Final Fantasy 8

Whenever You Need Me

Genre: action/adventure, romance

Theme (s): somewhat dark, a lost past, blah blah blah…

Pairing (s): Seifer Almasy/Quistis Trepe

Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns all recognizable characters, places, and events. This fic was written for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to other fics are purely coincidental.

Dedication: First chapter is dedicated to Miss Alonia Everclear, creator of the word "Seiftis", author, and the creator of the "Seiftis Forever" messageboard. Yes, people, this is a shameless plug for our board. Feel free to join. We'll enjoy shattering your weak, feeble innocence…yes…*notices she's still writing* Oh…shite.


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--scene change…--


****Chapter One****

Bright green grass, long and graceful, swaying in the wind. A dirt road, dusty and dry and full of rocks and pebbles. And somewhere, sitting on the ground, was a little girl crying.

"…ow…*sniff sniff*…help…"

Seifer walked quietly along the dirt path, arms stiff at his sides as he stopped beside the quietly sobbing child. "What's wrong?" he asked, his voice low, afraid to be heard although there was no one there. The sounds of crying stopped, and the golden-haired child raised her head.

Tear-filled eyes of sky blue met Seifer's dark jade gaze. "I twipped…" She hiccupped, a small sound. "Seify, I can't get up."

Seifer knelt down. "It's alright. Lemme see. Ya think it's bwoken?"

"I dunno…*sniff* It just hurts."

"…It's not bwoken. It's just a bwuise…see, look." Seifer pressed a finger to the growing blue-black bruise on Quisty's shin. She winced and immediately slapped his hand away.

"Stop that, Seify! It hurts!" Quisty glowered at the boy. "You meanie."

"Sowwy." Seify grinned. He really did enjoy making Quisty mad. Maybe it was because she was cute when she frowned… "Look, Quisty, you can walk. Yoo're just making a big deal out of a little itty bwuise…"

"It's all scwatchy and wed!" came the loud reply. "Seify, weally, I can't walk…!"

"Girls." Seifer shook his head, grumbling. "You gotta learn to be tough, Quisty, like me an' Irvy!"

"…What about Squall and Zell, Seify? Aren't they brave, too?"

Seifer snorted. "No, they're not! They're wussies, especially Cwybaby Zell!" He grasped Quisty's small hands and pulled her to her feet, holding her steady. Quisty's eyes were a clouded blue, swollen from crying, and she sniffled. And yet she still managed to keep her righteous remarks from being secret. "Calling Zell a cwybaby is a mean thing to do, Seify! And yoo know it!"

"It's true," came Seifer's quick reply. "Now, let's go before Matwyn worries."

"I can't!"

"Yoo're standing up! You can do it!"

"No, I can't!" Quisty's fists were at her sides and she pouted at Seifer. Once her mind was made up, hardly anything could change it. Tricks wouldn't work, Quisty was too smart for that. And she was a tough one, too, if she could take a spanking from Matron. "I said I can't walk and I can't walk, Seify!" She burst into tears again.

"Ohhh, Quis-ty! Don't cry!!" Quisty ignored his please, and Seifer's shoulders sagged. There would be no way out of this. "Fine!" He knelt in front of Quisty. "Hop on." He felt her weight on his back, thin arms winding around his shoulders, and he grabbed her legs, rising slowly, a bit unsteady. "Are you okay back there?"

A giggle. "Yes!" Quisty rested her cheek against the back of Seifer's head. "It's fun up here, Seify."

Seifer frowned. "Well, don't get used to it. I won't carry you home every day!"

"…What if I'm hurt…?"

"Dummy." Seifer glanced back at the girl. "You know I'll always be around whenever you need me."

Quisty blinked, then smiled, a sweet, beaming smile. "Hee! Thank yoo, Seify!" She hugged him tight.

"Argh! Quisty, none of that mushy stuff!"

"…Oh, sowwy…"

"That's right. Now, be good back there, or I'll drop ya!"


"I'm kidding!" Seifer looked ahead. "Yoo ready? I'm startin'!" And he began forward, his burden laughing on his shoulders.

…::kokuro's corner--Seiftis fan fiction picks::…

kokuro: *popping party crackers* Hurrah! Welcome to my revision of the first chapter of "Whenever You Need Me"! My original draft was horrible, so I've decided to redo the whole thing! I truly hope all of you will stick with me! It would mean a lot! Hopefully, the second chapter revision will come soon! Until then, read some of these great Seiftis stories, I guarantee they're better than anything I can come up with!

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