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Words with Friends Chapter 24

Wednesday dragged, especially since I knew I wouldn't be talking to Edward later in the night. It would have given me something to look forward to, but no. Other than a quick good morning text, we hadn't really talked at all. I checked my phone for the hundredth time after I got out of class and nothing. I went home to see if Alice was around. It was time to talk to her about this Jasper situation.

Our place was quiet and I sighed as I threw my bag down on my bed. This day blew. I wanted it to be tomorrow so I could have my Edward again. Sulking about it wasn't going to do me any good so I opened my book and started studying.

The buzzing of my phone took me away from the boring world of Feminist Lit and into the much more exciting one of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, electronic communicators extraordinaire. That was stupid. Hot sexters. Yeah, that was better.

I just wanted to let you know that I miss you today.

Same wavelength again, thankfully. I loved that he missed me.

I miss you, too. Class was more comfortable but much more boring without you.

I'd rather have been wet and wiggly. God, I was turning into such a perv.

No doubt about it! I just read your WWF response and of course I got turned on yet again. I don't have much time before I have to head out either, so no relief for me.

Damn it. Damn whatever was taking him away from me tonight.

Poor baby! I'll have to take care of you tomorrow, then.

Please say we can have tomorrow, Edward. I need you.

I'll very much hold you to that, Bella.

Yes! I'd totally make it worth his while.

Please do. I want to show you more of what I can do.

Now Rose was ghost typing for me. What had I just promised?

You are trying to kill me, but please don't stop. I have to take off now but I'll talk to you tomorrow. I wish I could stay home and be with you tonight.

So do I. Nine days, right? I could make it. Maybe. I'd just have to play alone tonight.

I wish you could too, but you have work. I guess my toy and I will be driving solo tonight. Hehe. Sorry, couldn't resist! Talk to you tomorrow!

Gave him a little something to think about while he was doing whatever he was doing. Premiere? Fancy charity dinner? Auction? What did I know?

You'll pay for that, baby.

Happily, Edward.

Shall I bend over?

I felt the grin stretching across my face as I waited for him to respond. I probably looked ridiculous and serial killery grinning by myself but I couldn't help it.

Yes, naughty girl. You've got a big punishment coming for leaving me in this state when I have to go. Payback's hell, but I promise you'll like it. Bye baby.

Gah. He killed me every time he mentioned punishment. When did I turn into an S&M weirdo? Maybe I should talk to somebody about my latent desire for spanking. Maybe I should just let Edward do it and see what it did to me. Yeah, I liked that idea a lot more.

Promises, promises. I'm not going to stop being cheeky and right now my cheeks remain lily white and untouched. Do you want to touch them? We both know the answer to that. I look forward to my punishment and I promise to do everything I can to earn it thoroughly. Bye, Edward.

I waited for awhile but got no response, so he must be off to do his work thing. Too bad. Back to work, I guess. Tomorrow was so far away.


I finished my work and put my books aside. My phone had been quiet but I hadn't checked WWF yet today so I should do that. Maybe he'd play while he was out.

Page? I'd like to page him. Calling Edward Cullen, there's an emergency in Bella Swan's vagina that needs your attention stat. Have your fingers, tongue and cock at the ready. I giggled to myself as I opened his message.

I admit, I did make you make the first move, but I promise my motives were good! I honestly didn't want to push you and while I admit I hoped our first call would go just like it did, I didn't plan on it happening. For what it's worth, I enjoyed our second call just as much as our first. I liked getting to know you better, all the little things that make up the girl that has me so captivated.

I promise that I'm handling my part with very special care. I can't let anything bad befall it before it has a chance to make your acquaintance. We are both very much looking forward to being handled by you.

My bath was very lonely. I'm not taking another one until I can share it with you.

Love, your Edward

Captivated? I captivated him? It should be the other way around and it amazed me that I had the effect on him that I did, the same one he had on me. How was it possible? Maybe Rose was right about the fate thing. Fate and a little knowledge and a lot of luck.

I think it's sweet that you didn't want to push me and I honestly was nervous about the idea of phone sex but once we got to talking it wasn't scary anymore. Like I said, I'm comfortable sharing things with you, which surprises me more than I can say. I'm not sure how I've captivated you, but I assure you that you've done the same with me.

Darn right, you better be careful with your part! My hands are ready and willing to make its acquaintance and I promise that I'm well moisturized, though obviously not as well as you. Don't think I didn't hear that lotion squirt the other night! I nearly laughed but that would have ruined the mood. I loved it though!

Okay, no baths without one another. That's fair enough. Do you know what kind of tub the cabin has? I'm wondering purely for packing purposes. I need to know if I need bath salts or…who am I kidding? I totally want to know if you can do me in the tub. Not the hot tub, that was already a given!

I'm getting all worked up and you're not around to play with so I'll end this here. Miss you!

Love, Your Bella

I flipped back to the board and of course I had no fucking vowels! What was this game? The first one had been so perfect. He was totally going to beat me. I hated that. I played coy off the o in horse. It was kind of a cute word and it was a double letter score. Of course I got no fucking vowels again. Damn you game. Well, I'd deal with that when he responded.


"Look, Alice, we're just saying that maybe you should see what the poor guy has to say before you cut off all communication," Rose argued.

Alice glared at both of us as we ate pizza in the living room. None of us had felt like cooking today so pizza and beer it was.

"Why? What does any of it matter? He's seventeen. He can't talk that away. He's a child!"

I laughed. "Seventeen is hardly a child. You were drinking, smoking and screwing at seventeen."

She sniffed. "I was going through my wild youth period. Besides, it's different for girls. Boys are way less mature."

I bit back a comment about her maturity level right now. Best not to antagonize her.

"Yeah, maybe, but think about the benefits. He's totally trainable," Rose supplied. "He probably has little to no experience so you could teach him everything. Plus, seventeen-year-old recovery time. I bet it's fast."

"Gross! We are not talking about me having sex with a seventeen year old!" Alice took a swig from her beer.

"Well, technically you already had text sex with him so…"

"Don't remind me!" She tossed her napkin at Rose. "I'm trying to forget about that."

I sighed. "I get why you are, Alice, but the fact remains that you really liked him and he really likes you. At least see what he has to say."

"Why should I? It changes nothing. He's a kid. A potential losery kid whose mom has to call and try to get him a date."

I snorted. "Please. She could just be a clueless parent. We both know our parents had no clue what we were doing half the time."

She huffed. "Be that as it may, he's seventeen. Period. End of discussion."

Rose pulled Alice's phone off the table. "Then I guess we can delete all these."

"No!" Alice shrieked, grabbing the phone away from her. I had to laugh. Trust Rose to call her bluff.

"Well, then?" Rose asked.

"Fine!" She began paging through the messages, making little noises of disbelief.

Rose rolled her eyes at me. "Well?"

"Just what I thought. He lied because he didn't want to lose me. He loves me. Like he can know that! He's seventeen!"

"Hey, now, what's age got to do with that? Did you love him before you found out his age?" I asked.

Alice didn't answer. She was staring at the phone with wide eyes. "What?"

Rose leaned over to see what Alice was looking at. "Holy shit! Is that him?"

What in the hell was I missing? "What?"

"He's hot. I mean, he's young, you can tell, but he's good looking. Those eyes!" Rose said.

I couldn't deal with being the only one not to see and walked around behind them. He had shaggy blond hair that was a bit long, curling around his collar and damned if Rose wasn't right about the eyes. They were a sky blue color. They were staring into the camera like he was looking right at us. It was a bit disconcerting.

"His mom needs to get him a date? I don't think so." Girls had to be lining up for that guy.

Alice shook her head, coming out of her stupor. "That might not be him. It's probably some friend of his or some cowboy he took a picture of. He's a liar."

"A potentially hot liar," Rose replied.

"A potential hot lying seventeen year old piece of jailbait," Alice snapped.

"So how long until he's eighteen? If you're not interested, I could be." Rose dodged the fist Alice tried to smack her with. "I'm just saying. You two have a thing, obviously, and he's good looking. So he's a little young. Let him season for a year and then take him for a test drive."

Alice snorted. "And what do I do in the meantime? Sit around wait for him to age? He's not a fine wine."

"No, but he is fine," Rose quipped. "I'm just saying you don't have to turn total bitch and never speak to the guy again. You could try being his friend and then jump the hotness when it's legal for you to do so."

Alice shook her head. "I have to think about it. Maybe I'll talk to him and see how it goes, but I'm not promising anything. It really sucked finding out the way I did and I don't know that I can forgive him. He knew how old I was, or at least that I was legal to drink. Even if he never told me how old he was, he lied by omission."

I winced at that. I knew all too well what lying by omission was. I had to tell Edward soon. Time was hanging over me like a black cloud, blocking out the sun. I was just so afraid that he was going to walk away from me, it was hard not to take every moment I could with him before I told him what I'd done.

Alice stood. "I'm going to go to my room and think about it. I'll let you know what I decide to do." She looked at her phone and then palmed it.

Rose and I watched her go. "Do you think she's going to call him?" I asked her.

"You saw him. He's hot. She'll call, eventually. She might text him for now though." Rose shrugged and started flipping through the guide on the TV. "Hey, the People's Choice Awards are tonight. Do you think that's what Edward had to do?"

That must be it! Oh, I could see him even if I couldn't talk to him tonight! "Check E! They'll have a red carpet if…" I broke off when I saw that they did. "Yes! I can see him tonight. If he's there. I wonder…" I took out my phone and typed Edward Cullen People's Choice and up it came. "He's nominated for favorite male movie star! He probably is there!" I was surprised at myself for not knowing that he was, but I'd been so caught up in us that I kind of forgot most of the time about his celebrity status.

Rose just grinned at me. "You look like you're about to pop with excitement. You've been talking to the guy for over two weeks now."

I laughed. "I know but this is the first time I'll really see him in his element since we met, so to speak." My God, would he be in a tux? A suit? Edward all dressed up was a sight to behold, though he was hot in anything.

Seacrest was yammering away about some stupid show that I couldn't care less about. "Come on," I muttered.

Rose handed me another piece of pizza. "Sit back and wait. Edward's A-list, they never arrive that early."

She had a point. We sat through several mind-numbing interviews and that chick that worked with Seacrest flashing her boobs around and flirting with every male she could see. She better step the fuck off of Edward when he came through.

"You look positively murderous," Rose told me, laughing.

"She's going to be all over Edward, I just know it," I muttered.

Rose shrugged. "Sure she will, she's a slutbag, but he won't have anything to do with her. How many times do you think she's hit on him already?"

She had a point. Edward had better taste than that. I went back to wishing everyone on the red carpet away so Edward could arrive.

"It looks like Edward Cullen's here!" Guiliana's excited voice pissed me off but I was anxiously looking for him and couldn't give her the time of day. The camera panned over to Edward stepping out of a limo and holy shit, he looked amazing. He was wearing a suit with no tie and sunglasses. Fuck, did he know what the sunglasses did to me? Was this my payback for not telling him what I knew?

"Hot as hell," Rose nodded with approval.

"God, yes." Edward turned and reached into the limo. I wondered if his publicist and her husband were with him again. A feminine hand gripped his and Jane Turner stepped out of the limo. My heart dropped.

"Oh, it looks like Edward's here with Jane Turner!" the whore reported breathlessly. "They co-starred in a movie years ago and she's recently single. Could old screen flames be reuniting?"

"Bella, calm down," Rose advised. "There's no reason to think that they're anything more than friends. She just got dumped by that Demetri guy. I highly doubt she's dating Edward."

"Edward, Jane, are you together?" someone in the crowd shouted. Yeah, are you? I didn't feel like I could breathe but I had to. This could all be nothing. He'd just told me that he'd never cheat on me. Of course, he said that if we got together. We weren't technically together now. We were…some undefined thing but, we were something. Something big, I thought. Something that required not going out with super gorgeous movie stars.

Edward didn't answer the question. He just waved and smiled and looped his arm through Jane's, holding her close as they made their way down the carpet. Each step felt like a knife stabbing me in the heart.

"Fuck," Rose muttered. "Listen, Bella, let's not assume anything. He said this was a work thing, so maybe that's all it is. Publicity."

The camera cut away and I couldn't see and I was dying. What was going on? Who were they talking to? Why weren't they talking to fucking E? Damn you, Seacrest, go find him! Rose flipped to the TV Guide channel and I nearly screamed at her but there he was. God, he was gorgeous. And Jane was holding on to him like a lifeline. Of course she was.

"Edward Cullen and Jane Turner! This is a surprise. Are you two here together?" Thank you for asking that, whoever the hell you are.

"Looks like it, doesn't it Nancy?" Jane asked, practically humping Edward where they stood. Whore.

"Yeah, we're old friends so we decided to come together," Edward answered. What did that mean? Were they or weren't they?

"Yep," Jane giggled.

"How are you both holding up? It must be hard having your exes move on so publicly."

"I think that…"

"We're doing just fine, can't you tell?" Jane interrupted him and blew him some kiss and I wanted to punch her in her perfect face.

"I was going to say that I'm doing quite well and so is Jane. We hope to have a good time tonight and we're excited to be part of the People's Choice Awards." They were off. I didn't know what to do. I felt sick.

"Bella," Rose said. "Look, you're not really together yet so maybe…"

"No maybe, Rose! He's out with Jane fucking Turner! How am I supposed to compete with that?"

"May I ask why the two of you are talking about Edward Cullen like he belongs to Bella?" a stony voice asked from behind us. Oh shit.

I turned and there was Alice, her arms crossed and her gray eyes looking stormy. "How much did you hear?"

"Enough to know you're freaking out about Edward being out on a date in a way I've never heard you freak out before. Not when he was with Irina. Why are you acting like he owes you anything?"

I exchanged a glance with Rose. "You're fucked," she muttered. Yeah, I well and truly was and there was no point to it apparently since Edward had found someone else so quickly.

"Well?" Alice asked.

I blew out a breath, wanting to turn around and stare at the TV for more signs of what was between him and Jane but knowing I couldn't avoid this anymore. "The night that you started talking to Jasper, I started talking to Edward."

Alice's eyes narrowed into angry slits. "So you did what I did, what you were making fun of me doing for weeks?"

"I wasn't making fun of you!" I told her hotly. "I just told you that you didn't have Edward."

"Because you did?" she asked acidly. "And how do you know you found the right Edward?" Shit. I knew this wasn't going to go well.

"Because I did," I told her. "My Edward was traveling the last two weeks, including stops in Paris and Berlin. My Edward is actually named Edward. He has an ex girlfriend who humiliated him publicly, he has a brother named Emmett, he's THE Edward." It all came out in a quick flow of words that I couldn't stop.

"He told you that he's Edward Cullen?" Sarcasm dripped in her tone.

I sighed. "No, not yet, but we've talked on the phone the last two nights and I know his voice. It's him." Rose was watching us warily and Alice was getting red. She was going to blow.

"You really found Edward Cullen? And you let me go on and on about my Edward knowing that I was a gigantic idiot who was talking to a child while you had the hot movie star all to yourself?" She was shouting now.

"Alice, I didn't…I tried to tell you that you didn't have Edward. I didn't know how to tell you that I did and in the beginning I wasn't even sure I had him."

"But you didn't bother to even tell me you were doing the same thing I was. How many opportunities did you have to let me know you were talking to someone too? Why in the hell didn't you?"

I didn't even know anymore. "I don't know. It's just, you were so excited and I didn't want to ruin that for you. There was every chance that I got it wrong and…"

"But you didn't. You, Perfect Bella, found Edward while I found a kid. And you two were just laughing at me the whole time weren't you?"

Rose sat up. "We weren't laughing, Alice." She broke off when Alice snorted. "Okay, we weren't laughing much. And we did try to tell you time and time again that you were talking to a kid. You didn't believe us, remember?"

"You said he was twelve," she hissed. "He wasn't twelve and I knew that."

"But deep down inside you knew that you didn't have Edward Cullen either. So what does it matter that Bella found him?" Rose asked.

"Of course you take her side," Alice muttered. "It matters because we're supposed to be friends. Best friends. And she's been talking to Edward Cullen for over two weeks and said nothing to me about it. Not only that, but she's let me go on and on about my own Edward who turned out to be a kid. Are you saying I shouldn't be pissed that I'm the last to know every fucking thing?"

"I'm not saying you don't have a right to be mad but we were just trying to spare your feelings," Rose told her.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Sell that to someone who might buy it. Bella had a billion chances to tell me and she chose not to."

"Alice, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't want to hurt you, despite what you might think. You were so excited. By the time I knew I had the right person for sure, you were all caught up in Jasper. And then you didn't care that he wasn't Edward. I was actually going to tell you on Monday night, before I spoke to Edward on the phone, but Jasper's mom called and…"

"And you got to witness even more humiliation. Banner day for you!" Alice yelled. "God, you two must have had a fine time laughing at my stupid ass. Jared, Jasper…I got all the losers while you had the biggest winner of them all on the line."

"Ali, we weren't laughing at you. Jesus, do you think I want to hurt you? Do you know how many times I wanted to tell you? I just didn't know how and God. I finally had someone that made me feel good, that made me feel like they cared about me and yes, I wanted to keep that to myself." Her glare lightened and I thought maybe I was getting through to her. "You know what I went through. For me to let anybody in was very hard and I just wanted to enjoy it for awhile. You get that, right?"

Alice looked between me and Rose and her face hardened again. "Rose knew."

Fuck. "Yeah, because I needed someone to talk to about it and I didn't want to talk to you because of your situation."

"Right. Exactly. I've only been your best friend for nearly as long as we've been alive." Her voice wasn't loud anymore, but it was sad and angry.

"Ali, I'm…"

"Save it." She held up a hand. "You stay here and spill your heart out to your new best friend. I'll go and see if I can find some more jailbait on the net." Her eyes cut to the TV screen and she smiled. "It looks like your new boyfriend is taking right up where the old left off."

I gasped at her words and turned back to the screen. There was Edward touching Jane's cheek and looking at her with love and tenderness. That look cut right through me. Rose took my hand and turned on Alice.

"Well, if you don't know why she came to me instead of you, you should know now. What kind of fucking friend are you, throwing her past in her face like that? She needs support, not petty jealousy."

"Fuck you, Rose; you just want to get on his brother's dick. Of course you're encouraging her. What would a celebrity want to do with any of us?"

Oh shit. Rose stood up and took a step toward Alice. "None worth their salt would want anything to do with you, you self-centered bitch. You didn't even notice that Bella's been up to something because you were too caught up in your own shit to notice the rest of us. Bella could have been fucking Edward on the couch and you probably wouldn't have noticed because it has nothing to do with you. Now take your narcissistic ass and get out of here before I knock some sense into you."

Alice whirled on her heel and hurried into her room, slamming the door. Rose sat back next to me. "Are you okay?"

I shook my head. "No. I fucked up with Alice. Edward's doing whatever he's doing with Jane and that's all fucked up too. I should have told him I knew who he was. Maybe he wouldn't be with her now."

"Or maybe he wouldn't talk to you ever again. You did what you thought was right," Rose told me.

"Yeah, but I was wrong." I broke off as Seacrest gushed over the possibility of Hollywood's new IT couple. Shot after shot of them holding hands and touching one another filled the screen. The look on his face killed me. I'd hoped he might look at me that way one day. "It doesn't matter anyway. It was all for nothing. Alice hates me and Edward's with Jane."

"Maybe it's nothing," Rose offered. "I admit, it looks bad but you can't know until you ask him."

"I don't need to ask him. I can't ask him until I tell him I know who he is anyway. He probably just wants to mess around with me, come here and fuck me and then go home to Jane. Alice is right. Why would one of us land a star?"

"Come on, Bella, you know better than that."

"Do I, Rose? I couldn't even keep a guy like Tyler. How could I hope to keep Edward Cullen?"

She frowned. "By being you, the Bella that he's gotten to know and care about."

"He knows and cares about Jane, too, apparently. I'm just an idiot who thought there was more where there was nothing."

"Come on, Bella, if he just wanted to get laid he could get anybody. There's something between you. I've seen it in your words."

"Words lie, Rose." I stood up and tried to smile. "I know all too well about that."


I shook my head. "Not tonight, Rose. I'm going to go wallow for awhile. I think I've earned that much tonight."

"Just promise me you'll talk to him before you write him off completely. You know how the press blows shit out of proportion."

Yeah, I knew that very well. But I knew what I saw too. "Sure, Rose."

I walked away and closed my door before letting the tears flow. I didn't know if I was crying over Alice, Edward or my own stupidity. Probably all three. I buried my face in my pillow and let myself cry for far too long.

Everything was a fucking mess. Work thing? He was out on a work thing? It looked a lot like a date to me. Why I thought he'd sit at home waiting until he met me, until we figured out what this thing was between us, was beyond me. Even guys who committed to me didn't bother to sit at home when I wasn't around. No, they fucked their old girlfriends and knocked them up. Maybe Edward and Jane would have a perfect baby. Maybe I should be out and about like he was. If he could date, so could I.

I sat up and opened my drawer, where I'd thrown the balled up paper that Rose had given me. So much had happened since then. Did I want to do this? No, not really, but I didn't want to the only one not dating. Alice went out. Rose went out. Tyler went out. Edward apparently went out. Why shouldn't I?

Before I could talk myself out of it I dialed the number on the paper.


"Hey, Colin, it's Bella." Look how easily I could talk to him now. All it took was a broken heart. No big deal.

"Hi, Bella! You used my number."

"Yeah, well, you told me to call if I figured out what my thing was and I did."

"Oh? What was it?"

"A whole lot of nothing, apparently. So did you want to go out this weekend?"

"Uh, sure. Are you sure you want to? You sound kind of funny."

Sure, now he didn't want me either. "I do, it's just been a weird night. If you don't it's cool. I'll just…"

"I do, Bella. How about Saturday night? Dinner at Max's?" That fancy place downtown. Alright then.

"Sounds good."

"See you Saturday. I look forward to it."

"Me too." My words sounded hollow to my own ears but hopefully he was fooled. "I'll meet you there or…"

"I can pick you up. Text me your address."

"Okay. Night Colin."

"Good night, Bella." He hung up and I sat there trying to figure out what I'd just done. I had changed more than I thought possible since I met Edward. I refused to sit around and cry over a guy anymore. I could be like Rose and move on. Edward could fuck every starlet in town for all I cared. I'd just keep telling myself that until it was true.

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