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Some people were surprised how she could be so happy with everything that happened to her.

They get over that soon.

She walk/skipped up to Auron, who was sitting a little off from their group at the campsite for the night. She ducked down and grabbed his sword. "Just what do you think you're doing?" He asked her as she held his sword up to the last shreds of light.

"My god, Auron, how does this thing slice fiend anymore? Learn proper sword-care, my friend," She advised.

"What would you know about proper sword-care?" He asked then flinched as she carelessly dropped his sword to the ground. "I'm sure that is not proper sword-care," He told her.

Wasn't he in for a shock?

He watched her inquisitively as she rustled in her pack, and then stood up abruptly. "No."

"But Auron! Give me five minutes!"

"You cannot use that welding torch on my sword."

"If you don't want your sword to be stronger and cast poison on anyone it attacks, fine by me." She looked him dead in the eye.

"If I- what?"

With a manic grin, she put on her goggles and lit the torch. In a conspiratorial whisper she told him, "Just don't let Wakka see. I don't want him to get all crazy Yevonite."

He chuckled a bit, sat back down, and watched.

It was amazing.

Rikku was cast in a whole new light, and when she was done with it all, his sword looked brand new. "How did you do that?" He asked her.

She sat down next to him. "I think people really underestimate the Al Bhed. You can't just throw a bunch of shiny stuff into a shape and have it do things for you. It's all very complicated. And we know more about science than almost every Yevonite combined. Two sides of it at least, chemistry and the whole machina bit." She carefully showed him the whole contents of her bag, including metals of all kind, and more chemicals in little glass bottles than your local potion store. How she carried them all around he didn't know.

"I hope you're duly impressed. These are my big guns, and I could probably build a bigger one," She grinned up at him during that one, "but this is all I got at the moment. You really should bask in my glory. Though, my fighting isn't the best, so this is really all you have me for, weapons, potions, and machina."

'And something else,' she thought to herself and grinned.

"Well," he said, the epitome of serious, and held up his sword, "this is my big gun."

Rikku laughed out loud. You might have even called it a guffaw. The group, maybe twenty feet away, didn't notice the welding, but did notice her laugh. That may say something about her volume.

She chuckled again as she got up, and started to walk back to the rest of the group. "Oh," she said, like she was remembering something, even though she hadn't forgotten this whole time, "You may want this back." And she tossed a sphere, a sphere he kept inside one of his inside coat pockets.

He stared in awe at the sphere, and when he glanced back up at Rikku, she chuckled, winked, and headed back to the group.

Later that night, Rikku was lounging by the fire, throwing a sphere up and down, occasionally squealing when she missed and it landed on her. Soon her newly reunited cousin came and sat down next to her.

"Hey Yunie!" she said, putting the sphere in her pocket and turning her attention to her cousin. "What's up?"

"Oh, I just thought I would see how you are fitting in here," she said, caringly. "It might be difficult coming into a group of people you don't know. I mean, you don't even know me, really." She said and smiled.

"Well," Rikku replied, "I already knew Tidus, we met once or twice and he's pretty cool. Strange kid though." Yuna smiled at this. "Everyone seems really nice. What's with Wakka, though? I mean, he doesn't seem like he's the smartest guy that ever existed."

Yuna laughed and glanced at the red-haired guardian. "Yes… he can be a little… strange" Rikku giggled at her cousin's phrasing. "You seem to be getting on especially well with Sir Auron." Yuna observed.

"Ah, he's just a big softie. You need to know how to treat him right." She grinned as she said so.

Both Yuna and Rikku looked over at the Legendary Guardian at the same time to glimpse a scene of his "softness" Wakka had accidentally tripped and fallen in front of the Legendary Guardian's feet. Auron looked at Wakka condescendingly and loathingly.

Yuna and Rikku both burst out laughing and the contradictory scene. "I'm not kidding though," said Rikku, her eyes staring off into space for a second. "I think we all need to remember that Auron's just another guy. Sure, he could kill all of us in ten seconds flat, but that doesn't mean he will." She said, and gave a small wave when she saw the guardian looking at them. "And anyway," she started, jokingly, "I'm a rather impressive person to be around. I'm sure he's just in awe of my beauty and many wonderful talents." She grinned at her cousin, who grinned back.