I know it's far from Valentine's Day, but I just had to write this, so here it is.

I love Blues. They're so adorable and cute and lovable, especially Bubbles.

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A blonde, blue-eyed little boy sat on the swings during recess, studying the piece of paper in his hands. He would glance at the paper, look up, and glance back at the paper. He suddenly stood up, as if he had finally decided on something, but just as suddenly sat back down. His eyes scanned the paper. He frowned, as if he were unsatisfied with something.

The bell rang and the boy flew inside to his classroom. He rushed to the coloring area, grabbed several crayons, and added a few more streaks of color to his paper.

As the rest of the class began filing in, the boy hastily folded up the paper and crammed it into his pocket.

"All right, children. Settle down, settle down," the teacher, Ms. Keane, herded her students in. "Let's take out our Valentine's bags that we made last week. Now, anyone who brought cards may pass them around. And I brought heart-shaped lollipops for everyone!" The class cheered, and most kids got up and began handing out cards.

"Hey Boomer, you didn't bring any cards?" The little boy looked up at the boy who had asked him the question.

"Well…" Boomer unconsciously touched the paper in his pocket.

"Of course he didn't!" His brother, Butch, replied for him. "Boomer's not some card-giving sissy, are ya, Boomer? Or does wittle Boomer has somebody special?" Butch teased.

"I don't!" Boomer yelled back, a slight blush rising to his cheeks, as Butch burst out laughing.

Boomer turned away from him, glancing around until his eyes rested on her. Boomer sighed. There she was, flying around with a blue wicker basket decorated with hearts that Boomer assumed carried all her Valentine's cards. Even from across the room, Boomer could see her beautiful blue eyes sparkling as she handed out her cards, each one meticulously cut, glued, and filled with a loving message that came from the bottom of her sweet, loving heart.

As she made her way to his table, Boomer waited in anticipation for his cards. First she reached inside her basket and handed a card to Butch, who was already working his way through his candy. She had even made a card for Butch! A real angel. Next, she handed one to the girl sitting next to Butch. "Here you go, Robin! Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Thanks Bubbles. Happy Valentine's Day to you too," the girl responded. Bubbles merrily continued handing out cards, making her way to Boomer, who was staring fixedly at his desk. He anxiously tapped his foot, waiting for her to reach into her basket and hand him a card. After staring at his desk for a few more minutes, Boomer decided to sneak a glance at her. He look up… but she wasn't there anymore! Boomer looked around, only to find her in her seat talking to her sister.

But she hadn't even given him a card! She'd forgotten about him! How could she forget about him? Boomer's anger flared, but soon subsided into sadness. She'd forgotten about him. Boomer couldn't concentrate on Ms. Keane, much less think about anything except that she'd forgotten about him.

"Hey Boomer, what's up with you? Why're you more wuss-like than usual today?" his brother Brick asked him as everyone ran out to lunch. Boomer shrugged his shoulders and slumped out of the classroom. "Hey wait. Where're ya going? Fine! Nobody wants to talk to ya anyway!" Brick called after him.

Boomer didn't even care what his brothers called him anymore. He slowly walked to the playground and sat on a swing, kicking the sand beneath his feet. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper. Suddenly he crumpled it up and threw it at the ground. "Stupid, stupid, stu—"

"Boomer?" a shy voice called from behind him. Boomer stood up and spun around, coming face to face with Bubbles. When their eyes met, she quickly looked away at the ground. Her hands were shyly behind her back, and she had a faint blush in her cheeks.

"Whadya want?" he snapped as his anger flared up again.

Surprised at his tone, she took a step back and mumbled, "Oh, um, well, I uh… have something for you." She stuck out her hand and offered him a card. Boomer was too surprised to take it, so she left it on the swing and ran off before he could say anything.

Finally coming to, Boomer hastily reached for the card. It was in the shape of a heart, and in the center, surrounded by little pink and red hearts, was his name written in blue. He slowly opened it as he broke into a huge smile. "Happy Valentine's Day, Boomer! With love from, Bubbles" read the card. Beneath that was a Hershey's kiss labeled "a kiss for you."

Suddenly Boomer looked at the crumpled paper in the sand. He picked it up and tried to smooth it out. The paper had a drawing of two stick people smiling and holding hands. The girl had two blonde pigtails, and the boy had messy blonde hair. Slightly above them was a little red heart. At the corner of the paper was a bright yellow sun smiling down on the two. At the bottom of the paper was a single sentence: Will yoo be my Valentin?

Boomer suddenly felt very courageous. He looked around and spotted Bubbles sitting under a tree on the other end of the playground. Boomer flew over and landed next to her. She looked up in surprise, but before she had any time to say anything, Boomer handed the wrinkled paper to her.

He mumbled an explanation as she took the paper, "It's wrinkly and it's not as pretty as yours, but—"

She had suddenly jumped up and pulled him into a hug. "It's beautiful Boomer! I love it!"

He shyly hugged her back before replying, "Happy Valentine's Day Bubbles."

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