This story was screaming to be made.I hope that Artemis and Wally are in character.

Kid Flash PoV

I can't believe her. I save her life and this is how she repays me. In the mission at least 10 bad guys were shooting at us. Artemis was behind one of the pillars and using her wimpy arrows trying to defeat the bad guys. One of the men going to sneak attack her from behind, and she didn't even notice it.

So I just pulled her away from bad guy, and what do you know, her stupid bow is left, and the man promptly trashes the bow. And now she's arguing with be because she thinks this is my fault! What's the point, she got her trashed bow back anyway.


Artemis POV

I can't believe him. I knew perfectly well the man was going to try to attack from behind. I was going to suprise the henchman back. But nooo, Baywatch has to act like I'm some damsel in distress and try to rescue me. I'm not clearly a damsel in distress.

And you know what the worst part is? The man breaks my bow. That the only real thing of value I have, and Baywatch caused it. I need to make a new one, along with new arrows, do you know how long that takes?

Robin's POV

Those two were arguing for the whole time to get back to Mount Justice. They even didn't have time to take a breath. By the time we got there, everybody else on the team , including me, were annoyed. You didn't need to be a telapath like M'gann to check. I decidied to say something just to make them stop agruring, at least temporarily, "Jeez guys, can't you just stop having a couple quarrel for two seconds?"

"Ya, me with that thing? I wouldn't be with her if she was the last person on earth." Wally replied. " Why, you don't want to cheat on your boyfriend?"She retorted. "I'm not his boyfriend!" I started to say. " Sure you aren't." She replied wahile dragging out the last word. After that, she walked own the hallway.

Aqualad just stood there. While Superboy and M'gann have no idea what just happened.