AUTHOR'S NOTES: I was watching the movie 'The Bucket List' last month and I got to thinking—what would be on Dean Winchester's bucket list? And what other ideas and lists might be in the head of our favorite demon hunter?

STORY SUMMARY: Sam finds Dean's personal journal and discovers a series of lists that the older Winchester has written down. Some lists are poignant and others are humorous. And Sam finds out more about his brother than he ever imagined.


Chapter 1: The Notebook

The notebook had been tempting Sam Winchester for ages.

Sam had always seen his brother, Dean, writing about cases in a leather-bound like their dad's, but every now and then, Dean would pull out a black moleskine notebook and jot down things when he thought Sam wasn't looking.

Sometimes Sam would hear Dean chuckle about something as he wrote in the notebook, and other times he would look quiet and solemn. But when ever Dean saw Sam watching him, the older Winchester would just put the notebook away to withdraw it again when he wasn't being watched.

Sam remembered asking Dean about the whole thing one day but Dean had just shrugged him off.

It was nearing midnight and Sam was in their motel room while Dean was out at the bar. Glancing over at Dean's bag, Sam's curiosity finally got the better of him and he got up from the table and grabbed Dean's old duffle, dropping it on the bed before opening it up and rooting around until he pulled out the moleskine notebook.

Sam sat down on the bed, opening the notebook and frowning slightly as he stared at the contents of the pages.

There were pages and pages of lists, all written in Dean's handwriting. The notebook was almost three-quarters full and going to the last page, Sam's eyes widened a bit as he started to read.