Hidden Attraction

Eleven-year-old Elizabeth Swann sat ramrod straight at her small carved mahogany desk while Ms. Pringle, her English tutor, sat across the room by a lamp, doing petty-point. The huge book of Milton's Paradise Lost was propped up on the desk in front of Elizabeth, but she wasn't reading it. Nestled inside the pages of the larger book was a slim volume entitled: A Chronology of Piracy: Tales of The Most Notable Pirates from the 1500s to the Present.

"In a brilliant display of both chivalry and piracy – a combination quite rare among modern scallywags – Jack Sparrow sacked Nassau Port, leaving the bay with his hold bursting with bounty and his pistol without powder stains. He had not fired a single shot."

"Are you nearly done with that chapter?" Ms. Pringle demanded. "You've been pouring over it for nearly an hour."

"Yes, ma'am," Elizabeth said quickly. "I'm nearly finished."