This chapter takes place at chapter 18.

"What happened to them?" M'gann said as an angry Artemis ran to the hallway.

"I thought it was obvious." Robin said. "They figured out who the other person was under the mask."

"Why is that important?" Superboy asked.

"Well, Kid Flash secret identity is Wally West, and Artemis' secret id is Artemis Crock."

"We know that already." Superboy crossed his arms.

"Here's something you don't know," Robin continued. "Wally West and Artemis Crock in a relationship."

"So…" M'gann thought aloud. "They are enemies with the mask on, but lovers with the mask off?"

"Which means KF and Artemis are together, which means that I win the bet, which also means I want my 15 dollars from each of you." Robin had earlier made a bet with Superboy and Ms. Martian that is he could get Wally and Artemis to admit they liked each other, Robin would get 30 bucks. One is not such why the ward of a billionaire would want a measly 30 bucks.

This chapter takes place after at chapter 19.

Wally and Artemis were not happy fighting the Mirror Master during study hall. Wally had forgot to do his math homework the day before, and he wanted to finish it during study hall. You would think they would have more security around the world's largest disco ball in a city where a villain named Mirror Master lives.

Wally and Artemis both walked to study hall at the same time, which was not a good choice. After all, they both went into combat, so they were both sweaty and less than presentable.

Their group of friends looked at each other.

"I'm going to ask again." Zack said. "Is there something you want to tell Jack and me?"

"Why are you asking me again?" Wally asked, starting to blush again.

"We had thought the answer had changed since we last asked you."

"Why would you..." Wally said. He glanced at himself, then he glanced at Artemis talking with her friends, who was still slightly sweaty from the fight with Mirror Master, then glanced at himself again.

"I plead the fifth." Wally said.

Zack suddenly gave 5 dollars to Natasha.

Wally quickly changed subjects after that.

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