Okay so I was wondering "Why is Oga so dense when it comes to girls?" Then while reading some stories on here I came across my answer and it hit me "Of course, Furuichi is the reason!" So here it is my idea as to why Oga never looks at girls, and why Furuichi is so adamant about liking them! YAOI if you haven't already guessed. Child involved, and evil wet nurses so Rated M. If you are under 18 you really shouldn't be reading this. But if you are under 18 and reading this just don't get caught!

My Important Boy:

"We are leaving idiot, make sure to feed the young master." Hilda and Alaindelon leave with Hilda inside of the dimensional transfer demon.

"The witch is finally gone," says Oga sprawled out on the floor. He would be on his bed but baby Beel is sound asleep listening to Ozzy's Paranoid. Oga learned quickly the child likes western metal with Ozzy and Metallica being his favorites*. It is finally quiet too quiet, and Oga looks over to his best and closest friend Takayuki Furuichi. Oga smiles himself and watches has his best friend plays Dragon Quest*. Deciding he wants his attention Oga turns the game console off and leans over Furuichi.

"What, OGA you better have a good reason for interrupting my game?" Oga just smiles at him and lowers his lips to the thinner teens. Furuichi returns the kiss wanting the attention just as much as his friend.

It was an absolute secret that the two of them are in fact more than friends. The reason Furuichi is so adamant about girls is to draw attention away from his obsession with his best friend's rock hard body, and how much he thinks about it. Their act is so convincing that no one not even Hilda knows. Speaking of the wet nurse, she is the reason both of them are so deprived. She wouldn't leave for long enough and they couldn't do anything at school or while baby Beel is awake. But now she and that other nuisance is gone, baby Beel is asleep it is time to satisfy each other.

"Taka," Oga's voice is hoarse as he nibbles on Furuichi's earlobe. The sound of it calling his nickname causing shivers to travel down his spine. "I miss this." No one knows just how gentle Oga really is, no one but Furuichi, and he revels in being the only one to know.

Reaching up and wrapping his arms around Oga's strong back he says, "I miss you too." Their lips meet again in a much more heated kiss. "Tatsu, please," Furuichi's plea dies has Oga reaches between their bodies and slips underneath the waist band of his jeans. Furuichi takes a sharp inhale of breath as Oga's normally brutal hands gently stroke his manhood. "Tatsu!"

They continue to kiss while they quickly remove each others clothes. Naked bodies tangle together as the two try to get closer. "Taka, flip," Oga orders. He might be gentle with Furuichi when they are like this but he is still Oga, and Oga gets his way.

Obeying is lovers command Furuichi flips now positioned on all four. Oga travels down his back kissing and biting. When he reaches his goal his tongue sneaks out. Licking and sucking Oga prepares his lover for what is to come. Furuichi is moaning and when he starts to get loud he bites down on his lips. Oga smirks an evil smirk at this attempt. Reaching around he grasps Furuichi and starts to pump him.

Furuichi on the edge panting and begging, but before he can find bliss Oga releases him and pulls back. "Taka, relax," Oga urges.

"Please Tatsu now!" Oga smirks again and drives all the way in. "Yes!" calls Furuichi.

They move in unison each knowing what the other needs, and they come together. They flip over and Furuichi climbs on top of Oga, "my turn." Oga may be the rampaging demon, but Furuichi is called the ultimate pervert. Furuichi prepares Oga for being entered.

Moans leave the lips of the rampaging demon as Furuichi's fingers slowly stretch him and his mouth sucks him. It takes no time for Oga to reach the edge. Furuichi pulls back and in one very quick motion enters Oga. Furuichi doesn't wait for Oga to adjust and starts to move. "Taka! More!" the words are torn from Oga's throat, causing a very perverted look to appear on Furuichi's face.

"Beg me Tatsu," Furuichi slows down and as if making love to a glass doll becomes very gentle.

"Fuck NO! Not gentle, TAKA FUCK ME!" Oga's voice is hoarse as he calls out and begs Furuichi.

He doesn't have long to wait. Furuichi starts thrusting in him hard just like he wants. They come to the cliff of nothing together and fall over grasping to each other. The fall for what seems an eternity. When they open their eyes again they are lying on Oga's bedroom floor baby Beel sleeping happily. They get up and get dressed. They kiss on last time before taking up the friends act again.

Oga looks over at his closest friend, his most important boy.


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