclaimed.

"THREE!" they all chorused...