And what was little Brick doing this love-filled day?

"All right, children. Settle down, settle down," Mrs. Keane called out, ushering her students in. "Let's take out our Valentine's bags that we made last week. Now, anyone who brought cards may pass them around. And I brought heart-shaped lollipops for everyone!" The children cheered, and many of them got up and began handing out cards.

Brick, however, stayed in his seat. It was the perfect time to get to work; everyone was too busy to pay attention to him. He looked across the room, made a mental note of something, took out a piece of paper, and got to work. Brick wrote down a few words, crossed one out, wrote a few more words, and stared hard at his paper. Suddenly, he drew a big X over the whole sheet, crumpled it up, and pulled out another one. More writing, crossing out, and staring. Chatter and laughter filled the room, making it hard for Brick to concentrate. He occasionally wanted to eyebeam a couple of the students, but he didn't want to risk anything today.

A few lines in, words suddenly flowed to Brick, and he began writing furiously. His brother Butch even asked him something, but Brick was too submerged in his work to really process the question. "Mmhmm" was his only reply.

Brick was halfway through, when a voice from over his shoulder remarked haughtily, "You can't spell at all, can you?" He turned around to find know-it-all Blossom peering over his shoulder holding a batch of cards. Brick quickly moved his arm over the paper in an effort to hide its contents.

"Yeah, I can!" Brick retorted.

"Color is spelled c-o-l-o-r," she pointed to the word on Brick's paper.

"C-o-l-o-r?" Brick looked confused for a moment. "No one asked ya anyways!"

"Well since today is Valentine's Day and the Professor says you have to love everyone on Valentine's Day, I was just trying to help," she said in her lecture voice.

"Oh," Brick looked away. She was always showing him up, and now she was being nice. "Sorry," Brick muttered in the quietest voice possible.

"Well, if you want help, you know, with the spelling," she trailed off.

Brick considered her offer; it would be nice to have this perfectly spelled. "Okay," he accepted her offer, although it did hurt his pride a bit.

"Oh," Blossom looked slightly surprised. "Alright then. I'll help you during lunch." She smiled brightly and flew off to pass around more cards.

For the rest of the class time, Brick was in an oddly good mood. He didn't even punch the living daylights of the kid who accidentally spilled a bit of water on his shoe. He grabbed his Valentine's bag from Butch's desk and quietly added a little smiley face at the bottom. Then he looked at his brothers to see how they were enjoying this fine day. Butch was already chomping away at his candy– not unexpected. But Boomer just looked like one pathetic cloud of depression– Brick would have to talk to him about this.

The bell rang, and it was finally time for lunch. As the students filed out, Brick noticed Boomer still moping. "Hey Boomer, what's up with you? Why're you more wuss-like than usual today?" Brick jokingly asked his brother. But Boomer didn't even reply. "Hey wait. Where're ya going? Fine! Nobody wants to talk to ya anyway!" Brick called after him. The nerve of his brother! Well, Brick had better stuff to do.

Brick walked out and spotted Blossom sitting under a shady tree. She looked very peaceful reading a book while slowly muching away at a sandwich. Brick took a deep breath and wordlessly sat down next to her. "Oh hello," she said upon noticing him.

"Well, ya gonna help me or not?" Brick demanded.

"Not with that attitude, I won't," she asserted. "No, no, it's Valentine's Day. Love everyone, love everyone. Be nice, Blossom," she mumbled under her breath. Brick gave her a weird look, and she sighed, "Yes, I'll help you. Let's see the paper." Brick pulled out the sheet of paper, and hesitatingly handed it to her. He watched her eyes skim over the words, and he colored slightly.

"Well, the poem itself is–" she started to say.

"Nobody asked ya!" Brick interrupted.

"Hmph! I was going to say pretty good," she shot back, slightly offended.

"Oh," Brick whispered quietly. "Thanks."

She sighed. "But your spelling is another matter. Do you have a pencil and eraser?" He pulled them out. "Okay let's start here. You see 'bin' is spelled b-e-e-n."

"But 'bin' is a word! I know it is!" Brick countered.

"Yes, yes I know. But 'bin' is used like…garbage bin."


"And 'eyes' is spelled with an 's' at the end. When words are plural, you add an 's.'"

"What's plural?"

Blossom sighed.

She continued to point out more words and correct their spelling, and most of the time, Brick listened to her. They slowly went down the paper, tackling it word by word.

"No, 'grey' is spelled g-r-e-y."

"No, it's not! It's spelled g-r-a-y."





"Fine! I'll show you!" She flew off and returned with a dictionary, flipping to the 'gr' section. "Look, see? G-r-e-y."

Brick stuck his finger a word slightly above grey. "Look! G-r-a-y!"

"Oh. I guess it can spelled both ways."

"I told ya!"

"You didn't tell me that!"

Their little squabble continued for a while before they got back to work. Finally, they were done. Every word was perfect. Brick stared at the paper in amazement. So this was what it was like to be good at spelling. From the corner of his eye, Brick could see that Blossom was beaming at the paper.

"Okay. The last thing to do, is to read it out loud. If everything sounds right, we're done!" she said.

"Out loud?" Brick echoed.

"Yeah. Just read it to me, and I'll see if everything sounds right."

"Okay," Brick acquiesced. "Here goes.

It's been a while since we met,

So I thought it'd be okay to say,

That your hair's the color of a bright sunset.

That your eyes sparkle like the light of day.

That your voice makes me forget

Of everything that's gray.

I'm not good enough for you yet,

But I'll get better, so just for today,

Please be my Valentine."

Brick stumbled on a few words, but for the most part, it was well read. When he finished reading, he was blushing furiously.

Blossom, however, seemed not to notice. She chirped, "It sounds great Brick!" After a slight pause, "So who's it for?" Now she was blushing slightly.

"Um, well…" Brick didn't know what to say. On the spur of the moment, he grabbed the pencil, scribbled a few words on it, and handed the paper to Blossom.

Now she was now blushing furiously. "To Blossom? …From Brick?" she read slowly. Brick was staring hard at the ground, unable to meet her eyes. Suddenly he heard the sound of furious writing, and he looked up to see Blossom scribbling something on another piece of paper. She occasionally paused to think but then continued writing.

After what seemed to be a very long, awkward few minutes for Brick, Blossom looked up, beaming, and handed the paper to him. "Read it," she said simply.

"To Brick:

You're more than good enough for me.

That you try hard makes me happy.

Feelings of love fill me too,

So here's a Valentine's kiss for you."

Brick had just finished reading when she leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. Brick stared at her, in shock. He didn't know what to say.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Brick," she whispered in his ear. Suddenly, the bell rang and with a shy smile, Blossom skipped off, clutching Brick's poem to her.

Brick snapped out of his daze, and yelled after her, "Happy Valentine's Day, Blossom!" She turned around, and this time, gave him a big, bright smile. Brick returned his attention to the paper in his hands. In the just a few minutes, she had managed to write something like this– and spell it perfectly too. Brick sighed to himself. She was just too amazing.

It was now after school, and Brick finally summoned enough courage to give Blossom some of his candy. He wondered which type she'd like best. Hershey's kisses? Or Sweetarts? Maybe Nerds? But when Brick looked in his bag, he only saw candy wrappers. Suddenly, something clicked. Brick glanced around and spotted Butch looking stupidly happy. But happiness didn't last long for fools that ate Brick's candy. "Butch! Ya ate all my candy! C'mere and lemme beat you up!" Brick raged as he shot toward Butch.

Little did Brick know, however, that while he was angrily chasing his brother, his Valentine was fondly thinking of him.

Poems are hard to write, so sorry if they kinda suck. And reading them again, I realized that kindergarteners probably couldn't write these… but oh well, Brick and Blossom are special kindergarteners.

I might do other holidays and events, maybe, if I ever think of any good ideas.

Well that's all for the Rowdyruff boys' Valentine's Day! Thanks for reading and thanks for all the great comments!