The start of a new story, eh? Consider the first chunk a companion piece to the first chapter of The-Darkness-Befalls' Moments in Time. Read it. It is amazing. I hope you enjoy this new story. Hopefully this one will stick. I got new ideas and everything.

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The first time Rikku met Auron was scary. She was aware that made her sound stupid, but you try to face all six feet of the man passing judgment on you without almost wetting your pants. So it was scary, extremely scary. This one menacing, intimidating, and a thousand other adjectives man pretty much decided her fate. Her life from here on out depended all on what he would say. If he didn't approve, she wouldn't be able to actually get to know Yuna, her cousin, make sure she would stay safe. She would never see that boy, Tidus, again, and find out his complicated story. She knew Yuna was in charge, but she wanted the advice of the guardian.

When he lifted her head up and told her to open her eyes she was scared half to death. She wanted to list everything she would do, sing her praises in a way. She wanted to prove she would be an asset to the team, but he would just have to see with time.

She didn't want to show him she was scared, so she made sure she went around as normal, chipper, and maybe just a bit annoying to him. She said hello to everyone, and could just feel his eyes on her, at the base of his neck. What was he thinking? Did he really approve? Why did it matter to her?

She just stayed quiet in Guadosalam, if not a little horrified at what was going on.

Then her heart fell, they were going to the Farplane. Al Bhed's in general avoided that place. It was against their faith, and they would probably be attacked if they tried to go in there alone. And who wants to talk to a bunch of shiny lights?

When it came down to it, memories are nice, but that's all they are; and that's what she told Tidus. She wondered if Wakka would be suspicious.

She realized that the Big Red One wasn't going in the Farplane either. That's strange, she thought, but hey, that's his business, and no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't stick her nose in his face and ask, "What's the deal with that, big guy? Huh? Huh?" So she just quietly swung her legs over the wall. All this talk of people of the past always made her think of her Sudran.

She let out a sigh and glanced back at the older guardian. There was a look in his eye, could it have been respect? She gave him a slight nod of acknowledgement, and he nodded back.

She felt a twitching in her leg, then her hand. More like an itch really. And when she got this itch there was a simple fix. Steal something. She wondered if she could steal something from Auron… Dare she risk it? She decided to save it for another day. Another day soon, though.

She jumped up, and yes she was on a wall, thank you very much. She was now standing on part of the scraggily wall bordering the walk-way. She started pacing back and forth. Balance had always been a strong-point of hers. It was needed for a thief.

She glanced backwards and noticed Auron had a funny look on his face. Was he nauseous? Or… he might have been worried. Rikku giggled. She had to. "Don't worry," she said/laughed, "I never fall."

She decided to push her luck. "Why did you stay out here?" His face turned sullen in an instant.

"I don't wish to be reminded of the past. And you?"

"You heard what I told Tidus, and besides the obvious Al Bhed thing, I don't think I could take it. How can they take it Auron?"

"I never really know. And who have you lost, you're merely a child."

That was a stupid question to ask. In Spira, almost everyone had lost someone. She got a little mad. Just a bit. "Just because we live on an island doesn't mean Sin doesn't attack. He attacks, we die. Everyone dies. The desert is dangerous. Fiends are hidden everywhere. Every Al Bhed knows to expect to die when he goes out, and when he comes back, we rejoice. And we understand you hatred of machina. I love it, but sometimes I wonder why we use it. Ever seen a huge machina run rampant Auron? Every see the death, and destruction? I have a dead-beat dad, and my brother is insane, doesn't fend for himself. Who haven't I lost? I've lost almost everyone I loved. And some choose to go."

She knew he could see the pain in her eye. She knew that people at home wondered how she could hold all her happiness and sorrow in one body. Some of them were scared of her. She scared him off too.

She slid back down on the wall, sitting, staring, in pain. The others came out and joined them. She realized she never told him who she lost.

She got up to join them, trailing behind. Auron came back to meet her, put a comforting had on her shoulder, and led her out of Guadosalam.