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Plot: Misunderstands lead to Furuichi ignoring Oga

Rated T,

Take Care of it Yourself!

After explaining how to recognize the members of the six holy knights Oga and Furuichi went up to his room to discuss how they plan to search for the members, and to spend time with each other. Sitting on Oga's bed Furuichi looks over at his eager boyfriend and says, "You know Oga if it was just a matter of finding someone smatter than you then wouldn't nearly anyone do?"

Oga turned around and answered, "HUH?"

"I am just saying, it isn't like you use your brain often. Your head yes, mainly to smash other heads, but not your brain." Furuichi although appearing to not have a problem and mean no harm he is actually extremely pissed.

Oga, not picking up on his lover's inner turmoil, stood up and became defensive. "You saying I don't think Furuichi?" Oga asked staring down at the smaller silver teen.

Furuichi glared up at Oga, "Yes." Furuichi's tone was cold and menacing, something unusual for him.

Oga took a step back hearing the icy tone of his best friend. "What is wrong?" Oga asked, now aware there was something else bothering Furuichi.

Furuichi glared at Oga, "I heard you asked Queen to be Baby Beel's mother today at school."

"Huh? Oh yeah I did, why are you upset about that?" Oga asked not meaning anything by it.

"Yes I am," said Furuichi standing up. "I understand that you want to get rid of him, but do you have to phrase question in a way that can be so easily misunderstood?"

Oga glared at Furuichi, "He likes her, she is smart, and strong how else was I suppose to phrase the question? He obviously has no problems with her. She is perfect to pawn him off with."

Furuichi stood still and after taking a couple deep breaths decided fighting with Oga about this situation is pointless. He knows Oga has no feelings for her, so he shouldn't become upset about. "You're right, sorry. I just can't help but feel she could take you away from me." Furuichi's voice turned sad and lonely.

Oga smiled, moved, and wrapped his arms around Furuichi. "That isn't possible. Even if Baby Beel likes her, she can't replace you." Oga titled Furuichi's head back and kissed him deeply. "I only love Taka."

Furuichi returned the kiss happy his gentle lover was now present. "I love only Tatsu too." The two teens stood in the center of the room making out and holding one another for some time before Oga broke the kiss and stared down at Furuichi.

"Thinking about how long did you spend alone with this Miki?" Oga asked.

Furuichi's eyes went wide, "Huh?"

"The guy who is also a member of the six holy knights, who gave you the information about the pins, how long did you spend with him?" Oga repeated his question.

"Long enough to have a drink and for him to tell me that you guys can't fight the six knights. Why?" Furuichi asked confused.

"I don't like it," Oga said, his arms tightening slightly around Furuichi.

"Don't like what?" Furuichi asked.

"You being alone with another guy for so long," Oga said. "You are my Taka, I won't share you."

Furuichi offended that his dedication to Oga was being questioned pushed away from Oga. "You know I wouldn't do anything with anyone else and yet you still question me. Well as for punishment I think you can just take care of your growing problem yourself!" Furuichi then turned and left Oga's room, leaving him alone to handle what he hoped to be having Furuichi's help with.


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