Rain, Curry, and Five Minutes

Another simple Curry-Date on the floor.

The phrase "Yes, Ms. Sophie" is out of "Dinner for One". I don't know why it came to my mind, right now, but suddenly it was there and refused to go :-)

„I´d eaten it all alone", Tony said watching at the bag of Asian take-away he had in his hands.

„I´d drunk it all alone" Stubborn like a little girl, Carol mumbled and wiggled with the bottle of wine in her hands.

"I want to see" he replied, opening the door for them to get in. Both had wanted to see the other one, and they´d met on the half. Of course, now they´d met, not admitting that they had no reason to come over. It was the old game. Wanting the other to submit.

"Do you want to get me drunk, Dr. Hill?" she fixed her gaze with his.

"Yes, Ms. Sophie." Tony smiled, knowing what this phrase implied.

"And then?" Carol sat down on the chair, and Tony settled on the floor.

"Imagine:" he said, lifting a piece of curry. "You are drunk. I´m not. Outside it´s raining like hell." He glanced shortly out the window. "What would you do?"

"Wait. ", she simply said but added a bit shy. "Then I needn't to walk those Five Minutes in the rain."

"When the sun shines?" Tony wasn't quite able to hold back these words. As an excuse to watch away he concentrated on his food.

"Then I´d done something wrong being drunk in the morning" she was right. It was hardly four a.m. Shaking her head Carol, poured in a glass of wine for them both.

"If it doesn't rain?" he took it from her and placed it beside him. Once he asked the question, he wanted to know her answer.

"I´d stay." Carol shrugged and looked around Tony´s flat. Everywhere books and papers, in exception there where she sat.

"Where?"He asked, shocked about her answer. He´d done it, asking, on own responsibility and would probably try to get out of it again.

As if noticing nothing of it, Carol took a sip before answering. "Hm, considering the lack of a couch. I´ll take the bed."

"And I?" still shocked he managed it somehow to speak relatively calm. But of course Carol noticed, and allowed herself a short smile.

She waited before answering, knowing that it could be wrong saying this, what she wanted to say right now. Or saying it ever.

"There are two choices." Slowly Carol began to smile, pointing at him with her half filled glass. The red liquid wasn't giving her the answer she needed.

"You could walk down the Five minutes to my place and sleep there. Or, "

Amazingly calm she waited until Tony watched at her. Continuing slowly, she said.

"Which I would appreciate more, you also stay."