Darkness in Wonderland

Stretching her hand out, she finally caught up a piece of broken teacup. Fingering its sharp edges, a weak smile slowly made its way to her face. This is what could set her loose. It would break the locks on her chains. She would be free again.

She had always loved Wonderland, so much. She still did. The old Wonderland. But she wasn't in Wonderland now. Wonderland was a dream. A paradise. She refused to believe that it had changed into this… this… nightmare.

But there was no getting around the fact that this was indeed Wonderland. Oh how much had changed, though. It used to be filled with light, laughter, and the promise that you would wake up. Now it was filled with darkness, fear, and the perfect knowledge that you're never waking up. After all, how could you wake up when you're already perfectly conscious?

Crawling as far under the tea table as her chains allowed, she pulled her knees up to her chest and stretched her arms out in front of herself. Through the holes and rips in the linen covering the table, the moonlight just barely made its way under the table. But it was just enough to see. With a tight grip on the broken china, she slowly brought it to her arm. The sharp edge pierced her soft, white flesh. Leaving a trail of crimson liquid, to follow its destructive path.

She repeated this step over and over, slashing her arms until numerous ribbons of blood flowed down her arms. She watched as it slowly dripped off her fingers, strangely fascinated. Loosening her grip on the glass, she let it drop to the ground. Feeling the life draining out of her, she slowly sank to the grass.

She would be gone soon. All of this will be over. She'll go to sleep. And when she wakes up. She'll finally be in Wonderland. The old Wonderland. Her Wonderland.