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Chapter 1

Five seconds. Four seconds. Three. Two. One. Ring!

"Attention eighth grade students!" Mrs. Hertz called through her cupped hands. "Your testing time for the science exam is over. We'll be coming around to collect your exams and then you may go."

Aelita let out a sigh and smiled at the finished final exam that sat in front of her. She had actually finished her exam over an hour ago, but she had to stay in the gym with all the other eighth grade students until the entire three hour testing period was over. Aelita looked around the gym. It was filled with over two hundred desks to seat the entire eighth grade, and over two hundred students were either talking with their neighbors or rushing to finish their exam packets as the teachers walked up and down the aisles collecting their answer sheets. Aelita looked over the sea of students at Jeremy who had also finished a long time ago. He was impatiently holding out his exam for Mrs. Meyer to collect.

Aelita turned to talk with Ulrich. The teachers had arranged the students in alphabetical order, and since Stern and Stones were next to each other in the alphabet, Ulrich's desk had been put right behind Aelita's.

"How do you think you did?" Asked Aelita as she fanned herself with the answer sheet. It was four days until summer vacation and it was very hot. Being crammed in the gym for three hours with two hundred other kids just made it worse.

Ulrich shrugged. "Pretty good I guess. I finished twenty minutes ago." Aelita nodded. "God it's hot in here!"Cried Ulrich as he too, fanned himself with his answer sheet. Just then Jim appeared in front of the two. He held a stack of finished exams in his arms from the kids in front of them that had gotten up to leave.

"Stones! Stern! Your exams are not fans!"

"Sorry Jim!" Said Aelita as she handed him her exam. Ulrich did the same. Jim moved on to the other students as Ulrich and Aelita stood up and walked towards the door. Ulrich started smiling.

"What?" Asked Aelita.

"Over there." Ulrich pointed across the gym. She followed his gaze across the gym to Odd, who was balancing a pencil on the tip of his nose. Odd smiled and waved at them before going back to balancing the pencil. He was probably waiting for a teacher to collect his exam. Aelita laughed. "Let's wait for him."

"Ok, but can we wait for him outside? I don't think I can stay another minute in this hot sweaty gym."Said Ulrich. Aelita nodded and the two of them exited the gym and crossed the lawn to the bench they usually sat at.

"Hey it's Yumi!" Exclaimed Aelita.

Yumi was walking out of the north building with William and all the other ninth graders. The ninth graders had their geography exam the same time as the eighth graders had their science exam, but they got to take their exam in the air conditioned testing building.

As William walked along side Yumi, he focused on what he was going to say to her later that evening. He would finally confront Yumi about his feelings for her.

"There's Ulrich and Aelita, see you later William!" Said Yumi as she waved to Aelita and Ulrich.

"Hang on Yumi!" Said William. He grabbed her arm so she wouldn't walk away. She gave him a questioning gaze.

"Meet me at the library tonight at eight." Said William. He slid his fingers down her arm until he was holding her hand. Yumi looked confused. "Why? Do you want to study for our physics exam?" Their physics exam was two days away.

"Uh, yeah…" Said William. He was nervous that if he told Yumi why he wanted her to meet him there that she might not come. Yumi smiled. "Sounds good William! See you tonight." She slipped her hand from his grasp and headed towards Ulrich and Aelita.

"What was that all about?" Asked Ulrich as Yumi sat down on the bench between him and Aelita.

"Nothing. He just wants to study tonight." Yumi shrugged. "Where's Jeremy and Odd?"

Yumi got her answer when Odd ran out of the gym towards them gasping. "Finally! I'm out of that sauna! Yumi, you don't know, how lucky you are, to be able to test in that air conditioned building!" Said Odd in between breaths. He plopped down next to Aelita.

"Quit complaining Odd, It wasn't that bad." Aelita playfully shoved Odd.

"Are you kidding? I almost fainted in that heat!" Odd crossed his eyes and pretended to faint. He fell sideways into Aelita and laid his head across her legs.

"Wow Odd you should win a Grammy." Said Ulrich sarcastically. Yumi laughed.

"Now get off you purple haired freak." Aelita joked. She laughed again as Odd whimpered. "But I like it here!" Odd rested his head on her legs so that he was looking up at her. "It's very comfy." Aelita smiled down at Odd and he smiled back up at her. Suddenly, a strange jolt shot through Aelita. That's Weird. She thought to herself. Never felt that before.

"Odd, what's Jeremy doing in there?" Asked Ulrich as he looked over at the gym doors. Jeremy still hadn't come out.

"He was talking to Mrs. Hertz about an error in the exam." Odd continued to hold the gaze with Aelita. He couldn't help but notice that she looked really pretty the way the noon sun cast delicate shadows across her face.

"There he is." Said Yumi. She pointed at the short blond that was sprinting across the lawn.

"Hey Jer…" Ulrich began. But Jeremy ran right past them and through the door that lead to the hallway containing the dorms.

"Where's he going? It's lunch time!" Odd exclaimed as he sat up. "I'm hungry!"

"Me too Odd. Let's just go eat before all the food is gone and Jeremy can catch up later." Yumi stood up and stretched. Ulrich and Odd got up too.

"Coming Aelita?" Asked Odd. He offered a hand to help her up. Aelita smiled. "I'll catch up in a minute. I need to talk to Jeremy." She took Odds hand and he hoisted her up. Aelita stumbled into Odd, a little surprised by his strength, and suddenly felt another jolt sweep through her. There's that strange feeling again. Aelita said goodbye to her friends and turned in the direction of the dorm rooms.


Aelita walked into Jeremy's room. He had his back to her and was typing away on his computer.

"Hey Jeremy." Said Aelita happily as she sat down on his bed.

"Hi." Jeremy didn't even turn around.

"Whatcha doin?" Aelita quoted one of her favorite Disney channel characters.

"Working on the antivirus. You know it's very interesting how Xana was able to decode a human's DNA and implant a digital copy…."Jeremy droned on about computers and despite Aelita's effort to listen, she started to zone out. Her thoughts drifted to Odd and the strange jolts she felt around him a few moments ago. Aelita couldn't help but wonder if Odd had felt them too. Was it Xana? She thought to herself. Nah. The jolts didn't hurt her; they just felt strange, like there were butterflies in her stomach that started to flutter around whenever she was close to Odd.

"Aelita? Aelita!" Jeremy's voice brought Aelita back down to earth.

"Yes Jeremy?" She asked.

"You were humming and it was awfully bothersome. I was having trouble focusing on my work." Jeremy turned back to his computer screen.

"Sorry Jeremy." Aelita said quietly.

"Aelita if you just came here because you were bored I'm afraid I'm going to half to ask you to leave. I have a lot of work to do and I could do so without the pointless distractions." Jeremy didn't even turnaround from his computer. He just continued to type away on the computer key board. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.

Aelita jumped up. "I'm not pointlessly distracting you! I had a question to ask you!" Aelita realized that she had balled her hands into fists and quickly sat down again to regain her calmness.

"Fine. What's your question?"

Aelita took a deep breath. "Well, since you are going to leave early for summer vacation, I was wondering if you wanted to do something this evening. Just you and me so we could have a little time together before you go." Aelita walked across the room and placed a hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "We could go do something fun."

"Like what?" Jeremy's eyes remained glued to the computer screen.

"We could go mini golfing!" Aelita said excitedly. "There's this great place up town where they have this,"

Jeremy didn't let Aelita finish. "I don't like mini golf."

Aelita frowned and withdrew her hand from his shoulder. "Oh. Ummmmm… how about we…" Aelita snapped her fingers as a light bulb went off in her head. "We could go rock climbing!"

"A pointless task of climbing a plastic rock structure set at a vertical angle? No thanks." Jeremy didn't even glance at Aelita.

"How about paintball?"

"Too messy."

"Lazer tag?"

"Mindless childish violence."

"We could go get ice cream."

"Frozen sugar and fat, gross."

"Roller skating?"

"Too dangerous."

Aelita was getting angry. "How on earth is roller skating dangerous?" She threw her hands up in frustration.

"Someone could fall and break a leg." Jeremy said simply as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Aelita rolled her eyes and glared at the blond boy who hadn't once made eye contact with her since she entered the room. "Jeremy, you're not going to fall and break a leg." Jeremy mumbled something but Aelita was already running down the hall to the cafeteria where her friends were.

Ok so this is how they do final exams in our school. They put four hundred desks in our huge gym and cram the entire grade in there for three hours. And it's HOT! And you need someone to escort you to the bathrooms! And they come around and collect your cell phones! But the good news is that you can wear your pajamas so it's ok.