Day 6 - Early Morning

Gaston woke with a start. He was vaguely aware of the time of night, judging by the darkness engulfing the room that caused him to blink his eyes, multiple times, rapidly and in succession. As his disorientation ebbed and his hunter instincts kicked in, he realized he was not alone. Someone else was in the room with him. Breathing softly in bed next to him.

He turned to gaze upon Belle's pale form, slightly illuminated by the thin lines of silvery moonlight that managed to seep in through the musty windowpane of Gaston's bedroom. Images of the day before flooded to the forefront of his thoughts. The clearing, the rain, the trip home, the kiss...

And now Belle was in bed with him. They had consummated their relationship.

Belle was his at last.

She had given in to him... and that meant...

She truly wanted to be with him. Someone he loved, for once, was here to stay. Hopefully, for a long time. He would raise children with her and never leave them. He would never be like his father. And she could be an obedient, perfect wife, doing everything that Gaston's mother had given up on once she began losing her will. She would cook, and clean, and bear male heirs that had Belle's brains and the hunter's braun. And for once, he thought, he wanted a little girl. One with Belle's eyes and powerfully strong spirit- a spitting image of her beautiful mother.

Gaston's body felt as though on fire, despite the chilly dampness of the room, but that didn't stop him from gently scooping the warm and sleeping Belle into his arms and returning to dreaming with her in his secure embrace.