This is the result of a discussion on the William x Sebastian forum on bb. net about possible emotional attachments and those sorts of fun things. Fear not, there will be violent smut, as there must be in this pairing, a little later. Disclaimer: I own nothing! XXXXX Flashes of red and black darted between the narrow walls if the alleyway as an inhuman battle raged in midair. The loud buzzing of a supernatural chainsaw and the romantic poetry of a flamboyant shinigami filled the air as the rivals fought chaotically above the observing child's head. The boy could barely see the fight; It was simply too fast for the human eye to catch or for the human brain to comprehend. All he knew was that his demon was winning. He had no choice. And he was winning. In fact, he had practically guaranteed his victory when he rendered useless his opponent's weapon. He had to destroy a very nice coat in the process, but it would have to be thrown out anyway. The reaper had ruined it with his abominable chainsaw. With a loud yell of 'Not the face!', a red blur came crashing down towards the boy and slid across the cobblestone after the butler kicked him. After a quick apology to his master, Sebastian resumed beating the pathetic god until he begged for mercy. Of course, he wasn't going to grant it. He was under orders to kill the shinigami, and could not disobey. Besides, he was rather enjoying himself.

Just before the demon brought down the saw and brutally slaughtered the reaper, a metal pole suddenly appeared out of the sky and interrupted the killing. All three people in the alleyway looked up to the rooftop, where a shadowy figure stood on a narrow chimney.

From the moment he looked upon the intruder, Sebastian froze. As the silhouette reflected against the cloudy night sky, he couldn't help but feel helpless and unprepared. His stomach began to twist into anxious knots as the man spoke.

"Forgive me for interrupting you mid-conversation. I am one of the supervisors of the Reaper Dispatch Organization, William T. Spears." he adjusted his glasses "I have come to bring that reaper back."

He jumped from the roof and landed on the red shinigami's head, crushing it into the ground. Sebastian's heart rate sped up dramatically now that the reaper was standing before him.

This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening.

He repeated over and over in his head as the reaper spoke. Not a single word from the other man's mouth registered with the astounded demon, as he was in utter shock for the time being. The knots in his stomach tightened painfully and beads of sweat formed on his skin. He struggled to keep his breathing steady and calm like the expression on his face.

William hopped off Grell's body and bowed.

"I apologize profusely for any trouble caused by this." he said, reaching into his coat with his death scythe. Sebastian never understood why he used the scythe for things like this. It was making things more difficult in his opinion. "Ah, here is my business card."

Sebastian took the card between two fingers and continued to stare blankly at the shinigami; a complete contrast to the racing emotions within him.

"Honestly, having to bow my head to vermin like you really does smear mud across the reaper name."

A brief, flattered look crossed the demon's face. He remembered how the shinigami used to tease him by saying things like this. It was a little odd having him be serious about it.

That's right. He was serious about it. Things were very different now.

This was the time for bitterness and spite.

"Well, in order for you to not cause the 'vermin' further inconvenience, please keep a close watch." he retorted, tossing the expensive business card onto the ground of the rotten alley. "Humans are vulnerable to temptation. When they are forced to stand on the hellish precipice of despair, they will unfailingly take any route out of it that appears before them, no matter what kind of web it tangles them in, no matter what kind of person they are."

"The ones who take advantage of that and taunt humans are you demons, no?"

"I am not denying that."

"I suppose that those dogs kept leashed as pets are better than the mad dogs that roam around with no principles. Well then, we shall return, Grell Sutcliffe..."

William dragged Grell by the hair across the pavement, Sebastian staring after him. The seriousness, the icy daggers that shot from that man's eyes caused something to shatter inside of Sebastian. He disregarded it, deciding that whatever it was would have to wait until his master was warm in bed before he would deal with it. Even then, he had other things to take care of before morning. Yes, it would have to wait until he had the time. And as the butler for the Phantomhive, he never had time.

Sebastian realized moments later that he was still in possession of the chainsaw with which he had tried to kill Grell. He certainly didn't want to keep it. He wanted this night washed from his memory as much as possible.

It was rather unfortunate, because he had been having fun earlier beating up Grell. But then he had to arrive and mess everything up for him in every way possible. Suddenly angry, Sebastian hurled the death scythe at William, wanting nothing more than to see him bleeding on the pavement.

The death god caught the weapon between two fingers and glanced back.

"You almost forgot that" Sebastian said cheerfully.

"Thank you." he replied, not a hint of gratefulness in his tone. He dropped the scythe onto its incapacitated owner and disappeared out of the alleyway.

Sebastian stared longingly for a moment, wishing more than anything that he could follow the reaper, but he couldn't. He had a duty to his master. He had given up the chance to chase reapers long ago.

He forced himself to turn around towards the child sitting on the bloodstained floor of the alleyway.

"I must apologize. Half of Jack the Ripper escaped." he said regretfully.

"It's fine. It's over." whispered the dazed boy.

He went into autopilot butler mode and prattled on about getting his master home and safe, though his thoughts were far from trivial things such as preparing warm milk. It was only when the boy began to fall that Sebastian snapped back to the present and caught his master. Momentary shock came over him when his hand was slapped away.


"I can stand on my own. It's just...I'm slightly fatigued."

Sebastian watched as his master began to walk out of the alleyway, determined to do it by himself. He caught up quickly- he wanted to be close behind in case his master fell again- but he took the time to locate and retrieve the business card that he had recently discarded.

He had a feeling that he might be needing it.

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