A part of my "Stay With Me, I Need Support" AU, in which Simm!Master has escaped the Time Lock, been somewhat reformed, and is now traveling with the Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory, though the Master is almost entirely confined inside the TARDIS. Not my characters.


Amy, Amy, Rory, wake up. Please. It's important. Not a prank.

God, you humans sleep a bloody lot, don't you? Don't look at me like that, Earthlings, I'm evil and under a lot of strain.

It's the Doctor. We were…er…playing around, our games, you know, like we do…his idea too, not just mine. It's therapeutic. You don't understand how our minds work; yours are too puny. I nudged him a bit too much. In his head. Then he started screaming and screaming. I didn't mean it. I really didn't. Not that.

He's a little untidy at the moment. I tried to put him to bed but he doesn't seem to remember what's happened these past twenty-odd years. He thinks he's my prisoner, not the other way around. He's hiding from me. I can smell him – no comments, thank you – but he's only going to run further and further into the catacombs of the TARDIS if I follow.

Go get him. Calm him down. If you need my help to fix him – though I hope you don't, I really hope – give a shout.

Doctor? Dooooooctoooor….It's Rory. It's all right. You're safe in the TARDIS. The Master's good now! Well, sort of. He's a bit of a wanker sometimes but he doesn't do anything worse than drawing mustaches in my comic books. A far cry from enslaving planets, right? Right? Hah hah. Hah…

I don't pretend to understand the level of pain you're in now, but he's hurt me too, and he was sorry afterwards. You did that. Made him able to be sorry for things. It's a big achievement.

Do come out, please, Doctor. I know it's a lot of pressure being the strong one, the happy one, all the time. You don't have to. You're free to be mortal like the rest of us, no matter if you're a jillion years old and look like you're twelve.

I've…I've got jammy dodgers in my pocket. You like those, don't you?


Don't do this to me, Doctor! If you want me to, I'll beat your boyfriend with a baseball bat, but please do come out. I realize you're not one hundred percent the magic man with all the answers I once thought you were, but you're not just a runner either. You're as much a fighter, and I mean that in a good way, as you are anything else.

We love you, Doctor. I've loved you most of my life.

Whistle if you hear me.

If we don't find you in the next hour, I'm calling River.

Oh sweetie, why do you keep doing this to yourself? Come here. Shhh. It's all right. Shhhh. Good, good. Perhaps I should stay on board for a while, love.

Sorry about that, everyone. Psychic barriers shouldn't be tweaked with, no matter how fun the results can – why are you looking at me like that? River's going to be visiting for a while.

Our room, why?

I suppose so, if you're that worried. For this sleep cycle anyway.


And that's how the Doctor ended up cuddled in bed with the Master in his arms, River Song nestling him from behind, and Amy and Rory clutching at each other next to River.