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A little preface on this one. As some of you may remember, Rob was on Leno about a month ago and he mentioned that he was obsessed with Words with Friends. I may, or may not, have immediately grabbed my iPhone and fired off a request to what would be an obvious screen name for him. My fertile imagination dreamed of him playing with me, finding me cool and of course falling madly in love with me. What? It could happen! Okay, not in real life, but it could certainly happen in fic, right? This is how my story would have gone, if only Rob would have accepted my request and gotten to know me. hehe Dare to dream!

Words with Friends

"Hurry up! It's almost time!" my best friend and roommate Alice shrieked from the living room. I glanced at the clock and vaulted off my bed and into the living room. Alice and Rose were already curled up on the couch so I sank into the recliner and sat forward eagerly.

"Right after the commercial," Rose told me. Alice, wearing her favorite pink Victoria's secret nightshirt, was practically vibrating with excitement. Rose tried to appear bored but I saw her tapping her fingers on her knee.

The ridiculous diaper commercial ended and we all sat forward when David Letterman announced, "Tonight's first guest is the huge movie star of the Steele Trilogy and he's here tonight to talk about his new movie, Wild at Heart. Ladies and gentleman, Edward Cullen!" The crowd applauded and there he was, looking devastatingly gorgeous in black jeans and dark green t-shirt that set off his eyes. His hair was in its usual untamed state, looking as if he'd just gotten laid in the green room, which wasn't out of the realm of possibility since he was the hottest star in Hollywood right now.

He smiled that trademark, lopsided smile that was sort of a half smirk, the kind of smile that a guy gave you when he knew you wanted to be spread-eagled and naked beneath him as soon as possible. My heart pounded in my chest at just the sight of him. He was too beautiful to be real.

"Bella's gone," Rose announced, snapping her fingers in front of my eyes. I swatted her hand away impatiently and concentrated on the glorious man before me. He was only 25 but he'd already starred in five blockbuster movies; the three Steele action films, and two romantic comedies. Wild at Heart was his first romantic drama and I couldn't wait to see him show off his acting chops. There was a major buzz around this movie, both because of his acting and because he had been romantically involved with his co-star, Irina Ivanov, a Russian import with jet black hair, ice blue eyes, and cheekbones that could cut glass. They'd been a stunning couple but had abruptly broken up shortly after the film wrapped. Thank God, she seemed like a total bitch and rumor was she'd cheated on him. How anybody could be stupid enough to cheat on Edward Cullen was beyond me. I'd never look at another man again if he was mine.

"In this movie, you play a Rodeo rider who gets badly injured and has to undergo therapy, correct?" Dave asked.

Edward nodded. "Matt Walker is a famous rodeo rider and he doesn't think he has anything to live for when he suffers paralysis after a bad throw from his horse during a competition. His nurse, Sarah Millings, fights him and fights for him and they fall in love along the way. It was a very challenging role, channeling that helplessness."

"And your former girlfriend, Irina Ivanov, plays Sarah?"

Edward paused to take a sip of his water. It would appear to most people that he was just getting a drink, but I could tell he was irritated. There was a flash of anger in those green eyes that was hard to see unless you were looking for it.

"Yes, she does a good job with the role. It required being tough but also sympathetic and having to straddle the line between coddling him and challenging him. Irina rocked it."

"Is it difficult to see the two of you on the big screen together?"

Edward shook his head. "It's like with any role. You remember the character, but you're not him anymore. I'm getting ready to film the next Steele movie, so I'm already back to identifying with Steven Steele."

"And we can't wait for that one." Letterman turned back to the audience. "We'll be right back with Edward Cullen after this."

"Asshole," I muttered when the commercials came on.

"Edward? I thought he did great!" Alice defended hotly. Her crush on him was nearly as bad as mine, though I didn't think she thought about him as embarrassingly often as I did.

"Not Edward! He was perfect, as always. Letterman. Asking him about Irina like that."

"Whore," Rose intoned at the same time that Alice said, "Cunt."

"Exactly. It sucks that he has to get asked about her all the time. They've been broken up for six months." It made me angry on his behalf, which I knew was stupid but it made me feel good to defend him. At least someone was. His ex was all over the magazine covers with a different guy every week while Edward was shown alone or with friends. He wasn't dating, or if he was, it was being kept very quiet. I hoped he wasn't dating. I mean, I wanted him to be happy but I liked pretending he was single and that I stood a chance, miniscule though that might be.

The commercial break ended and Edward told Dave about a recent trip home to Chicago. "I dropped my phone into Lake Michigan when a wave tipped the boat I was in. Thank God there's an Apple Store right around the corner from my parent's house."

"Ahh, so you're an iPhone user, huh?"

Edward grinned. "It doesn't really matter to me, but I'm very addicted to my Words with Friends app. I couldn't go a day without playing." I sat up a little straighter and looked at Alice and Rose. Alice was up in a flash, running to her room and grabbing her iPhone before returning to the couch.

"I'm going to play Words with Friends with Edward Cullen!" she announced. On TV, a snippet of Edward's movie was running. He was arguing with Irina about therapy, looking massively hot, even in an ugly hospital gown.

"You don't know his screen name." Alice was typing away on the phone and ignoring Rose.

"StevenSteele works! I just sent a request!" Alice hugged her phone to her chest and looked starry eyed.

"You really think he'd use his character name for his phone?" I asked, eying her incredulously.

"Well, what else would he use?" Alice asked, snapping off the TV now that Edward's part on the show was over.

I opened my mouth to tell her exactly what he'd use but then closed it. Why clue her in? Why not try to play with him myself? Hmmm, playing with Edward Cullen, there was a thought. I shrugged instead.

"You wait and see! He's gonna respond!" Alice announced, standing up to walk back to her bedroom.

Rose snorted. "Sure, shorty. Edward Cullen will randomly select you among the masses that just rushed to ask him to play."

"You never know!" she sang as she danced back to her bedroom. I unfolded myself from the recliner, said goodnight to Rose and headed back to my own room. I had a lit class at 8 AM and it was time to get some sleep.

I climbed into bed and reached to turn off my lamp. My own iPhone lay on the nightstand, charging away. I picked it up and turned it on, hitting my Words with Friends app. BlueBel22 had five games going, but I ignored those and hit the green plus symbol at the corner of the screen. I pulled up User Name and typed Skeletor. Edward had talked in numerous interviews about his love for the cartoon He-Man as a child and how that skeleton bad guy had amused him. It had just a good a chance of being him as anything else, right? Well, maybe I needed something else. His favorite number was 17; he'd said that in his first Entertainment Weekly interview.

Skeletor17 came back as an active name and I started a new game. I giggled when I saw my letters. PEEN? I was not going to play the word peen against Edward Cullen. Mane? Eh. Nameā€¦that was good. There was a meaning there, as I wanted badly to know his name, if Skeletor17 was Edward Cullen. I played that for my measly 8 points and closed the app before turning off my phone.

I had to get to bed so I wasn't a zombie in class tomorrow. Maybe I'd wake to a response from Edward. A girl could dream.

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