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If your curious, this is going to be a series of different short one-shots on Black and White (who I might call them Hilbert and Hilda if the situation calls for it) and Bianca and Cheren who make their lives... oh, just that much more colorful. Colorful meaning interesting, and you could define that whichever way you want. This will be updated whenever inspiration strikes.

For the 100 themes challenge (variation one), this is 69. Annoyance.

"No." And just like that, Cheren's nose was back in his book, eyes scanning the page furiously. Sadly, Bianca wasn't easily swayed.

"Oh c'mon, admit it! You know it's true."

"Bianca, I already-"

"Oh, I know," she says before dropping her voice lower into an unconvincing male's voice. "'I'm Cheren and I don't like to admit up to anything I believe, no matter how true it is-"

"One, I never said that," he says quickly, the words practically spilling out of his mouth. "And two, if I like something then I will admit to liking it."

"So... you don't-"

"I never said that either."

"So, you do?

He groans as his right hand jumps to push his glasses to the bridge of his nose. And if you looked really close, the faintest rose color dusted his cheeks. "Bianca!"

She laughs. "Just admit it! Admit that you think my-"


"Why not? Cher..."

"Ugh, fine!" He snaps his book closed and considers throwing it to the ground in sheer frustration. "You have a cute butt!"

Silence. And then...

"... Gee, Cheren. I... didn't know you felt that way." Cheren whips around, his glasses nearly falling off his face with such speed. He can't but feel his mouth drop and cheeks flame up when he sees Black leaning against the door frame nonchalantly, White at his side.

"B-Black! I uh... I was referring to Bia— uh..."

Bianca and White didn't even try to smother their laughter.

A/N: Quick explanation if I made exactly what's going on vague. Basically, pre-story, Cheren was happily reading his book somewhere when Bianca bursts in, saying something that doesn't really have any relevance at all. Cheren is half-listening, half-reading with a smirk on his face. Bianca then says something along the lines of, "Hey Cheren, you think my butt is cute, right?" He gets caught off guard and mumbles something incoherent. She replies with, "Oh my god, you do!" Cheren starts mumbling, saying that he doesn't think so, wheen Bianca says the fatal words, "Yes you do, admit it!" They go back and forth, Cheren gets annoyed into admitting it, when Black and White kind of walk in. Black says his lines and Cheren misinterprets them. Cheren is almost sure that Black thinks that he (Cheren) thinks that his (Black's) butt is cute. White and Bianca just think the whole situation is damn hilarious xD.

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