Carol has just taken a job at the local McDonald's working on the drive thru.

Carol: Yea

Oh hi, could I get two chocolate sundaes please.

Carol: That will be $4.70 *cough*

They drive thru, Carol hands them 2 sundaes without the chocolate sauce.

Man at drive thru: Oh I think you've given us the wrong order.

Carol types on the computer.

Carol: Computer says no.

Man at drive thru: What do you mean, computer says no? We have the receipt here.

Carol types again.

Carol: Computer says no.

Man at drive thru: Look we just want some syrup on our ice-cream is that too hard?

Carol: That will be an extra 50 cents.

Man at drive thru: What? We paid for the chocolate sundaes they are supposed to come with chocolate.

Carol shrugs her shoulders.

Man at drive thru: Oh for heaven's sake where's your manager?

Carol calls for Rita.

A large looking lady that looks identical to Carol comes out.

Rita: *cough*

Man at drive thru: Yes we ordered two chocolate sundaes and they haven't come with chocolate and this lady here is refusing to give us what we paid for.

Rita goes around the corner then comes back with a jug full of chocolate sauce. She pours it in and over their car.

Carol smiles.

The man drives off.