[hello all. I have mentioned this story to a few people. This is the back story to my OC Needles. Now then, there's a lot to the war so I am also going to be taking OC's for this. That aside most of this story will be taking place from Needles's point of view. I also intend to make a similar story for my OC Reuger and will use all of the OC's I get here for that as well. All other info at the bottom but read on and enjoy!]

The tiger was thrown face down into the muck as rain poured down around him. He was grabbed from behind and yanked back up. The tiger swiped backwards missing the assailant only to receive a powerful punch to the face and be sent back down into the mud. All around them were the sounds of cheering as the tiger stared into the sky with rain pouring onto his mucky face. He attempted to sit up but didn't have the strength. He watched his assailant approach him and lift him from the ground again.

"Enough!" shouted a voice silencing the rowdy crowd.

The battered and muddy tiger staggered to his feet and looked towards the interloper. His image was blurry from the blood and grime covering his face but the pain from the following backhand was clear. The limp tiger began a decent into the mud yet again but was caught by the fur on his chest by the same hand that struck him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here Needles!" the voice growled.

The tiger tried to focus his gaze onto the one accosting him but seen little through the haze.

"Stupid son of a bitch!" the creature growled.

"You know this brat Zaz?" one of the onlookers asked.

Needles managed to focus on the interloper just enough to recognize him as a tiger, and one he knew. The tiger that held him spun him around and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck causing him to curl up like a kitten. The tigers who had been watching the scuffle began to chuckle but the tiger carrying Needles silenced them as he made his way down the rain slicked streets.

"Damnit Needles, what the hell is the matter with you, this is the stupidest stunt I've ever seen you pull" the tiger growled.

Needles's eyes wandered lazily in his daze. He watched the ground pass beneath him in a blur barely conscious. Zaz stopped talking but Needles could hear him muttering to himself as he was carried onward. Before Needles realized it he was carried to the door of a small residence. His gaze floated upwards to the brass handle of the door. Zaz knocked on the door and after a short while it cracked open. Needles couldn't see who had opened it but whoever it was swung the door open and began freaking out.

"Wha, Needles! What happened!" someone shouted in a woman's voice.

Needles watched the floor boards pass as he was carried inside and dropped.

"Zaz! What did you do that for!" the woman asked frantically.

"Found you son picking fights with the soldiers" said Zaz

In the light of the house the tigers could be clearly seen. Zaz was crimson with red stripes and a worn and dirty tiger uniform. Needles was some toxic looking shade of yellow with stripes of a burnt orange color, at least, that's what could be seen through the muck covering him. The woman was of a regular yellow color with darker yellow stripes. Needles staggered to his feet using a dining room table as support. His head turned to the woman with a faint scowl across his face.

"Needles, how could you? I told you to just ignore them, why don't you ever listen, you know we can't afford if anything happened to you" the woman scolded.

Needles attempted to speak but was too tired to really say anything.

"The army is going to be pissed when they hear about this" said Zaz to the woman.

"Fuck… the… army" Needles managed to growl as he clenched a chair.

"Needles! I'm sorry about my son Zaz, please don't be angry with him" said the woman.

"I'm not, the soldiers will be however" said Zaz.

"What's going on out here… Zaz, what's going on?" said a tiger wheeling himself into the room.

As was implied, the tiger was wheelchair bound using his arms to move himself. His fur was blue, common for the tigers but his stripes were bright orange.

"Your son was out picking fights with the soldiers, I had to drag his stupid ass back here like a child" said Zaz.

"What! What trouble did he cause?" the tiger in the wheelchair asked.

"Assault on an official, he's lucky showed up or he'd be a coat right now. He'll be even luckier if he doesn't get court marshaled" said Zaz.

"Are you serious! is there anything you can do?" the wheelchair bound tiger asked.

"I can try… but with tensions as they are now… I just don't know. If anything does come up I'll be sure I'm the one who informs you… until then I recommend keeping him inside" said Zaz.

"I see… well, thank you brother… I'm sorry about our son" said the wheelchair bound tiger.

"I recommend you two pray for him… this is a very serious matter… I will see you all again…" said Zaz turning to leave the house.

Needles's parent's turned their attention to him and he scowled back.

What were you thinking Needles! How many times have we told you to leave the army alone!" Needles's parents asked.

"They're assholes" said Needles recovering his breath.

"Idiot! You don't realize what the military is capable of, they could have killed you!" Needles father shouted.

"Shut the hell up! Them bastards have been fucking the town up since they showed up! Someone needs to kick their fucking asses!" Needles shouted.

"Watch you mouth Needles!" shouted Needles's mother.

"Yea they occupied the town, but guess what Needles, there's nothing we can fucking do about it, understand! You should be more concerned with keeping them from conscripting you, your uncle is doing everything in his power to protect you and you are only causing him more problems" said Needles's father.

Needles fell silent and stared at the floor.

"Please Needles, this is very serious. Please don't do anything like this again, you father and I just want you to be safe… now please, go wash up, I'll heat up supper for you" said Needles's mom.

Needles stared at them and his scowl eventually faded as he limped his way to the bathroom. The rest of the night was relatively silent. He washed off the dirt and grime to reveal a coat of fur that always looked dirty, especially his brown feet and belly. He ate a dinner of ham left over from the previous night. Afterwards he found himself some much needed rest.

Needles awoke to the smell of bacon on the stove. The house was of an odd design, his bed was in a cubby hole at the back of the living room/dining room and the kitchen was at the other end. There was a bathroom right next to the stairs and up stairs near Needles's parent's room. As a result, there was a ramp installed there as well. Needles rolled out of bed still very sore from yesterday's brawl. He walked over to his mother who greeted him with a shining smile making him do the same. Needles couldn't see it but his mother's tail twitched nervously every so often.

"Morning hun, you get a good rest?" Needles's mother asked.

"Slept like a log ma" Needles replied.

"I could tell, your snoring last night was enough to wake the neighbors" said Needles's mother.

Needles blushed a bit and breathed a raspy breath to himself. He waited as his mother finished their breakfast and his father wheeled himself over to the table. Needles's mother served their breakfast and sat down to eat. Conversation was limited however and Needles's mother wore an awkward smile the entire time. Needles could feel the unpleasant tension in the air. He finished his breakfast and his mom promptly took the dishes from him. There was something about it that Needles didn't like. He stood up and made his way to the couch to turn on the TV, he hated the silence in the house so this helped. The day passed on much like this with his mother being awkwardly cheery and kind, asking Needles if she could get him anything and taking care of his chores herself. All this kindness couldn't stop the inevitable as they heard a knock at the door. Needles's mother froze in her tracks and the smile she had been wearing all day faded to a look of dread. She stared at the door, not wanting to answer it but the knocking continued. Needles's mother briefly considered hiding her son but forced herself not to be so crazy. She made her way over to the front door, breathed deeply and opened it. Just as she had feared, Zaz stood just on the other side and his face confirmed her fears.

"I'm going to need Needles" said Zaz.

Needles's mother stared at the tiger then broke down and fell to her knees. Her husband wheeled his way over to comfort her. Zaz looked over to Needles who sneered at him and didn't budge.

"You're going to have to come with me Needles" said Zaz.

"Fuck you, I'm not going anywhere" Needles growled.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice, either you come with me or the army will be on there way to bring you in" said Zaz.

"Then have them drag their asses down here and get me" Needles growled.

"Enough of this Needles! This is a serious matter, it was hard enough making them send me to get you, any others probably wouldn't hesitate to dismember you for what you did. Now come along, I want to get this over with" said Zaz.

Needles stared up at the crimson tiger, his sneer growing into a scowl as he reluctantly stood up and approached his uncle. Needles looked back at his parents and his heart felt torn to pieces seeing them like that. As Zaz grabbed his hand his claws extended subconsciously and stuck Zaz in the palm. Zaz squeezed Needles's hand causing Needles to retract them as he was dragged away from his grieving mother and father.

Needles followed silently through the mostly empty streets. The rain had cleared overnight leaving only muddy pathways in it's wake. He was dragged by the hand to the town house and brought inside. the interior was littered with tiger soldiers who watched as Zaz dragged Needles up stairs and through a large set of double doors. Inside was just what you would expect for a command post. Sitting at a desk in the center of the room was the one who appeared to be in charge. A blue tiger dressed in a well decorated suit.

"So this is your insubordinate nephew" said the commander.

"Yes this is him, I understand you have already come to your decision on his punishment?" Zaz asked.

"Indeed. Listen to me punk, you're lucky you have an uncle like Zaz, we've decided not to have you executed, instead, you will be serving the great tiger general in his army" said the commander.

"That's bullshit! Fuck you and fuck the tiger general! I shouldn't have to suffer just because you assholes-!" Needles shouted before having his mouth covered by Zaz's hand.

Every tiger in the room drew their weapons on him.

"Silence Needles! He accepts your generous offer" said Zaz.

"Your nephew has quite a mouth on him, he'll need to learn to watch what comes out of it or we'll make a carpet out of that rotten looking coat of his" said the commander.

Needles's mouth was uncovered and he looked to the commander.

"Don't I even get a say in this" said Needles.

"It has already been decided, your fate was ours the moment you attacked one of my men. your voice means nothing grunt. starting tomorrow we're shipping you out with every other lowlife conscript we've scavenged out of this dingy little town, I recommend saying your goodbyes because the next time you see your family, it'll be from the inside of a soup can" said the commander.

Needles stared and scowled in silence at the commander. He had never seen this coming.

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