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Epilouge: Celebrating Us


3 months later...

"Moooooommmmyyyyy! Help!"

I smiled to myself as I listened to my husband chasing our daughter through our home. You know how most parents say they can't wait to hear the pitter-patter of little feet? Well, I'd say this is what they are talking about. THere is nothing more satisfing than seeing my daughter giggling as her father chases her in circles around our little cottage in the woods. It brings on a sense of relief and happiness...


"Honey, what are you doing to her! Jesus, she's having a seizure."

"Just a little payback for the panic attack she gave me yesterday, love. Nothing to worry about."

Ah, yes. Our little Renessme decided to explore her aderneline junkie side, sadly coming from my genes. She pulled a cliff diving stunt. Imagine the look of horror on our faces when she decided to do that alone...and hten the total relief after Edward jumped in and found Jacob underwater, waiting to catch her. THough, I still thought it was too cold for that type of behavior... Anyways, Edward was pretty pissed at Jacob for that, but with a little pout from my little girl, my husband's resolve shattered. He was putty in her hands, as he would say. Oh, the females of the Cullen family, how easy we all had it...

"Edward, I wouldn't test her if I were you. She's not a little 5 month old, toddler-sized child anymore. She's a 2 year old, 8 year old-sized girl. She could easily fight back..."

"Babe, are you questioning my strength. How could she break through this?"

He flexed his bicep and that's when she pounced. I burst into a fit of giggles as I watched my husband squirming under the very thorough tickling fingers of my daughter. Finally, after many protests and squeals(yes, squeals) of discomfort, Renessme gave up, and we all laughed. I scooped up my daughter in a bear hug.

"Oh, Ness. You are the BEST. I thought I was the only one who could make those sounds come out of your. Nice job!"

We high-fived and Edward just sat there faux pouting. We laughed again as Edward's phone rang. He left us to go pick it up. He looked at me and rolled his eyes as he answered the phone.

"Hello, Alice...uh huh...oh, we were, were we?...well, I appologize for the inconvenience but...and I realize that but...I see your point...Alice, I'm just humoring you. We are not, and I repeat, ARE NOT doing that. Enjoy making your husband fall for those tricks but I will not subject my family, nor myself to something so embarrasing...she would agree with me 100% and you know it...okay, you can ask her...whatever...bye."

Renessme and I looked at Edward with confusion as he went into our room. When he came back he handed me my phone.

"Alice will be calling you in a sec-

*You don't have to believe me, but the way I, way I see it. Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back and break it, break it off. Next time oyu point a finger, I'll point you to the mirror*

My ringotne went of and this time, I rolled my eyes.

"What is it Alice."

"Well, Merry Christmas Eve to you too, Mrs. Scrooge. How are you, Mr. Scrooge, and Ms. Scrooge doing today?"

"Shut up, Alice. What is it that has my husband so annoyed with you?"

"Okay, so you know how I have been saying we need to have a karyoke night?"


"Well, I thought we could have one tonight! Like for Christmas dinner!"

"I don't see a problem with that. What's wrong with that, Edward?"

He looked at me and smirked.

"Let her finish..."

"Okay, Alice, continue. What is it that has Edward so on edge about this? He probably would love that..."

"Well, you see, I thought that we could all dress up! And you guys could be Mr. and Mrs. Claus and Ness could be Rudoulph and you could sing Santa Baby in one of those really sexy Mrs. Claus dresses and-

"WHAT! NO. Absolutly NOT."

"Why, Bella? It's not that big of a deal!"

"Actually, it is. Alice, we'll look crazy! WHo in their right minds randomly dresses up for Christmas dinner! We'd look like the freak show to my fahter and the wolf pack! And me singing Santa Baby in front of my dad! Who in teh he-" Oops! Child in the room..."heck does that! No, Alice. No, and I repeat, NO!"

The line went silent and then Alice sighed.

"Fine. I guess I see your point about the Santa Baby thing, but what's wrong with dressing up! You guys would look SO cute! And Ness would LOVE it! Please?"

"NO, Alice. I said no and I'm supporting Edward on this. ABsolutly NOT. Now, I will see you at dinner tonight..."

"Ugh, fine! But you watch your back, Cullen! I will get my way one day!"

"Whatever, pixie. See ya!"

I hung up and sighed. When will that girl learn...

"I have no idea, babe. I have no idea..."

"Mommy, Daddy, what was all that about?"

"It's called an Alice Tantrum. Alice didn;t get her way and now she decided to have a fit about it."

"But what was-

"It's not important, sweetie. Now, let's get ready for dinner. You wouldn't want to be late seeing gramp, would you?"

"Yay! Grandpa Charlie!"

With that, she ran out of the room and up to her room. Edward and I just chuckled.

"Oh, our little girl..."

"I know right? I'm still trying to believe that she was inside of me only two years ago. It's so...wierd..."

"I know, love. It's very...surreal too, though. Don't you think?"

"Yeah. But most of the drama in our life has brought many surreal moments. Like, prom...me dance on your feet."

"Oh my God, yes! And you grounded...I miss your old room..."

"We'll have to pay it a visit. We never did break my old bed in..."

I suggestivly traced my fingertips down his chest. He shuddered.

"That reminds me, I still have to get your present."

:How does my old bedroom remind you of your Chrismas present to me?"

He wickedly smiled at me.

"Oh, you'll find out later tonight...unless I can't contain myself now..."

"Okay boy, down."

He laughed and then pecked me on the lips.

"I love you, Bella. I love every single moment we have shared, the good, the bad, the ugly, the awkward, the panful, the pleasurable...everything. I wouldn't trade ANYTHING we went through for the world. You and Renessme are the best gifts I could EVER recieve."

I was on the verge of tears.

"I love you too. More than I ever could love anyone."

He held me close and we just sat there in peace for awhile. Finally, he spoke.

"You know, after all the drama with the Volturi, I thought all of the problems would just...I don't know, fade away?"

"WEll, baby, I think that's the beauty of life. When we get through hard times, we feel empowered, like there's nothing that could knock us down after that. THen, something else even more challenging takes over. Thwn, when we beat that, we gain even more knowledge. Edward, quite frankly, I don't think it will EVER end for us, the drama. I just think we are strong enough to avoid most of it now."

He looked at me, like he had just laid eyes on me for the first time.

"No, love. I think we've always been strong enough. We have just always doubted our strength. But, I've come to realize that together, our strength in unbeatable, human or vampire. No one can get through us and win. Our love knocks down every mountain."

"No, our love is a mountain...and no one can climb over it."

With that, I kissed him with all the love I felt. The fireworks went off and as I kissed him, I went through everything we had gone through in my mind. James, our seperation, the Volturi, Victoria and her army, Jacob, REnessme...everything. We were both in tears and out of breath we didn't need by the time we broke apart.

"I love you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen."

"As I love you, Mrs. Isabella Marie Cullen...forever."

I smiled.




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